DOJ Debunks Fox News Propaganda By Investigating Charleston Shooting As Domestic Terrorism

Loetta Lynch confirmation hearing

Fox News has not uttered the words domestic terrorism in relation to the Charleston shooting, but the Department of Justice is investigating the incident as both a hate crime and an act of terrorism.

Sari Horowitz of The Washington Post tweeted:

The words domestic terrorism have not been uttered on Fox News. In fact, Fox has been busy trying to find ways to blame minorities for the Charleston church killings.

Fox’s Martha MacCallum claimed that diversity may be a contributing factor in mass shootings:

MacCallum said that gun violence may be because of diversity. She said, “That may be because of the society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living together. We’re a very unique society, and that’s a wonderful thing, in large part, but that may be a contributing factor

Fox News is also stunned that this incident is being investigated as a hate crime because there are so many other explanations for a white person killing a group of African-Americans due to the color of their skin.


Fox has also tried to turn the killings into an attack on religion, even though the shooter has stated that his motivation was racial.

Roof told police that he “almost didn’t go through with it because everyone was so nice to him.”

Fox News refuses to call the attack an act of terrorism. If this suspect in this attack would have been a Muslim, Fox News and other outlets would have immediately called the shooter a terrorist. Since the killer is a white man in red state South Carolina who killed African-Americans, Fox won’t even call his actions a hate crime.

What Roof did was both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Reality challenged Fox News, and the Republican Party won’t admit it, but Dylann Roof is a domestic terrorist. The propaganda campaign by Fox and the GOP was dealt a serious blow by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice.

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  1. Street Gangs are Domestic Terrorists and IF They had been classified as such the problem would be solved by now. Causing Terror make You a Terrorist, period.

  2. You do know you are an idiot. Street and bike gangs are criminals. They have no political agenda. Now white supremacy that you and people like you, use violence for a political agenda. You are who you are. A fuking coward

  3. Albeit acts of mass killings by Middle Eastern Terrorist (In their countries), African Muslim terrorist (in their country…remember the mall massacre ) and the most recent one by the two Chechnyan Brothers in Boston, every MASS killing and shootings in this country was perpetrated by White Males. When was the last time a Black man shot up a Church, a School, a theater, or a Mall? Oh, yes we hear and know of the random gang shootings in the Hood, but….Black terrorist shooting up Mosques, Synagogues, Churches, Schools? With large body counts? No! So call it what it is…White boys (Men) love this s#it. The sick racist ones we got to keep an eye on, then there are the depraved ones, we got to keep an eye on them too.

  4. Define ‘terrorist.’ In the 1950s it was anyone who didn’t worship the economic theory of Capitalism over the Soviet Union.

    Nazi Germany declared gypsies and gays terrorists. Hang a name on it and it makes it easier to kill.

    ‘Terrorist’ is a dehumanizing label designed to generate fear of a gross generality. It’s face and name are fungible. It just has to be scary.

    ISIL and ISIS are not threats to America. they are excuses who are 5,000 miles away. Not our problem.

    The huge problem is our descent back into violence. When schools were being strangled into training centers, we eliminated the array of paths for children to pursue.
    Productivity and compliance are their goals. Saved by the Web.

    Think for yourselves. Read your comments. Appearance is fungible, not destiny.

  5. Idiots make posts and you seem to have mastered that skill. Still, you’re and idiot.

    Where was the black street gang? Praying in the church? Was the pastor a banger? How about the elderly woman was she a banger? The five other women? The other other two men?

  6. It’s time to destroy the racist white privilege and call these white trash racist christians what they really are.They are TERRORISTS.

  7. Your Support of the Confederate Flag Makes You a Traitor Once a year, every April 12, on the steps of the capitol buildings in all the states that seceded from the United States, the Confederate flag should be burned. The ceremony should be attended by all the legislators, all the state’s Supreme Court justices, and the governor. Then, when the embers are dying, a black man or woman, chosen by lottery, should be brought up to piss on the ashes. Every year. Just to remind anyone who supports it what the value of the garbage flag is. – See more at:

  8. OK this post will probably get me booted from this site,, FUX NEWS is the filthiest POS ever to stain american television! FUX is so blatant with it’s racism, it sometimes boggles my mind! Any country that allows that $HIT to be shown shouldn’t a leader in ANYTHING! this country is a GOD DAMN DISGRACE! the GOP NEVER should have been allowed to exist after 1968! and YOU wanna talk about race? OK! before 1963 the GOD DAMN DEMOCRATS were the RACIST PRO SLAVE party! oh speaking of SC! the DEMOCRATIC party was so racist, one SC senator CANED another senator almost to death arguing over slavery! This country has been a HELL HOLE for BLACKS since day one! So now the DEMOCRATIC party is now the PRO civil rights party, now the GOD DAMN REPUBLICANS are the flaming KKK!! DAMN! BLACKS get FU@KED either way! The GOP OWNS this country! they OWNS the NEWS! the CHURCHES! the BANKS! WALL STREET! the GOP through corporate america has become the NEW KLAN! I’m with REV WRIGHT! GOD DAMN AMERICA!

  9. Fox would change its tune quick enough if it was Synagogues being shot up instead of Christian Churches and schools. And Jewish people being slaughtered by out of control cops and the NRA backed crazies. They would give new instructions and talking points to the politicians then. Can you imagine Geller coming from NY to Texas to start a war between the Fox educated gun nuts if crazies got out of control and went after Jews instead of Muslims?

  10. When Saddam Hussane was taken down, so was his “Republican Guard.” Instead of using them to police the Country after USA took over Iraq,. They let them go, Now known as ISIL<ISSIS< OR ISIS, its still Saddam's "Superior Military Force Known as The "Republican Guard."As for the "surge" the "surge" the Surge" the "Surge" only worked because they were paid "NOT TO FIGHT!!!"

  11. Why did Congress vote against giving the Pres authority ,, so what now, Congress don’t want any blame or responsibility for “anything” Obama /It was their idea in the first place same as Iran, bomb, bomb Iran..!! Such weasels.
    ,Wednesday: The House voted down a resolution requiring U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq and Syria in the absence of a congressional vote on an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) resolution against ISIS.

  12. The dangers of using MediaMatters as your source: The network HAS called this an act of terrorism with Bill O’Reilly being very specific in doing so.

  13. “The Fox Effect lays out how the network operates when they attack political foes – a process we call the Fox Cycle:

    STEP 1: Conservative activists introduce a lie. And they know it is a lie
    STEP 2: Fox News devotes massive coverage to the story.
    STEP 3: Fox attacks other outlets for ignoring the controversy.
    STEP 4: Mainstream outlets begin reporting on the story.
    STEP 5: Media critics, pundits praise Fox News coverage.
    STEP 6: The story falls apart once the damage has been done.

    Most attacks from Fox follows these six steps. The Fox Effect illustrates this phenomena and details how Fox News’ lies can be stamped out.”

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