More Than 213,000 Americans Sign Petition Telling NBC To Cancel Donald Trump

The public backlash against Donald Trump’s racism is growing into a tsunami of outrage as more than 213,000 Americans have signed a petition telling NBC to stop working with Donald Trump.

The petition asks NBC why they are treating Latinos like second class citizens:

Which is why I am wondering as to why the Latinos are being treated as second-class citizens. Food Network cancelled Paula Dean’s shows for insulting the African-American community, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was suspended for his anti-gay remarks, and so on and so forth. Yet, as one of the most watched TV networks in the country and owner of Telemundo, the second most largest Hispanic TV network, you side for business and not for ethics, principles and values.

A few days ago, one of your TV reality show stars by the name of Donald Trump, decided to announce his candidacy for the largest public position in the United States, the presidency. He called Latinos, not only Mexicans, rapists, drug users and criminals. Racists in this country do not differentiate between Central and South Americans or Mexicans, they just use the word “Mexican.” Not only do Mexicans cross the border, but so do Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Dominicans, etc. The word Mexican is also used to describe anybody that looks Latino or has a Latino name, Yes, even those born in this country.

Univision decided to see principles as a priority instead of business and cut ties with Trump and Miss USA. Your answer, “we do not agree with his positions on a number of issues including his recent comments on immigration.” You did not cancel Miss USA, The Apprentice or even made reference to his hateful and divisive remarks. Not only that, but the only reason why you would not have him as head of The Apprentice would be because of his political aspirations, not because of his incendiary remarks in a country where violence against minorities and racism are still around daily.

Trump has ridden his racist rocket to the upper echelon of Republican presidential primary polls. Donald Trump’s bump has lasted for two weeks according to a PPP poll of Michigan:

Donald Trump has money and the sort racist platform that many Republicans love. Trump isn’t going anywhere for a while, so it is mindboggling that NBC would refuse to dump a man who does not try to hide his racism.

NBC is creating a conflict of interest by maintaining their contracts with Trump, even if they put him on “hiatus.” NBC is disrespecting Latinos, and placing money ahead of doing what is right.

The American people are demanding that NBC dump Trump. If the Peacock Network won’t do the right thing, it is time for viewers to turn off NBC.

16 Replies to “More Than 213,000 Americans Sign Petition Telling NBC To Cancel Donald Trump”

  1. Not to mention that if NBC continues to sponsor him it technically is endorsing his run for the Presidency…

  2. It won’t happen. The Apprentice is a HIT with NBC’s audience (young and old, and has a diverse audience following it also) …. So, it will not cancel that show. The most they will and can do is force him to publicly apologize. But don’t hold your breath.

  3. Probably the worst part of this is that citizens of other countries see this piece of pond scum on their TV stations and think he speaks for all of us. It is also too bad that he is allowed to spout his poisonous hatred with impunity.

    I signed the petition even tho I know that the only thing important to NBC is money, mo’ money. Greed is the only thing guiding the media.

  4. Actually because Trump is now an announced presidential candidate NBC must at least suspend Trump’s shows or face the wrath of the FEC and justice dept.

  5. Use the only form of protest that the broadcasters actually respond to… BOYCOTT.

    NBC could always replace “The Apprentice” with reruns of “The West Wing” [wink]

  6. Johnsonville uses a “gangster/thug” to sell its EYE-talian sausage. I contacted the company and told them they’d just lost a customer, and they were stupid to boot. They didn’t give a rat’s arse. Because, after all, all EYE-talians ARE thugs and gangsters — just look at The Sopranos.

  7. Cancelled. He said the black youth are worse off now than in slavery times. Where is the outcry for his madness?

  8. Listen, WE all know what donald trump is! he’s a BIGOT!! a welfare teat sucking IDIOT bigot! but heres whats really telling, trump has been going bananas with his racist rants since Obama got voted in 2008, so he’s already established a track record! so WHY is he polling NO.2 in the GOP????!! ya know something?! for a party that’s ALWAYS claiming they aren’t RACIST, they sure don’t have ANY problem supporting the WHITE SUPREMACIST candidates, DO THEY? THE GOP= 21st century RACIST village idiots!

  9. BTW, I’m VERY happy that trump is running! because this brainless moron is going to single handedly DESTROY the GOP in 2016! this dolt will RAT OUT all those republican hustlers! he’ll blow up everybody in the GOP CLOWN BUS!! including his own DUMBA$S!! Hell, I want trump to keep ranting! I waiting for him to go all NUGENT!! call Hilary a dumb BIT@H! call Obama a NIG@ER! and Bernie a euro LIBERAL JEW!! trump doesn’t give a DAMN! he got MONEY! he doesn’t need to ”PAL around” with republicans! and you thought sarah palin went rogue!! LOL wait till donald starts talkin’

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