Koch Brothers Are Ramping Up To Eliminate National Parks And Seize Federal Lands


Most Americans, whether they complain about the government or not, have at least a passing interest in it remaining in existence for a variety of benefits they seldom bemoan receiving. What that means is that most Americans are in conflict with Republicans and their masters the Koch brothers who have made no secret they want the government eradicated with extreme prejudice from the top down. Republicans have duly served the Kochs’ interests by taking every opportunity to destroy every aspect of the government, except the military-welfare complex, by starving it of funding just to bolster their “government does not work” agenda.

A favorite target of Koch-Republicans is the National Park system that Republicans have so drastically underfunded that a Koch and ExxonMobil-funded organization is calling for an end to national parks and privatization of all federally-owned land. The argument being put forward by the executive director of Koch fossil fuel organization, Reed Watson, is that since the National Park system is hurting for funding, the only option is to first stop creating national parks and then cheaply sell off those already in existence. Why? Because according to the Koch brothers’ organization calling to sell off all public land and national parks, “True conservation is taking care of the land and water you already have; we can protect it properly.”

The group pushing to sell off (privatize) the national park system to the fossil fuel industry, and indeed, sell off all public land to the highest corporate bidder, is the Koch and ExxonMobil-funded Property and Environment Research Center (PERC). PERC, Exxon-Mobil, the Koch brothers, and Republicans across the nation contend that no state, federal, or local government has any right  to own any land within America’s borders; it is precisely the same argument trumpeted by seditious anti-American rancher Cliven Bundy. Although Bundy’s contention is that he, Cliven Bundy, retains “sole stewardship rights over government-owned land,” he clearly fails to comprehend that the Kochs have a different vision of what their stewardship as private corporate owners will entail. Unless Cliven Bundy owns monumental drilling, mining, or lumber operations, he should make no mistake that when the Kochs own all government land, he will have no stewardship rights, grazing rights or input into how the land is managed whatsoever.

The Kochs and ExxonMobil have already committed PERC to publicly call for an end to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) because it is one of America’s most successful parks programs. LWCF is not in financial jeopardy yet because Republicans have failed to end its budget-neutral status.  LWCF is budget-neutral as a result of using funds from offshore oil and gas development fees to fund projects across the country at the federal, state and local levels. The LWCF program supports some of nation’s “most iconic” national parks such as Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. It has also created tens-of-thousands of outdoor projects the general public uses regularly such as local parks and baseball diamonds in all 50 states. The Kochs want those local parks, like national parks, wilderness areas, and all federal land transferred to corporate ownership because “It just kills the fossil fuel industry and its allies that there’s any scrap of land that they can’t get their hands, or drilling rigs, on.” However, it is not for a lack of Republican efforts.

For example, last year as part of the ongoing Koch-funded and driven initiative to seize control of public lands from the federal government, Colorado Republicans, like Utah Republicans, introduced legislation calling for jurisdiction over federally-owned national forests, wilderness areas, national parks, and all Bureau of Land Management land. Now with PERC’s blatantly public involvement and push to privatize National Parks and federal lands, it appears the concerted effort is fully underway to seize government property to satisfy the greed of the Kochs and Exxon-Mobil by exploiting all federal land, including federally-protected wilderness areas and national parks, for fossil fuel profits. Three years ago Utah Mormons passed a law demanding that the federal government cede its ownership, and immediately turn over the titles of all federal lands in Utah including all wilderness areas and national parks the state planned to sell to the Koch brothers to “manage” as “owners” exempt from federal environmental regulations and oversight.

The concept of selling off federal land to the fossil fuel, mining, and lumber industry began in earnest in 1999 when the Kochs’ PERC complained publicly that “fully a third of the land area of the United States is owned by the federal government. Although many Americans support the preservation of those lands, the failure of socialism in the realm of resource economics is as evident as other areas of the economy.” Resource economic failure in Koch parlance means they cannot yet drill, mine, or log wherever they want and without being held to environmental regulations. So PERC offered some Koch reform criteria to convince the American people and disabuse the United States government of the idea it has any right to own any land in America. PERC asserts that, “land should be allocated to the highest-valued use, transaction costs should be kept to a minimum because auctioning off all public lands will enhance environmental quality and economic efficiency through private rather than public ownership.”

Americans should seriously start worrying, and pushing back against, these vile attempts by the Koch brothers and Republicans to sell off what is effectively the American people’s public land; particularly the 282 million Americans who visited the National Parks in 2011 alone. That figure does not include visits to state and regional parks, wilderness areas, or the many, many national monuments around the country or in and around the nation’s capital that are owned and operated by the people’s  government; the government the Kochs and Republicans want eliminated.

It is true that on their own, the Koch brothers are incapable of taking over all federal, state, and local government land and properties, but with Republicans doing their bidding in Congress and state legislatures, and Koch-funded groups like PERC, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and many others openly calling for the end of government land ownership, the concept of public land, national parks, or wilderness areas free of drilling, mining, and logging operations is in jeopardy. It is not enough for the Kochs to take Americans’ government, workplace protections, pensions, healthcare, safe roads, schools, and bridges to privatization and eventual ruin, they are jockeying even now to take over Americans’ public land with little to no outrage or push-back from the people.

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  1. It’s time to stop pussy footin’ around with the Koch’s!!! I would gladly lose my freedom and my life to stop them in their tracks with whatever means at my disposable! Please do not delete this post, it would be ignoring the truth of what NEEDS TO BE! The ONLY way to stop the Koch’s IS TO STOP THE PERMANENTLY!!!

  2. I think that the tide is turning and America is experiencing a reemergence of common-sense, Progressive sanity.

    The Liberal tide will turn through the ballot box and the Free Market (see trump boycotts), which cannot be sustained by bigotry, misogyny, and anti-modernism.

  3. There is absolutely no doubt that …

    The Koch Brothers & their minions on puppet-strings are EVIL INCARNATE!

  4. Satisfy their greed?

    Impossible. Greed, like Meth or Heroin, can never be satisfied.

    Why should us peons be allowed access to such lands?

    The Grand Canyon- many times they’ve tried to build a dam in it. After all the ones above and below it are doing so nicely- don’t ya know?

    And there is an abandoned uranium mine there.

  5. That land is not Congress’ to sell. It belongs to our kids. Congress is just the property management.

  6. Ironic that the Lords of the GOP have set their sights on
    raping the same land that Teddy Roosevelt, one of the
    few great republican presidents anyone can remember,
    fought to preserve for All of us. Time for a koch-block!

  7. All CONS are the same. No rules apply to them and when they break the law suffer no consequences

    Tom Selleck is accused of stealing ‘truckloads’ of public hydrant water—city hired PI to bust him

    The Californian Calleguas Municipal Water District had to spend $22,000 to hire a private detective in order to bust another private eye—Tom Selleck. You might know Tom Selleck as the NRA’s low-rent version of Charlton Heston. Maybe you just know him as a selfish rich guy that probably steals water during a drought.

    There’s a drought going on in California and residents have been asked to cut back 25% on water usage.

  8. One more deliberate and organized effort to take over the U.S. These people are traitors we must stop all sedition from with in the borders. As citizens we are responsible to do just that, stop these people! I do not know how we can go up against so much power and money, somehow we must find a way. These guys need to be stopped!

  9. Yes and it was an absolute insult when he played the part of Dwight D. Eisenhower in a movie. Gen. Eisenhower was the LAST good Republican POTUS EVER!

  10. A Federal Court Just Threatened Citizens United
    Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled 11-0 that a ban on federal campaign contributions by individuals who contract with the government is constitutional. After a wave of controversial decisions by Supreme Court that have unleashed a flood of big money into politics, this appeals court decision sends a clear message: Sometimes, more money in politics can be a very bad thing.

  11. The Kochs, as well as the Waltons, Trump, and a few other choice members of society, act as if “might makes right”, the unofficial motto of Louis XVI. Maybe some Louis XVI treatment might be the solution. Maybe a guillotine in Times Square in broad daylight will catch their attention…..? [WINK]

  12. Perhaps it is time for the United States Air Force to commemorate the great Ploesti oil field bombings, the ones that literally stopped the Koch brothers’ Nazi Wehrmacht brothers in their tracks, by using its stealth technology and cruise missiles to put the Kochs permanently out of business for even daring to propose such a thing.

    Kochs: You are either with US or against US.

  13. As an afterthought, the Koch brothers are “donating” almost a billion dollars to distort our election process. But what’s especially funny about those ideological anti-thought zombies is that all of the money those plutocrats throw is going directly to “the dreaded liberal media”, those stupid bimbos.

  14. You’re right. They want to destroy national land/parks because they can’t exploit the resources and wildlife on it. “Evil” is too nice a word for Kochs and their wannabe’s.

  15. Gordon
    The RW for the past 30 years has been buying up the “Liberal” media and turning it into a RW propaganda machine.

    The RW worked hard to have the “Fairness Doctrine” thrown out and since then as they have bought radio & TV stations to make sure the news spins right instead of reporting unvarnished facts. Truth & facts are not in the interests of the RW.

  16. NO! it is NOT crazy talk Andy. I have NEVER burned a flag! I have never joined an org. that espouses ANY seditious or racially exclusionary actions or speech! I have never had photos of myself with a handgun where my penis is either! I think you owe me and everyone who is sick and tired of this bullshit from the Koch’s and will not stand for it anymore! Quit being a milksop and stand up for AMERICANS and against the Koch’s Reich Wing!

  17. One of many quotes from Teddy Roosevelt:

    “It is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature, whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird. Here in the United States we turn our rivers and streams into sewers and dumping-grounds, we pollute the air, we destroy forests, and exterminate fishes, birds and mammals — not to speak of vulgarizing charming landscapes with hideous advertisements. But at last it looks as if our people were awakening.” Theodore Roosevelt

    We’ve heard a lot about “heritage”, but our real heritage is our national parks.

  18. Now Tom Selleck stars on “Blue Bloods”, where it seems one main objective is to say “Reagan” fifty times per hour, it’s not really bad TV otherwise.

  19. President FDR warned us about individuals like the koch brothers, the sheldon adlesons over 70 years ago! they’re called the economic royalist! they HATE america! they HATE democracy! and if this country wasn’t so GOD DAMNED ignorant! we’d hang, draw and quarter those BASTARDS! for the traitors they are! and 20 to 25% of americans either support these traitors or are just too ignorant to know who they are! I got news for you, the WORLD, especially CHINA knows were the usa is going! OLIGARCHY!! pure and simple! CITIZEN UNITED was the key! I look at this country and I’m amazed how utterly corrupt and absolutely IGNORANT it is becoming! The oligarch’s have been trying to capture government since the 1790’s! and with the SCOTUS gift wrapping CITIZEN UNITED in 2010, we’re being INVADED! the enemy wasn’t ISLAMIC born, it wasn’t COMMIES from russia, it wasn’t even those tree hugging LIBERALS! it was REAGAN, BUSH JR, DICK CHENEY and the GOP! historians will write about this and CRY!

  20. Last rant, I can only imagine how the native american Indians must feel! they were BUTCHERED!! RAPED!! victims of DEVILS who were blood thrusty genocidal maniacs! who to this very second are TRASHING america, like a GOD DAMN crack house! I know that when I post strong TRUTH’S about america, most of you go running for the hills but IF you’re gonna call yourself a LIBERAL, then be a LIBERAL! the truth is the TRUTH! just ask a few of our american Indians who live on reservations!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT!! it makes ANY BLACK GHETTO look like beverley hills!! CHECK alcoholism rates among american Indians! Any questions?

  21. I get it, they wanna control 7 billion mere humans, but they can’t so they want to control the actual planet they are standing on.
    Makes sense if one is a psychopathic freak.
    There are 2 kinds of Dutch people, & I am the RIGHT kind.

  22. Vote for Bernie Sanders, let’s really reclaim the Great American Star Spangled Cash Register.
    We the people, after all…who apparently are all corporations now…

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