The White House Reminds Journalists Just How Wrong They Were About Obama’s Power

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Upon the news that President Obama’s trade agenda cleared a hurdle in the Senate, the White House reminded journalists of their previous incorrect predictions and dire warnings about the End of Obama.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Brandi Hoffine retweeted:

Either Brandi Hoffine or Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz retweeted all of the following tweets today, reminding journalists of their failed hot takes and dire predictions of doom staring on June 12:

Dire warnings not to fall for the “spin” (who’s spinning now, the White House seems to be asking):

Mocking the seeming fissure between Obama and the Democrats:

Massive defeat, y’all:

“Sunning repudiation of Obama”:

And today:

It’s dead! It has no chance of revival! Obama has no plan B! Oh, wait. The Press Secretary was right when he said it was a procedural snafu? That sucks.

No matter how you feel about the trade deal – and it’s hard to really make an honest call about something you can’t read for yourself, which makes any normal person dubious – you have to get a kick out of the White House mocking the 8 millionth (exaggeration) time the press had announced it was the End of Obama.

Were I to venture a guess about this trade deal, and I did on a radio show two weeks ago, I would have said – and did say – that I suspected it was being used as a way to allow certain Democrats who have always had Obama’s back to define themselves as more liberal, as taking a principled stand against him. It also seemed like a great opportunity politically for Sec Hillary Clinton to define herself as more liberal on working people’s issues. I have no proof to support this theory. It’s just that I saw no other reason for all of the drama over something that seemed like it could pass in two weeks. A something, mind you, that no one actually knows anything about.

This is not to suggest that I am “for” this trade deal. How could I be for something I can’t read? How likely is it that this deal could be and should be better for workers? Oh, about 100%.

Obamacare is going to be President Obama’s legacy. That and a roaring stock market and record private sector job growth. The trade deal is just a résumé builder.

But it’s nice to see the White House having fun with the press who have announced the end of Obama’s legislative clout so many times I’ve lost count. Let’s note on a purely political point that Obama’s legislative clout just rose with Republicans.

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  1. Well I for one has faith in our President not to sell us out. I remember the same arguments from the firebaggers about the ACA.

  2. All I am saying is the President has always had our backs. Now maybe he is not as liberal as people want him to be but you cant do a 50 degree turn with a ship this big and expect progress but do a 5 degree turn maybe not today but you will make progress tomorrow.

    Our problem is we live in a microwave society and expect instant results

  3. Just look at President Obama’s track record. He never, ever, fights for something that can potentially harm the American worker.

    I trust this president more than I do any Democrat in Congress – including Elizabeth Warren and Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

    President Obama has an incredibly successful track record compared to them or any other CongressCritter.

    My money is on President Obama to do right by the American people. If he says the TPA will be good for American jobs and the American people, I believe him.

  4. I don’t know how many times it has to be said what Wall street did to bring down the market was not against the law. Now maybe you could get them for money laundering but that’s not what cause the melt down or the bailouts

  5. Let’s get used to the fact that however slimy, greasy, rancid, disgusting or evil that the activities of Wall Street in and around the Great 2008 Stumble were, there was no law in place to prohibit many of said activities – so perp walks were few and far between.

    That might not help those of us with pitchfork fantasies, though.

  6. Dj, I love the “ship” reference. (I’m a frequent cruiser.)

    Living in Indiana, I’m surrounded by many hard-headed Republicans, unfortunately. In the last six years, I’ve tried many times (while talking politics with them) to use the ‘ship’ reference in explaining the commendable job President Obama has done since the collapse of our country and economy in 2008. Trying to explain how incredibly difficult it is for the Captain of a huge ship (the United States) to literally stop the ship dead in the water, then completely turn it around in mid-trip. It takes a while.

    Meanwhile, their eyes glaze over (like most Republicans) and they don’t want to understand it. To them, ANYTHING negative has turned into “Obama’s fault.”

    I can’t help it that I live among so many morons!

  7. Pretty much yeah.

    When it comes to Republicans it appears that they’ll:

    A)bend over backwards for anything a corporation demands.
    B)get their knees dirty for a corporation.
    C) bend us over.

  8. If it turns out that I’m wrong- then I’ll heartily apologise.

    But if it turns out I’m right- then I fully expect folks to not whinge when I rub their noses in it.

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