Now Israelis And Republicans Are Very Angry At The Pope

Pope Francis
Of all the things Republicans hate, and they hate nearly everything, it is non-compliance with Israel’s agenda they regard as throwing Israel under the proverbial bus. They also hate any religious leader that fails to support their neo-conservative economic and social agenda. Recently, although Republicans love the Vatican’s support for opposition to equal rights for women and the LGBT community, there has been growing enmity over the Pope’s opposition to income inequality and anthropogenic climate change.  The Pope finally went too far this past week when he failed to comply with Israel’s agenda that Palestine will never be a sovereign state.

When Pope Francis announced on Wednesday that the Vatican, as an independent sovereign state, would be signing a treaty officially recognizing the “state of Palestine,” it bolstered the growing  international support for Palestinian sovereignty since negotiations have been paralyzed by Israeli obstinance. In fact, while Republicans and Israelis were claiming Papal  betrayal and expressed outrage at his humanitarian sensibilities, Palestinian leaders  celebrated the Vatican endorsement due to the Pope’s international standing and popularity.

Israelis are offended because Francis allegedly has a close relationship with Jews dating back decades, and because Christians, particularly Republican Christians, are crucial support for Israel’s continuing inhumane  enterprises targeting Arabs in general, but Palestinians in particular. As a senior Palestinian foreign-affairs official, Husam Zomlo, noted, “The Vatican is not just a state. The Vatican represents hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide, including Palestinians, and has vast moral significance.” Official or not, the Pope’s endorsement does not grant Palestinian Statehood, but it was important not only from a religious leader, but from another sovereign State.

The idea that the Vatican is a “State” is lost on Republicans who regard the Vatican, and the Pope, as a powerful Christian ally to use as a legislative and judicial weapon against American women and the LGBT community. It is curious that Republican Representative Jeff Duncan (SC), a Christian hawkish defender of Israel, saidIt’s interesting how the Vatican has gotten so political when ultimately the Vatican ought to be working to lead people to Jesus Christ and salvation, and that’s what the Church is supposed to do.” If Duncan is correct, and he is not; then why in dog’s name do Republicans use the Vatican for their un-Jesus-like political assaults on women and gays? Every time this new Pope announces Jesus-like policies, Republicans go ballistic and cry religious foul. Obviously, recognizing the Palestinian State as a means to expedite a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian homeland issue will go a long way toward peace in the entire region; it is another Christ-like approach by Pope Francis.

It is possible the Vatican move was partially in response to Netanyahu’s statement last March that as long as he controls Israel there will never be a Palestinian state because it is impossible under current conditions. It is likely he meant under current conditions of his newly formed neo-conservative Arab-hostile government. Netanyahu’s remarks inspired President Obama to “reassess” Washington’s longstanding rubber-stamp policy of defending Israel in international forums no matter its inhumanity and warmongering towards Palestinians.

Ever the optimist, in an interview with the pan-Arab news outlet Asharq al-Awsat on Wednesday, the President said he still looked forward “to the new Israeli government and the Palestinians, through policies and actions, to demonstrate a genuine commitment to a two-state solution.” After the Vatican announcement and Israeli response, it seems unlikely the Israelis are committed to any kind of solution that involves peace; particularly in light of recent threats by Netanyahu confidante and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon to slaughter Palestinian Arabs and launch a nuclear strike on Iran.

While Palestinians were heartened by the Vatican announcement, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said the Pope’s endorsement was “disappointing” and that recognizing a Palestinian state “would not advance the peace process.” They are the same Israeli sentiments after last fall’swave of European Parliamentary resolutions” on Palestinian statehood to encourage Israel to go to the negotiating table and away from hostility and encroachment into Palestinian territory.

Israeli analysts claimed that the Pope’s recognition was even more painful than those of  European nations. The editor of the “Times of Israel,” David Horovitz said “Even this philo-Semitic pope, this pope who cares about the Jews, even he doesn’t get it. Every time something like this happens, there’s this sense of anguish. Why don’t you understand? We want to separate from the Palestinians, but on terms that don’t threaten our security.” Horovitz is parroting the same weary Israeli line that everything threatens their security. If Israel was truly interested in “separating from the Palestinians” they would stop expanding settlements into Gaza and the West Bank and sit down with Palestinian leaders and negotiate a solution that does not decrease the walled-in reservation Palestinians are forced to live in.

As a sign that Israel will find any reason to complain about or oppose any support of statehood or a homeland for Palestinians like the one America and Great Britain created for Jews, some Israelis found a religious reason to claim Papal betrayal. According to a senior fellow at the  Shalom Hartman Institute, Yossi Klein Halevi, the Pope could have had the common decency to wait to announce the Vatican’s treaty with “the Palestinian State” until after the Nostra Aetate celebration. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the official Catholic Church declaration absolving Jews of their “guilt” for killing Jesus Christ.

It is unlikely that many Jews, either in Israel, America, or elsewhere in the world feel the need for absolution over biblical mythos claiming their ancestors crucified another Jew. Israelis certainly have not asked to be absolved for the recent rash of Israeli attacks on Christians in Palestine and Israel, and perhaps that played a part in the Vatican recognition of the Palestinian State.

It is more likely that many Israelis are intolerant of any perceived opposition to their anti-Palestinian policy regardless their stated reasons; reasons that always include their right to self-defense. Mr. Halevi made that point very clear when he complained that the Pope prevented Israelis from celebrating being forgiven for killing Jesus Christ. He said,  “Why not let us all savor that spiritual achievement? Why muck it up with politics? On the one hand, the Catholic Church has made profound progress in its theology toward the Jewish people and toward the Jewish return home. On the other hand, there’s this deep insensitivity here to the fears of Israelis that a solution will be imposed on us that could undermine our ability to defend ourselves in a radically unstable Middle East.”

First, no-one is forcing a solution on Israel just because they support or recognize that the Palestinian people believe they have a right to their own State; especially not recognition by the Vatican. It is noteworthy that a solution for a Jewish state was forced on the Palestinian people and despite being displaced their only request is to be recognized as an independent state. It is something that Israel, and Republicans, adamantly opposed and now that the Pope has announced the Vatican’s official recognition of a “Palestine State,” he has incurred the wrath of both Israel and Republicans who only hate the Pope when he cannot be used as a weapon.

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  1. Funny because Israelis doesn’t give any fucks that growing numbers of Americans are super pissed at them. Netanyahu and his axis of brown-nosed friends are laughing their collective asses off at us because of, of course, Republicans.

  2. It is whispered, beard-stroked, or uttered frequently:
    Disagreement with Netanyahu’s Israel betrays a latent anti-Semitism.

    What a con job!
    And sadly, too many otherwise sane and sober Citizens fall for it.

    On October 3, 2001,
    I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

    Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians
    would endanger Israeli interests and “turn the US against us.

    “Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying “Don’t worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America.”

  3. I am disappointed. I wanted to hear more about the climate change part of this. I bet Noah called the Pope and gave him an earful.

    “Dude! Talk about your rising sea level! Like, I had to build a boat and everything!”

  4. Noah “By the way, sorry about the unicorns. They were cool and everything, but the meat-eaters were getting really hungry. Short straw dudes, that’s the way it goes…”

  5. I get the feeling this pope is his own man. If he’s not letting the hierarchy of the catholic church control him, why would he care to play political games with Netanyahu or republicans? Get over yourselves. Someone is not being led around by the nose. Maybe this guys not for sale.

  6. The Pope is living as he believes Christ lived and treated his fellow beings.

    The conservatives are the total opposite of what the Pope stands for. In speaking out about inequality, Palestine, etc., the Pope is blowing the conservatives cover.

    So no, they don’t want him to be heard, and they will despise the man.

    He represents everything they are NOT.

  7. I would not assume any of those dates are correct. But, I don’t get the point. Humanity didn’t “band together.” It was just the people of the Nile Delta. (If it was even built then)

    This is another whole issue I hesitate to go into but… do you know that right now, with 2015 technology, we could not build that pyramid? We simply lack the skill and the technology. Those three pyramids are history telling us, ” You don’t know history like you think you do.”

  8. The article says that the Republicans make “un-Jesus-like political assaults on … gays.” As if Jesus (God) and the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. It consigns them to hell. In no place in the Bible does it or Jesus speak kindly about gays or fornicators or any other similar kind of people.

  9. You point out where Jesus said anything on the subject at all. Do it before your next shrimp cocktail, or at least between it and the beef Stroganoff.

  10. True, but it’s a low bar, you know. Republicans will whine, cry, and ultimately throw tantrums if anything at all doesn’t go the way they want it to. They’re basically five-year-olds in adult bodies, and act accordingly.

  11. I remember a few weeks ago there was supposed to be an envoy of Koch shills going to the Vatican to talk to the Pope about climate change. Never heard anything more about it. It amazes how these people who claim to be so Christian despise a head of state, the Pope, who is actually exhibiting Christ-like behavior. Damndest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. Yeah, that Jeebus dude was all about hating on other people. Oh, wait…

    Some day (though I have enormous doubt about it), you MIGHT understand what a thoroughly ugly, soul-destroying thing bigotry truly is. No matter what excuse you use to cover for it.

  13. Really?
    Condemns them to hell?
    Citations, please. Especially the specific chapter and verse where Jesus clearly condemns homosexuals.

  14. So we’re calling in drone strikes against the Vatican now? Proclaiming it a terror state? I can hear some of the clown car passengers doing precisely that….especially that moron Lindsey Graham.

  15. Let them Hate on the Pope…and see how fast Catholics run from the GOP and Israel.

    Let them continue to show their spiteful, whiny side.

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