Hillary Clinton Calls Out Republicans For Killing Jobs And Not Standing Up To Tea Party


At a craft brewery in Hampton, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton called out her Republican presidential opponents for sacrificing American jobs to appease the billionaire Koch Brothers and talk radio Tea Party extremists. In particular, Clinton criticized Republicans who want to dismantle the Export-Import Bank, which supplies loans and provides insurance to facilitate the sale of U.S. exports to international buyers.

A number of Republican presidential contenders have gone on record in favor of killing the Export-Import Bank, a move that could potentially eliminate a significant number of American jobs in the process. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have pledged to shut down the Export-Import Bank. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also have publicly expressed opposition to the Export-Import Bank.

Clinton argued at the Smuttynose Brewery that the Republican hopefuls were pursuing a job killing policy simply to placate extremists in their party, from the wealthy Koch Brothers to the loud voices on right-wing AM talk radio.

She contended that the Republican candidates were afraid to stand up to the Tea Party and talk radio. She added:

It is wrong that candidates for president, who really should know better, are jumping on this bandwagon. It’s embarrassing.

Texas Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling dismissed Clinton’s comments by arguing that if she cared about small businesses and jobs she would be a supporter of “trade promotion authority, pro-growth tax reform, the Keystone pipeline and real regulatory relief”.

Whatever one thinks of the Import-Export Bank, Hillary Clinton hit upon a theme that will probably become a defining motif during her campaign. Republican presidential candidates are so busy pandering to wealthy donors or vocal Tea Party activists, that they refuse to enact common sense policies that benefit ordinary American workers.

Republican candidates are so fearful of losing support on their right flanks that they cower in submission to the dictates of their billionaire backers, or to the angry voices on talk radio. Presidential candidates who are afraid to do the right thing, because it might offend the “wrong people”, probably should seek another line of work. America needs a President who can lead, not one who only knows how to follow.

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  1. Oh I’m sure they’ll be plenty of jobs under the Republicans and their spawn: The Tealiban.

    They’ll just be the kind where none will be paid.

  2. Maybe we do not need elections since we the Koch-KING brothers mandating what needs to be done…

    And their feudal vessels obbeying w/o questions.

    I must have been dreaming that I lived in a democracy…Go Hillary!

  3. Not surprised that Hensarling’s rebuttal was comprised of debunked Republican talking points that allowing corporations to set environmental and regulatory policy would create jobs and that Keystone XL would create more than the 35 permanent jobs that even the CEO of TransCanada admitted (as if any number of jobs would be worth the environmental disaster of a major spill of the toxic sludge being shoved through the pipes).

  4. Not very knowledgable on it, but it was part of the negotiations and I read enough to get a gist of it. The TPA negotiations are entwined with the ex-im negotiations and the left wing-left coast dems were promised it would pass by McConnel if they just get to the things the Rs want to discuss, and wait their turn. It has to be by June 30th or it expires. So before break. And it is one of the reasons they aren’t resting and working through long days to get things moving now that a log jam is clearing finally.

    With Boeing being the focus of the dems worry due to many thousands of jobs in danger on the left coast TPA passers.

    Something like 164,000 jobs involving mostly small businesses but a few Boeings with tens of thousands of jobs are much of the reason it is supported and has been critical to dems and attacked by the Kochs.

    All countries have similar deals, we would be without it.

    Rs have suddenly become motivated to be amenable to passing things – 2016 looms.


  5. The end got cut off. I added on the bottom something about it being mostly to provide loans for small businesses.

    KOCH wants to corner a market and remove competition.

    She’s right, the dems and reps will pass it. They don’t want their states to lose jobs over this. Koch attack, it will be history if it passes, as it should, soon.

    And those candidates got a slap down from my girl. :-)

  6. Hillary your mistake is that the Republican Party and the Tea Party are one and the same. You are asking them to stand up to themselves.

  7. Here are their jobs, cleaning up after yet another pipeline break.

    Thanks to the tea bag/repub and Texas deregulation, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world is now ruined.

    I’m sicked because I’ve been to these beaches countless times.

    Firm behind California oil spill has shaky safety record

  8. Texas Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling dismissed Clinton’s comments by arguing that if she cared about small businesses and jobs she would be a supporter of “trade promotion authority, pro-growth tax reform, the Keystone pipeline and real regulatory relief”.

    Keystone Pipeline, seriously?

  9. Pro growth tax reform would include retaining the estate tax and increasing taxes on the highest earning individuals and corporations. Cutting taxes on the rich has not worked once in the last century to stimulate the economy. Trickle down, as with most conservative policies, is a fantasy or really even a lie. If we don’t hold BP, the Kochs and the company with the pipeline leaking and poisoning the California coast accountable the economy will be the least of our worries. The poisoned planet won’t sustain us.

  10. The only way Hensarling would know what “pro-growth tax policy” looks like is if a Dem showed him.

    I suspect any tax reform policies Hillary would propose would be more pro-growth than what any Republican could imagine.

    Republicans economic policies = Great Depression

  11. Republicans don’t know what “pro-growth economic policies” are.

    Hillary and Democrats have to show them.

  12. The Tea Party is fighting against Hillary, Obama and US Chamber RINOs against amnesty of millions of illegal aliens presently in this country stealing good jobs American citizens should be doing, particularly in the home construction industries.

    Even as we speak, Obama, with Hillary’s blessing, no doubt, is standing on the threshold on allowing millions more “legal” immigrants into this country from Libya and other north African countries. Most are Muslims who have shown themselves quite willing to throw Christians overboard to lighten their load.

    Welcome to American

  13. The export import bank subsidizes such poor little companies as Boeing. Boeing makes…those climate destroying jets.

    Why would you Hillarynuts support that?


  14. It does make loans to companies, like Boeing and small business too as I said above.

    So jobs are evil if they are corporation jobs? Blue collar union guys in factories are evil jobs because it says GE on the door?

    Jobs are jobs. Ex-Im keeps 164,000 jobs.

    Not all of them are Green jobs, but they are paying American jobs. You have a problem with that, Dantes?

  15. EX-IM is nothjing for corporate welfare for big business. The vast majority of the loans go to Boeing and Caterpillar

  16. I fail too see your point. You are saying that at a time some oppose it now they support it and vice versa

  17. I never liked it or dislike it. Like I said the link showed people changing on the subject. Now what that has to with republicans killing jobs I have no idea but I guess you being the wise one will enlighten us

  18. As I said above this morning I didn’t know much about it and listed what I did know from the articles I linked and from others I have been reading this week.

    WWLLDs Salon link is very interesting. It makes a good argument and seems valid. I would have liked to see some vote records of R vs D on Ex-Im and some source materials for this piece. I do not know why, or if there are extenuating circumstances beyong what he claims to be a sudden reversal for no apparent reason.

    Maybe they changed practices? No longer sell nuclear?

    I don’t know. Will look around for similar ideas.

  19. Now, these are loans, it isn’t like they are giving Boeing money and not getting repaid. It is a bank. It works with companies that trade overseas and provide jobs in the US.

    Why is it a called slush fund in that article? Were a few of the Senators a little bit excited for years and saying it was corporate welfare when it was just bank loans to corporations?

    I have a lot of questions, mostly how did people vote for years on it and then suddenly change course. Makes little sense if no dynamic changed.

  20. DJ, he was a bit rude, eh?

    Yeah, I learned long ago that try as I might, I was going to have to deal with buying from corporations, if I want to drive or eat or type… or anything.

    And the guy just seemed to dump it and run.

  21. DJ look at what Pelosi said about Im-Ex:

    “Still, Democrats are adamant that Republicans do something on the Export-Import Bank, which Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday sustains 160,000 labor-export jobs and operates at no cost to the taxpayer.”

    Some slush fund! It cost us nothing!

    Salon is often a bit odd for my taste, good drama and sounds intellectual but not always reality based. :-)


  22. Dj, When it smells like a dump look around something stinks. That guy is going to hit every poltical board tonight with that dump and lots of sheep are going to be freaking out all week about IM EX is bad…. we are doomed if they do it.

    Now I want to learn more. Hillary wouldn’t say that if it was bad. She said it with full conviction. It costs us nothing and is bad? Weird.

    left wing—sanity—right wing

  23. Think bigger. When election day comes she will get so many votes that the down tickets will put those two out of their majority positions.

  24. Chelsea met her husband and fell in love years ago. That said, he became insanely rich in hedge mgmt. I lived in NY and knew people who went from goof ball neighborhood kids to life in the penthouse on the park.

    Chelsea left the fund job and went back to the Foundation.

    She is widely expected to be on the campaign with her mom. She was very liked in 07.

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