Keith Olbermann Refuses To Be Silenced So He Is Leaving ESPN

Keith Olbermann leaving espn

ESPN asked Keith Olbermann to stop doing commentaries, and now the opinionated host will be leaving the sports network when his contract expires at the end of July.

James Andrew Miller tweeted:

The “business decision” that ESPN is referring to is the fact that Olbermann angered the NFL by being an outspoken critic of the way the league handled the Ray Rice domestic violence story. The NFL wasn’t happy with having their hypocrisy called out on a regular basis, and since journalism died at ESPN as soon as Disney took over, the network was soon requesting that Keith Olbermann stop doing commentaries.

Think about that for a second. A group of people got together and decided that it would be a great idea to tell a broadcaster who is famous for his commentaries to stop voicing his opinion so loudly on his own program.

ESPN has the most expensive deal with the NFL of any network, and this is not the first time that the network has placed corporate profits ahead of integrity. In 2013, the NFL pressured ESPN into backing out of a joint documentary with PBS’s Frontline on concussions in the NFL.

Traditional corporate owned media is not the right fit for Olbermann. Keith Olbermann deserves a platform where he is free to speak his mind.

Olbermann is one of the great broadcasting talents in America today, and by trying to silence him, ESPN has lost one of its final shreds of credibility.

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  1. Well Hypocrites simply detest being called out on their B.S.- witness Richard Dawkins.

    Look at Politicususa. We get flak here constantly.

    Good Luck Mr. Olbermann.

    NFL/GOP/NRA…not much difference.

  2. Love to see CNN pick him up. Can you imagine the uptick they would get in viewers. Hannity and O’Reilly’s heads would explode.

  3. So much for the “liberal bias” media. If the truth tellers are an inconvenience, kick them to the curb. Lies and liars are much more controllable.

    Olbermann has proved one thing though. The truth will set you free…

  4. I don’t know. Why is it that Keith Olbermann never seems to stay at any job for very long. How long did he stay at MSNBC? How long did he stay at then Current TV? I like Keith, but anybody who switches jobs as often as he does? Something isn’t right.

  5. His way of doing things, like telling the truth and making a stand on an issue, can burn some bridges.

    Look at here… the NFL was scared that Olbermann was calling them out for the absolute piss poor treatment of the Ray Rice issue and since ESPN, being football crazy (as in so crazy any mention of football leads into an automatic hard on for the staff), they wanted to stifle him.

    Because of those bridges being burnt, there isn’t many options for him. Maybe he can go on satellite radio… there’s no fear of being censored there.

  6. Frankly, Olbermann is a straight-up jerk. He’s self-righteous and condescending to people under him. He hasn’t left many of his jobs on good terms.

    That said, I agree with many of his stands and still miss Worst Person in the World. He put himself in more than once when he screwed up. He’s a jerk, but he’s a liberal jerk with integrity!

  7. The image of those two heads self-destructing has captured my attention for the night. Thank you.

  8. Plus he would be able to speak to a more diverse crowd than MSNBC. Love to see him back maybe Free-Speech TV could have him on too.

  9. He was forced from MSNBC because he violated their policy of donating to a political organization. If not for that, he would probably still be there. I believe he was the force behind getting Rachel Maddow on, which is a very good thing.

  10. If one has the respect of George Carlin, as Olberman does, he automatically has mine.
    I must say I don’t believe EVERYTHING he says, but there’s more than a grain of truth to much of what he says. So, his track record is damn good.
    He’s been a stalwart of uncompromising integrity when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to the shenanigans and sundry other bullshit that comes out of sports.
    Given that corporate media is the rule instead of exception, I shudder to think where he will wind up and very possibly be going through a variation theme with his relations to the ‘bosses’.
    If he were to go out on his own it would get rid of all the hassles he’s encountered over the years. But that seems unlikely since corporations unfortunately rule the economic roost.

  11. Keith please go to FREE SPEECH TV what a great fit we get to hear you and FREE SPEECH TV viewership goes sky high.

  12. “When Disney took over ESPN, there went journalism?” How many DECADES has Disney owned them? The original ESPN would broadcast a Cow Chip Throwing Contest, just to fill an hour! Let’s face it, this guy is TeeVee’s ultimate Prima Donna. Bar None! He’s poison. The kind of TeeVee star that says, ‘I only want white M&M’s in the bowl in the Green Room’. The staffer says they don’t make white ones…then Keith says, ‘Go get some bleach!’

  13. Yes Kimberly, something isn’t right. The fact that this country is driven by corporations and money is what isn’t right. Keith Olbermann is a brilliant man who sees the truth and tries to tell it. I for one would like to see him on Free Speech TV along with Thom Hartman who is also a truth teller. Good luck Keith, I will be watching and listening to where you are going.

  14. Keith needs to get on Free Speech (name says it all) TV. If he went back to MSNBC, they’d try to shut him up, too. There are no sponsers on Free Speech so there are no corporations pushing you around. I think this would be the perfect fit for Keith. I’d love him to get into the 2016 race. Keith and Stephanie Miller (who’s on Free Speech along with Thom Hartmann, etc.) have always been my favorites.

  15. I watched Keith Olbermann faithfully when he was on MSNBC.

    Rachel Maddow and Melissa Harris-Perry, Keith’s guests which they subsequently hired.

    Since MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann for “breaking their holy rule”, and Martin Bashir for speaking truth to power about Sarah Palin, I rarely watch MSNBC. They no longer are a reliable and source of information they once were.

    Oops, shouldn’t include S.P. in the same sentence/comment with truth-tellers Olbermann and Bashir.

    We need truth, not “performance”!

  16. Forget the towel snapping in the locker room and get
    back to political commentary, Keith. You and Dan Rather
    should be hammering the teatards for their treachery
    on a forum that has the stones to give you a voice. Nuff
    respect, mon.

  17. With the corporate right-wing facist takeover of the media, there is no truth allowed. Hopefully, Keith will find a platform for his voice and will not be silenced forever.

  18. I’ve missed KO ever since he was booted from MSNBC. Would love to see him on FSTV, but anywhere he could unflinchingly speak truth to power would be good.

    Isn’t it so telling; that the screechers and chauvinists that bloviate about ‘freedom’ and claim protected status to proliferate hate, bigotry, and discrimination under the cover of ‘free speech’ work to censor and silence strong progressive voices like Keith O.

  19. I have to be honest, I didn’t like Keith olbermann all that much when he was on MSNBC because I don’t agree with his politics and he ripped George W too much, but he has put together a great show on ESPN; His rant on Derek Jeter is terrific, as he talks about how Jeter is not the best baseball player of all time and he did not part the Red Sea or end the Cold War(you get the drift)
    If you haven’t seen that episode, do yourself a favor and go to you tube and check it out

  20. Oh, if we could only see gasbag Joe Scarborough replaced by Keith Olberman!

    I miss Keith’s truth-telling — about politicians, about issues and about bloviating gasbags like Scarborough, O’Reilly and Hannity.

    Add Megyn Kelly in there for good measure.

  21. They had every right not to renew his contract. He works for ESPN. He cannot do as he pleases. What the heck is the big deal. There are many people that can do as good or better than mr olberman. He screws up everywhere he goes. Remember when he was fired at MSNBC. You have to obey the rules.

  22. Unless the ppl who owned MSNBC moved on, I can’t see Keith being on that network. But FSTV would be great, except they don’t pay too well.

    I wish there was another Current T.V. but having more professional ppl working in the background.

    I hope Keith finds something that will be a perfect fit for him, that all of us could watch.

  23. If that’s the reason he was let go, why is Joe Scarborough still there? He made political contributions, too!

  24. I stopped watching ESPN a while ago who wants to hear or see a bunch of ex-jocks and jock wannabes taking crap and over each other and berating anyone else,and since Disney bought them I knew it would be controlled by corporate America

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