W. Part II: Jeb Bush Says He Relies On His Brother For Middle East Policy Advice

Jeb Bush

At a meeting with wealthy Republican investors at the Metropolitan Club on Tuesday, Jeb Bush admitted that his brother, former President George W. Bush, was his most trusted adviser on U.S.-Israel policy. Jeb Bush cited his brother’s influential role after he was asked about his relationship with former Secretary of State James Baker.

Baker is part of Jeb Bush’s foreign policy advisory team, but he has become controversial to many Republicans for having the temerity to criticize Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Hoping to stem controversy over Baker’s role, Jeb Bush reassured the audience that Baker isn’t his key adviser on Israeli policy.

Instead, Jeb argued that his go-to guy is none other than his brother, George W. Bush. In referencing the former President, Jeb stated, “if you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him.”

While citing his brother’s influence on Middle East policy was probably enough to assuage the concerns of the pro-Israel GOP aristocrats in the room, the admission that Jeb Bush takes Middle East policy advice from his brother is less likely to be well-received by the American public.

Americans who remember the Iraq war debacle and the failed policies of the Bush-Cheney administration will find little comfort in the notion that Jeb Bush is determined to pursue a path similar to the one his brother took on foreign affairs. After charting a disastrous course in the Middle East for eight long years, George W. Bush would seem to be the last person a presidential contender would want to consult with, to hash out foreign policy decisions.

A majority of Americans still hold an unfavorable view of the Bush presidency, but 87 percent of Republicans now look back fondly on the Bush years. In the right-wing bubble that surrounds Jeb Bush, he probably regards turning to his brother for advice as a positive selling point. However, the American people almost certainly will not share that sentiment.

Jeb Bush has tried at times to distance himself from the failed policies of his brother. However, his confession in a room populated with Republican hedge fund billionaires, that he looks to his brother for advice on foreign policy matters, reveals the truth. Electing Jeb Bush President of the United States would bring George W. Bush’s policies back into the White House. America cannot afford to return to those policies.


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  1. Please proceed, Jeb. Why stop at Israeli advice? Take his advice on education, the economy, taxes, and everything he trashed. We knew you didn’t really want to be President anyhow..such a cut in pay for a man of your means.

  2. Oh Jeb…

    for a “wanna-be-hispanic-president” you are just intellectual as W, and wise to ask for his advice…

    The military-industrial complex needs people like you in the White House… (NOT!)

  3. The very self same Bu$h who lied his ass off to get us involved in the Unnecessary War in Iraq?


    No Judask, every CREDIBLE source stated QUITE CLEARLY that Iraq had no WMD.

    Bu$h/Cheney wanted a war in Iraq and they weren’t going to let the facts get in the way.

    We don’t need any more wars.

  4. I saw this the other day and commented in the Iran thread. Lord knows if Jeb is listening to W and W has HW and Cheney telling him what to do as usual and all their ideas come out of the mouthpiece of Jeb, we will be bombing Iran and Israel will be the collateral damage.

    And shudder. No.

  5. This truly pitiful, mentally ill, human-being (Jeb Bush) is the perfect-example of what long-term (“elite” families) “incest” and “inbreeding” practices can produce. In my opinion. And they actually want him to become the President of the U.S.A.??? WTF, WTF,!!! “TWILIGHT ZONE”…..

  6. Somewhere in the past, Jeb was tapped as being the smart one of the Bush boys. Guess that was a lie like every other Republican pronouncement these days.

  7. Judith Miller took all these years to try to defend herself and nobody is buying it still. Jon Stewart took her head off and handed it to her. She didn’t do her job, the Times published it and we went to war.

    Morell (CIA) says in his new book (out May 12th) that Cheney pushed them all to dig up any info, no matter how loose, on WMDs so they’d have a reason. Cheney has a lot of nerve accusing others of failing, he was the worst.

    And we paid for it in blood and treasure, but we will also pay for it for generations to come in money and reputation.

  8. You know what they say about the apple falling from the tree, right?

    Well, these apples were already sour before they hit the ground.

  9. It’s not just Jeb and George that are loathsome, it also was Prescott the grandfather who was supporting the Nazis when they were going to war with Europe in WW2.

  10. I have to say, that scares the holy living hell out of me. The smart one doesn’t even have the sense or the brain power to fill out a voter registration card correctly. My brother and sister live in europe, and when they heard, all they could say was how embarrassing for our country. Everytime one of these idiots scams their way into office, America’s image gets shot to hell. Lets hope that doesn’t happen again!

  11. It’d be nice if they could just inflict their Armageddon on themselves and leave the rest of us out of it.

  12. @SallyinMI, you know I’m usually very HONEST about who and WHAT republicans typically are but TODAY I’m gonna turn over a NEW leaf, I’m going to make peace with the internet republicans. See god spoke to me, ”AGAIN” and he enlightened me on how hard it is being a republican! god said, “Being a republican means, you have to have selective memory!” see my son, republicans have so much to forget! they have to FORGET about joseph mccarthy! they have to FORGET about richard millhouse NIXON! they have to FORGET about ronald wilson REAGAN being the worlds OLDEST DRUG DEALER! they have to FORGET about george bush jr. lying about Iraq and WMD! they have to FORGET about george bush jr DESTROYNG the economy! and then paying WALL STREET for that arson job they pulled on themselves! I said, god, it’s REALLY hard being a republican HUH? “YES MY SON, you gotta be pretty STUPID to FORGET so many events in modern history! but republicans ALWAYS lower the bar on STUPIDITY!

  13. Is Jeb planning to select Cheney as his VP? If he is going to follow W in the Middle East he might as well have the person behind that policy.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen!! I have big news! I’m running for PRESIDENT!!! see I’m taking a page from the republican playbook, see god told me to run! I’m going to take my message straight to the RELIGIOUS RIGHT! my platform will include, throwing rednecks in abandoned WALMARTS!!, nuking TEXASS!, using ted cruz as a anger management pinata!, making ted nugent wash that mess off him since he dodged the draft! and last but not least! put michele bachmann in PRISON! she started ALL this “god told me STUFF” do I have YOUR vote?? ok, never mind.

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