DOJ Debunks Fox News Propaganda By Investigating Charleston Shooting As Domestic Terrorism

Loetta Lynch confirmation hearing

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Fox News has not uttered the words domestic terrorism in relation to the Charleston shooting, but the Department of Justice is investigating the incident as both a hate crime and an act of terrorism.

Sari Horowitz of The Washington Post tweeted:

The words domestic terrorism have not been uttered on Fox News. In fact, Fox has been busy trying to find ways to blame minorities for the Charleston church killings.

Fox’s Martha MacCallum claimed that diversity may be a contributing factor in mass shootings:

MacCallum said that gun violence may be because of diversity. She said, “That may be because of the society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living together. We’re a very unique society, and that’s a wonderful thing, in large part, but that may be a contributing factor

Fox News is also stunned that this incident is being investigated as a hate crime because there are so many other explanations for a white person killing a group of African-Americans due to the color of their skin.


Fox has also tried to turn the killings into an attack on religion, even though the shooter has stated that his motivation was racial.

Roof told police that he “almost didn’t go through with it because everyone was so nice to him.”

Fox News refuses to call the attack an act of terrorism. If this suspect in this attack would have been a Muslim, Fox News and other outlets would have immediately called the shooter a terrorist. Since the killer is a white man in red state South Carolina who killed African-Americans, Fox won’t even call his actions a hate crime.

What Roof did was both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Reality challenged Fox News, and the Republican Party won’t admit it, but Dylann Roof is a domestic terrorist. The propaganda campaign by Fox and the GOP was dealt a serious blow by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice.

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