Republicans Are An International Joke As Obama Mocks Birthers At Kenyan State Dinner

obama birthers kenya state dinner

Republicans have become such a joke that President Obama got laughs by mentioning his birth certificate at a state dinner in Kenya.


The President said:

Part of what makes this a special evening for me is the presence of my family members who are here. My grandmother, Mama Sarah, who told me I had to come back to Kenya. And when she says you should do something, generally you have to do it. I’ve told this story before — the first time that I visited Kogelo, Auma and I and my brothers were there. Mama Sarah speaks Swahili and Luo, and I speak neither –and so Auma was serving as a translator. And I think about a half a day had passed before suddenly she turns to Auma and says something. And Auma starts laughing, and I say, what did she say? She says, he goes to Harvard; if he’s so smart, how come he can’t talk to his grandmother? Which was a good point.

My siblings are here, aunts, uncles. And so, tonight, I welcome all of them to a somewhat unusual Obama family reunion. I suspect that some of my critics back home are suggesting that I’m back here to look for my birth certificate. That is not the case.

Congratulations, Republicans. You’ve made it. President Obama is now capable of drawing laughs around the globe that are based on your racism and stupidity. As Donald Trump recently demonstrated by still not believing that the President’s birth certificate is real, birtherism is alive and well within the Republican Party.

Republicans want to run the country again, but the fact is that they are being guided by an extremist fringe that is a joke. The GOP’s inability to get rid of Trump and his racism is proof of who is in control of the party.

The Republicans are not being taken seriously around the world. Obama has turned the dumb right-wing doubts about his birth certificate into a punchline, and the entire globe is laughing at the racist Republican fools.

18 Replies to “Republicans Are An International Joke As Obama Mocks Birthers At Kenyan State Dinner”

  1. I live in South America and yes, the entire Republican party is regarded as a laughing stock. I continually have to explain our gun culture as well as the daily police attacks on our citizens. People here don’t understand how an overt racist, asshole like Trump is the leading Republican candidate for president.

    I patiently explain that it is all about the numbers. Minority population now equals the white population and as we all know, and we know because Faux News keeps telling us, that is not what their blonde, blue eyed god had planned for ‘Murica.’

  2. I’m glad my President has a great sense of humor and refuse to let those AH get under his skin. In the end, I believe he will have the last laugh at those fools and leave them scratching their backsides

  3. My bother from another mother! President Barack Hussein Obama! The man is one of the coolest suavest, down to earth Commander and Chief to ever sit in the Big House! In addition, he has a great sense of humor and takes everything is stride! He will be missed by me and I am sure many! Some of you Repubs, if you loosen up your neckties, you would truly appreciate him! May God continue to Bless Him and His family as they prepare to leave the White House! All the negative criticism during his 2 terms couldn’t and didn’t allow him to act in a classless way (Mr. Rubio)! Finally, I think he should consider comedy when he leaves the Big House and returns to somewhat Civilian life ! May the Grace of God continue to watch over you and your family Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama and keep you all safe! Thanks for the memories and the history!

  4. The world knows the GOP are an embarrassment. Everybody knows this but Republicans, who live in fantasyland

  5. …odd ya mention that…
    …one of my favorite put-downs on a Teatard is “Dream on Alice; you’re back in Wonderland!!!”

  6. Oh hell yes, it’s time for a dose of ”REALITY CHECK” Sunday afternoon edition, enough already! WE ALL knew exactly where this birther BULL$HIT scam was launched from, our national disgrace squad, THE GOP! the GOP only exist because of 3 main reasons, MONEY (corporate america) RACISM (your typical LILY WHITE john birch bobblehead) and pure raw IGNORANCE (the scared whing LILY WHITE) isn’t it interesting how completely insulted your typical republican will get if ANYONE dares call the GOP racist? so tell me, when has ANY president faced the endless barrage of hatred to him? WHEN? the GOP’s DEVIL offshoot, the LILY WHITE tea baggers hated Obama before they knew anything about him or his policies! ALL they knew was he was black and they was all ARCHIE BUNKER! when has ANY president had even discuss his birth certificate?? I’ll tell you, NEVER!! ted cruz was born in CANADA! where is the outrage? of course it’s racism! but republicans just can’t be HONEST! not even to THEMSELVES!

  7. Hey members of the World! See what happens when you don’t treat your crazies yourself? And instead export them someplace else?

    Think about that the next time you want to exile some crazed out wackjob!

    Today’s dissident- tomorrow’s Nutjob with power.

  8. As an American living in Germany I can confirm the German and Austrian derision of American Conservatives and more specifically- dare I say it- .. conservative Christians.

  9. How about: Off-white.

    Since us white dudes who voted for Obama are so off-putting to our more ‘pure’ white bretherns and cisterns.

  10. …my reasoning is thus:
    Multicultural, as we welcome EVERYBODY!!!
    Caucasian as a tip o’ the ol’ chapeau to George Carlin…{{{Give me a pair of Caucasians in a 9-D }}}

  11. Technically- we do not, nor should we accept everybody.

    Because even Gandhi, would not embrace the ravening wolves that populate so much of the Tea Party.

    It does no one any good to try and give hug therapy to a rabid animal.

  12. …everybody with a brain, a heart and a conscience…leaves all Reich-Wingers out in the cold…while I’m brewin’ 2 kinds of chili…{Hearty and Nuclear…lol} and you’re servin’ beer…lol

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