The Obama Economy Sets A New Record: 63rd Consecutive Month of Private Sector Job Growth


May marks a new record for President Obama’s private sector job growth record, with the private sector adding 12.6 million jobs over 63 straight months of job growth. The Department of Labor announced Friday morning that the economy added 280,000 jobs. With businesses adding 262,000 jobs, this represents the 63rd consecutive month of private sector job growth.

Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, broke down the employment situation in May:

The private sector has added 12.6 million jobs over 63 straight months of job growth, extending the longest streak on record. Today we learned that private-sector employment rose by 262,000 in May. Our businesses created more than 200,000 jobs in fourteen of the past fifteen months—the first time that has happened since 1995. On the whole, our economy has added 3.1 million new jobs over the past twelve months, just off the fifteen-year high achieved in February.


Other key points in Furman’s report were: “1. Manufacturing employment is up strongly as compared with the previous business cycle, while construction employment still has not recovered.” 2. “More highly educated Americans participate more in the labor force at all ages, and, compared with less educated workers, their participation does not drop off until much older ages.” 3. “The distribution of job growth across industries in May was highly consistent with the pattern observed over the past year.” 4. “The majority of industries experienced stronger job growth in May than they have on average over the past year.” (Read details here.)

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi remarked in a statement that she was pleased with the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job growth, but the “Republicans’ constant culture of crisis continues to cast a shadow over our economy and the future of hard-working families.”

Pelosi urged Republicans to get to work, especially noting that the Highway and Transit Trust fund will be expiring in the middle of summer construction season but Republicans still have no plans to act and are endangering 700,000 jobs across the country, “With only 12 legislative days remaining before the Export-Import Bank’s charter expires, Republicans still refuse to reauthorize the bank that supports thousands of American businesses and hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Time is also swiftly running out before the Highway and Transit Trust fund expires in the middle of the summer construction season, but Republicans still have no plan to act – endangering thousands of vital construction projects and nearly 700,000 jobs across the country.”

Jason Furman summed it up with a statement making the case for raising the minimum wage and getting rid of the sequester, among other administration pushes::

The economy added 280,000 jobs in May—the strongest month of the year so far—as wages continued to rise and the participation rate ticked upward. We have now added 5.6 million jobs over the past two years, the best two-year job growth since 2000. Although the job market has made considerable progress throughout this recovery, challenges remain for our economy and there is more work to do. The President is committed to extending the positive underlying trends through a comprehensive agenda to boost employment and wages for the middle class, including opening new markets for U.S. goods and services through expanded trade, increasing investments in infrastructure, providing relief from the sequester, and raising the minimum wage.

President Obama, the alleged “socialist” president, has presided over the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job growth on record. Private sector.

Meanwhile, back in Congress, Republicans can’t even extend or pass the most basic of legislation let alone take care of the people with any attempt to create decent jobs.

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  1. Since Robert is now (presumably) no longer here, it falls upon me to assume his hyperbole…

    63 months? It can only be attributed to Republican Leadership in denying Barack HUSSEIN Obama anything he wanted.

    Sheer coincidence. It could’ve happened under a Republican too!

    He’s not smart enough to have created such conditions, instead he’s just a Master of Manipulation!

    Herp Derp- Liberal Media!

    and oh yeah-

    Ok I’m done now.

    Well Done Obama!

  2. See, this is what success looks like.. 5 and a quarter years of job growth in the private sector.

    Why? Because Obama knows what works and that is the use of liberal and progressive ideas.

  3. Hardly MB:
    Slowest economic recovery in 50 years.
    The economy would be $1 trillion larger with just an average recovery.
    Median HH income DOWN $1500 since 2009.
    $7.3 Trillion added to debt.
    Inequality is worse (an Obama priority) as measured by GINI coefficient measured by Census Bureau.
    Real unemployment 10.8%

    Economic policies have been an unmitigated disaster !

  4. 63 months of consecutive job growth, no other president can come close to that.

    And you see it as a failure?

    Slowest economic recovery in 50 years.
    The economy would be $1 trillion larger with just an average recovery.
    Median HH income DOWN $1500 since 2009.
    $7.3 Trillion added to debt.
    Inequality is worse (an Obama priority) as measured by GINI coefficient measured by Census Bureau.
    Real unemployment 10.8%

    Economic policies have been an unmitigated disaster !

    Yes it is an unmitigated disaster. But each and every one of those things you cite- are a direct result of Republican Trickle Down Economics.

    Which is why and what Obama has been fighting against.

    We’d be a lot better off if fools like you let him do his job.

  5. Reid, Senate Democrats prepared to block spending bills, break sequester

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has a plan to force Republicans to the negotiating table over federal spending. President Obama and Democrats want to get rid of sequestration, the strict budget caps imposed on almost all spending by the 2011 Budget Control Act. Sequester was born out of Republicans’ unprecedented refusal to agree to increase the debt limit without massive spending cuts. Now Reid wants to turn the tables and use obstruction to force an end to the crippling cuts. He apparently has his conference on board, first getting agreement to hold out for a long-term transportation bill. Now it looks like he’s got leadership and committee chair approval to block all of the spending bills.

  6. All of those you’re listed would be better off now, if republicans hadn’t blocked infrastructure spending at every turn; and then hypocritically demanded aid for their own state when disaster struck.

  7. it is time for delusional righties to accept the fact that Obama has been a very good president indeed, especially considering the 7 years of preplanned and unprecedented GOP and conservative obstruction, sabotage, jaw dropping treason, and of course- the rightwing hate and bigotry. if you think about what our nation’s first black president has accomplished despite the GOP and the rightwing trying to destroy the country, it really is quite impressive. Obama is without a doubt one of this nation’s better presidents and the sad thing is that maybe if the GOP actually worked with Obama even once or twice, things would be even better than they are now. but now the GOP and conservatives during the Obama era will be relegated to history’s trashcan as nothing but saboteurs and treasonists and bigoted anti-American fools.

  8. hey jimmy- this is why people think you and those like you are bat shit crazy- you live in complete denial of reality. even well known conservative and rightwing economic experts all agree that Obama has been the best economic president in the modern era. sorry you can’t see the obvious truth. your denial of the obvious has gone from silly, to ridiculous, to laughable, to downright scary now. you people have real issues.

  9. you righties have got to be the most delusional folks on the planet. you act as if you think America has forgotten about the last 7 years of nonstop GOP obstruction, sabotage, division, and treason??? America will never forget what this cowardly GOP Koch congress has done. we will not forget when we vote next year. you righties really are finished. enjoy the next year or so because after that, conservatives will be an endangered species.

  10. hey righties, pay attention. this is what real leadership looks like. Obama has been the man and you rightwing fools have sealed your fate next November. just the GOP 47 clowns alone will deliver the senate back to the dems.

  11. if it is not obvious to righties, it sure is to most of real america- democratic and progressive policies have worked very well and any attempt to revisit the GOP policies that destroyed the economy in the first place is downright insanity! like Obama said, he will veto anything that looks like republican garbage.

  12. considering we lost this many in 2008 alone

    U.S. lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008

    Clinton’s $236 BILLION budget surplus
    Bush: Surplus Justifies Tax Cut
    …put on our credit card, and Obama put it where it belonged, in our DEBT
    US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion
    Medicare Part D will add $852 billion to the debt over the next 10 years
    How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish

    I rest my case

  13. Obama got a trillion dollars to start with and EVERYTHING he has wanted. If it would not pass Congress he just issued an executive order-legal or not.
    Obama and libs should quit blaming somebody else- you own it !!

  14. You say: “Slowest economic recovery in 50 years.”

    I say: Yep… MOSTLY ’cause it came right after the worst financial crisis this nation has seen in EIGHTY years!

  15. Please explain what this “trillion dollars to start with” is all about. The comment makes no sense.

    Senate republicans filed more than 300 filibusters in the President’s first 4-5 years, and the House GOP has blocked his proposals as well.

    How does that translate into “getting everything he wants?”

    Please explain with facts. We’ll be waiting.

  16. Here’s what the GOP owns: Spending: $12 trillion of $17 trillion debt due to the last 3 GOP presidents. National Security: Presidential Daily Briefing August 6, 2001 (Google it), House gop cut funding for Embassy/Consulate security a year before Benghazi. Economy: no jobs from the “job creators” even after two tax breaks under W; the trickle down fallacy since 1980; the Recession of 2008; the GOP government shutdown in October 2013 cost $24 billion; nearly 60 House GOP votes to derail the Affordable Care Act cost more than $56 million; hearings on the debunked IRS and Benghazi ‘scandals’ cost $17 million. House GOP in August 2011 held the debt ceiling hostage, causing our first-ever credit downgrade.

  17. Ever since he started posting his nonsense that has been pointed out to him by various commenters. Like they, the American Taliban have said “We make our own reality”

  18. jimmyk here’s more for you:

    Small Government: except when it comes to every uterus in the country. Veterans: GOP Senators voted against Veterans Jobs bills. There’s also: blocking the ACA for 5 million people, cutting education, food stamps (even though the majority of recipients are children, Seniors and Veterans who live in Red states, gutting the Voting Rights Act, blocking Wind and Solar projects while making it easier for companies to pollute the air and water, no Jobs bills since 2010, voted against equal pay for women, the Violence Against Women Act, minimum wage, maternity insurance coverage, and more.

    Seriously, you’ve got to get detoxed from right wing media.

  19. Lol. You mad, bro? The economic recovery would be faster if it weren’t for the DO-NOTHING republican Congress! Of course, it was going to take a long time to get out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, which by the way, was also the fault of REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    Republicans now control the House, and the Senate, and they still haven’t lifted a finger to help fix the economy they broke. But, that’s O.K.,because President Obama didn’t need their help, anyway: 280,000 jobs!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

    When is the GOP party of “personal responsibility” going to start taking “personal responsibility?”

  20. Oh I get it now- because you can’t get a job, it’s all Obama’s Fault!

    If idiots like you and the ones you helped to elect hadn’t blocked Obama in the first place, you’d probably be doing what you’re best at and swinging a mop with the best school janitors.

    Whereas your Idols managed to screw up America and the economy was in a free fall that Obama turned around.

  21. Dumbass name one republican bill that would have helped the majority of Americans instead of kochsucking their true masters? Name one but you cant do it because you are a dumbass

  22. Moongrim, I know that you are aware that if Obama did not get what he wanted he would say “I will take action as necessary”. Even though the courts have had to overrule the dictator[Snipped]

  23. The records are clear: each of the last four Republican presidencies has resulted in recessions, two for Dubya and the last two Democratic presidents have produced tremendous economic successes.

    Pres. Carter would also have had great economic success if not for the OPEC oil price increases. Pres. Clinton wouldn’t have had a recession at the end of his admin. (the so-called bust) if not for the Fed raising interest rates faster and farther than ever before in history.

    No, the Republican policies are clearly a bust and the American people know it and feel it in their pocketbooks.

  24. We, never again, can allow a republican into the WH to tank our economy. Dems have historically had to clean up after them. Tired of it.

  25. Gate-Keepers: Please Don’t let Wacky-Winger’s spoil this board.
    They distract/depress & squash enthusiasm!

    Politicususa has been a safe-haven of positive/thought-provoking discourse.

    But, Koch’s current Citizen-United-Money pays Big Bucks to snake/types who endeavor to sabotage places of value like Politicususa!

  26. Remember the Texas economic miracle? In 2012, it was one of the three main arguments from then-Gov. Rick Perry about why he should be president, along with his strong support from the religious right and something else I can’t remember (sorry, couldn’t help myself). More broadly, conservatives have long held Texas up as a supposed demonstration that low taxes on the rich and harsh treatment of the poor are the keys to prosperity.
    So it’s interesting to note that Texas is looking a lot less miraculous lately than it used to. …

    Texas wasn’t supposed to be like other states. It was supposed to be the shining exemplar of the economic payoff to reverse Robin-Hood economics. So its recent disappointments hit the right-wing cause hard — especially coming on the heels of the Kansas debacle.

  27. You don’t need to get into the statistics. All you need to do is look at the number of people on food stamps and that will tell you where the economy is. If it wasn’t for food stamps, people would be lined up for miles in a food hand-out line, just like in the great depression. Also, a good percentage of the jobs now are part-time.

  28. Obama’s Horrible Economic Legacy for the 90%! What are the lawmakers going to do about our horrible economy? Even though Obama has increased the job growth, the majority of these jobs are minimum wage keeping 80% of Americans in poverty. The World Trade Organization agreement with China 2001 resulted in the loss of 2.8 million good jobs. Even though Obama is pushing the Multinational TTP agreement, TPP goes further than taking our jobs and our money, it allows Multinationals to poison Americans through our food, water, and land, without recourse, and takes away our open Internet. Even though Obama has increased job growth, reports show that small businesses and entrepreneur growth has stagnated losing small businesses and the life blood of America, its entrepreneurs by over 1 million since 2000. Even though the US unemployment rate is down it does not include the 93 million people that no longer receive unemployment benefits and can’t find a livable job. Even though the stock mar…

  29. Yep, BUT, you will NEVER convinced the FAUX NEWS ZOMBIES of the FACTS as they are. If you show them the numbers to back the FACTS, they come up with some off the FAUX NEWS WALL way to turn those FACTS up side down!! Believe me, I try. It is like talking to a wall. My bro. in law is one of them, as are most here in “RED DIRT-REDNECK” Georgia. How is it–“Never Mind The Facts, My Mind Is Made Up”! “Cause Bill O Told Me So”. They want to spout Pres O Bama and the TPP. Well, I agree, TPP SUCKS!! But EVERY REPUBLICAN I KNOW IS 100% FOR IT!! All of Georgia’s Congressmen{REPUBs} tell me “Don’t worry, we got this, It Is Good For Us!” That is due to the fact, they plan on winning the WH in 16, and THEIR GUYS WILL BE IN CHARGE OF ALLLLL!!!

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