Working Women Could Spell Doom For Republican Chances Of Retaking The White House In 2016

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A June 19th piece in The Washington Postwritten by Danielle Paquette, discusses a major problem for the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential race. The party does not appeal to working women. Paquette interviewed a number of Republican strategists who expressed concern that the Republican presidential candidates were doing next to nothing to encourage women who work outside the home to vote for them.

Working women have been abandoning the Republican Party in droves. For example, in 2004, George W. Bush managed to get nearly half the vote from working moms in the U.S. electorate. Four years later, John McCain was only able to secure 40 percent of the working mom vote. In 2012, GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who embodied an old-fashioned view of sex roles and family structure, struggled to get just a third of the vote from working mothers.

Despite the Republican’s failure to appeal to working women, the conservative executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, Sabrina Schaeffer, argues that Republicans are still providing no answers. She laments:

For years now, Democrats have been saying: We are focused on women in the workplace. For whatever reason, Republicans keep ignoring these issues. It’s the absolute worst thing they can do. They need to understand, engage and offer better solutions.

John McCain’s 2008 political adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin also argues that his party has become out of touch with the concerns of working women. He notes:

Every parent who works has been through the day-care nightmare. This has been under-appreciated by Republican candidates in part and conservatives in general.

Yet despite the burgeoning costs of child care and the fact that the United States offers precious little in the way of paid family leave for working mothers, the Republican presidential candidates remain silent on some of the issues that matter most to working women. In addition, the GOP’s assault on reproductive rights, their attacks on health care subsidies, their byzantine views on female contraception, and their opposition to equal pay for equal work, are all turn offs to many professional women.

The Republicans have been hemorrhaging support from working women for a decade. That problem is only going to be compounded if the GOP has to present their outdated views on the same stage with Hillary Clinton, who has made the concerns of working women one of the cornerstones of her campaign. Working women helped propel Barack Obama to two victories over GOP candidates in 2008 and 2012.

If Republicans continue to ignore working women in 2016, and Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, the GOP will be in world of hurt politically.

21 Replies to “Working Women Could Spell Doom For Republican Chances Of Retaking The White House In 2016”

  1. What I find totally astounding that ANY member of the female gender, CIS- or none, can find it within themselves to support the Republican Party.

    More mind-boggling than the Log Cabin Republicans.

  2. Uhhhh… can you name any demographic other than fake christians and red state drooling goobers that the gopers haven’t alienated?

  3. I find it Mind Boggling that any Sane person, male or female, gay or straight, white or any race, poor or rich, executive or blue collar, would vote for ANY republican. Ever again.

  4. Oh let them ignore us. If they suddenly decide they ‘love women’ like the last time, we’ll just vote them out again. I am in my 60’s, and my daughter and DIL both have career jobs. My grandkids are in school, so that helps, but school age kids still need a lot of parental support. The GOP wants moms in the kitchen, the bedroom, and nowhere else. Our local teachers just took a pay freeze, after five years of CUTS.Meanwhile, our town gave our City Manager a 24% RAISE. Unbelievable. Even our GOP rag called them out on that one. It is hard to believe that women buy into the drivel from the right…be seen but not heard. You re too stupid to understand your own body. You don’t deserve the Rx your physician writes if you take it to a “christian’ pharmacist. Oh, but your kids can volunteer for the next war!!

  5. We are making progress. One example is what happened in the State of Washington, when senators refused to pass the law for background checks on all gun purchases. Cheryl Stumbo, the citizen sponsor of Initiative-594, worked with her church, Gabby Gifford and Moms Demand Action to campaign for this much needed gun sense law. It was the first gun sense measure passed by a citizen sponsored initiative in the U.S. Part of what made it delightful was that the NRA underfunded their campaign based on the early support of women’s groups. They marginalized I-594 as a “women’s issue” and marginalized women in Washington State, with the dated attitude that women won’t vote. They do, especially by mail in ballot. I-594 was passed in 2014, by 59.3%. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  6. IMHO, a Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren ticket
    would be unstoppable in next year’s race. How many
    women repug voters are going to vote against the 1st
    girl power team in American history? And Liz gets to
    preside over the Senate as a bonus.

  7. It’s just a big proud moment when we as Americans can say, we’ve got the best of the best in our house and Senate when it comes to OBGYN legislators. I love America![wink]

  8. I agree. I just shake my head when I see women at these rethuglican coming-out parties. I don’t understand how they can be brainwashed to that extent.

  9. “For years now, Democrats have been saying: We are focused on women in the workplace. For whatever reason, Republicans keep ignoring these issues.”

    “It’s the absolute worst thing they can do. They need to understand, engage and offer better solutions.”

    Maybe it’s the BEST thing these losers can do as, it will hopefully cost them millions of votes.

    We REAL Americans need to be political oncologists and remove this disease from America.

  10. Congress shouldn’t have any taxpayer /government healthcare contraception or sexual inhancement drug on their healthcare policy, for themselves or ANY MEMBER of their family that includes spouses and children!!!!!!!!

  11. There are a lot of women who support Republicans. May be they feel that they are second class citizens. Look at women who vote Republican, rural white women and those are the women that go to the polls. White liberal, moderate women do not go the polls in numbers the way white conservative rural women do. Look at the south, white and very conservative.
    Look at female Republicans who are winning? They speak directly to the voters and talk kitchen table issues. What doe the Democrats talk about the “GOP war on Women” That is fine but when it comes to keeping a roof over your head, who are you going to vote for? Sometime talking about cutting taxes or the war on women. Democrat Party needs to wake up and smell the coffee. This is why we keep losing.

  12. Male Republicans value CONTROL of the American Woman’s body, and especially uterus. Stopping birth control accessability, stopping abortion accessability, requiring personal medical procedures only to slow and stop thoughts of aborting unwanted pregnancies.
    Women CAN vote these idiots out of office, and they MUST !

  13. It’s too late for the GOP already. I mean, really, they would have to do an abrupt and complete about face between now and November ’16, and undo all that nasty legislation against women, and that’s not going to happen. Who with two brain cells to rub together would believe any promises they make now?

  14. As much as I respect Sen. Sanders, women have been waiting for a long, long time; we’ve been damn good soldiers for lots of Democratic *men*. Don’t you think it’s about time guys sucked it up for a woman?

  15. Absolutely, Women will be The Secret Weapon in 2016.

    They say:
    “Pubs have No Heart…Dems No Balls”

    Women don’t need Balls…they’ve got something much more powerful:

    Intuition/Wisdom that grows stronger with age. Plus Powerful Heart & Passion!

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