Hillary Clinton Calls For Paid Family Leave On Mother’s Day


Hillary Clinton’s Mother’s Day call for paid family leave illustrates why she is such a formidable presidential candidate.

Former Sec. of State Clinton said, “It is outrageous that America is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t guarantee paid leave. I have this new granddaughter, and I want her to have every opportunity, but I want every child in our country to have every opportunity. We know that when women are strong families are strong. When families are strong countries are strong. What more can we do so that it isn’t quite so hard? The answer is that we can do a lot if we do it together.”

Hillary Clinton is redefining and taking back the word opportunity for Republicans. In the Republican vernacular, the term opportunity is something that is reserved for wealthy men and corporations. Clinton is defining opportunity as equality and fairness, not just for women, but for children and families.

Her view of opportunity is what makes Hillary Clinton the candidate who could be 2016’s most pro-children and pro-family candidate for the White House. President Obama has fought hard for equal pay for women and paid family leave, but one gets the sense that it is Hillary Clinton who can achieve these goals.

It has been decades since the country has seen a candidate for president who so clearly knows who she is. Despite the media attacks and hand-wringing, there is a basic comfort that millions of voters already feel with Clinton. The contrast is best understood by watching a stampede of faceless and shapeless Republican candidates trying to bend themselves into what voters want.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, it is all right there. Hillary Clinton presents a vision for the future that looks both attainable and easy to see.

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