Liberal America Rising: Approval Of Labor Unions Jumps 5 Points To Six Year High


More evidence that America is becoming more liberal can be found in a new poll that revealed growing public support for labor unions.

A new Gallup poll found that the nation’s approval of labor unions has jumped five points over the past year to a six-year high.

According to Gallup:

Americans’ approval of labor unions has jumped five percentage points to 58% over the past year, and is now at its highest point since 2008, when 59% approved. In the interim, the image of organized labor had suffered, sinking to an all-time low of 48% in 2009.


Consistent with the recent increase in approval of unions, the percentage of Americans saying they would like labor unions to have more influence in the country has also been rising, and now stands at 37%, up from 25% in 2009. Meanwhile, the percentage wanting unions to have less influence has declined from 42% to 35%, although it remains higher than it was from 1999 through 2008. Instead, fewer today say they want unions’ influence to stay the same.

The fact that the most liberal presidential candidate is attracting the biggest crowds is a symptom of a larger ideological shift that is growing in the United States. The Republican caused Great Recession has made the nation more open to liberal ideas.

The bedrock of conservative economic ideology is a belief in the placing the individual ahead of the community. This belief is the driving force behind policies that have caused income inequality to skyrocket. The Great Recession has served as a reminder of the value of collective representation. As the rich are getting richer, the idea that workers can come together to increase their bargaining power is becoming more attractive.

President Obama’s presidency revived when he began discussing income inequality and getting the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in moral terms. Bernie Sanders is building a political army of ordinary Americans who are on a mission to make government work for regular folks instead of millionaires and billionaires.

The rising support for unions reflects a larger change in the country. The Republican economic arguments for trickle-down economics are increasingly falling on deaf ears. The United States of 2015 is not the same country as it was during the Reagan 80s and the Clinton economic boom of the 90s.

The number of people who want labor unions to have more influence outnumbers those who don’t. Americans are reacting to the Great Recession with a wave of liberalism that is set to wash Republicans out to sea.

24 Replies to “Liberal America Rising: Approval Of Labor Unions Jumps 5 Points To Six Year High”

  1. If that’s true, why are Blue States electing Republican governors, and why does the GOP control both the House and Senate? The polling says one think, but the voting says another

  2. The nation needs to recognize that the “Right to work” is a sham for workers and we all need to thank the Unions:

    For the Restricted Child labor work day.

    For the 8 hour/day work (instead the sun up-sun down schedule)

    For the 40hr/week
    For the paid Vacation time
    For the paid sick time

    For the protection from unfair dismissal from your job.
    The union is the best way to get fair shake for the workers. Their presence in the work force creates awareness that it is not just another “Company Town” where the corporation rules.
    The unions & their struggle is also every worker struggle!

  3. …oh you can’t tell ME that organized Labor made it nice for men, women, and Children…
    {BIG-TIME SNARK: I aced my essay on the history of unions; in no small part with help o’ me Dads union!!! BWAAAHAAHAAA!!!}

  4. I have good and bad opinions of unions, but they are a necessary part of a working society. Without unions, corporations abuse their labor force and their influence (ALEC) on politicians insures they get away with it. Without unions, lower management pay suffers as well.

  5. Shadowolf:

    Maybe because of your Dad’s union you were able to go to school instead of starting working in the mine as soon as you were able to go, and stay there from sun up-to-sun-down, then if the mine collapsed on you…too bad!
    You lose your job in the min, because you are incapacitated & now you have to move out of the shack the company was renting to you.
    And do not plan to collect “on-the-job-injury-benefits” because the company does not pay any.

    Yes, some of the union bosses were as corrupt as the corporation owners, and they “were SOB’s, but they were our SOBs, fighting for YOUR Rights.

    Who is fighting for your right now?
    Who is fighting to erode your rights?

    Why does the police and fire fighters ALL belong to the union?

  6. …as I said; the above comment was SNARK…i.e. not factual…the factual part was that I aced the essay on the history o’ Unions…and me Dad was a TEAMSTER…even after he and Mom got divorced, the Teamsters took care of us kids medical bills…even eyeglasses…
    …so, you don’t think I KNOW how important Unions are??? Please think again.

  7. One of the biggest problem is voter apathy. People are fed up with political corruption and nothing being done about it.

  8. You may be incorrectly interpreting what you see.

    Americans are tired of big government and socialism and entitlement programs. Joining or forming a union is a conservative way to re-take away the power from big government and return it to individuals.

    Union members are becoming more conservative, unwilling to support the socialist agenda their “leaders” support.

    All politics is local.

    Bob Kastigar, IBEW Local 1220 Chicago

  9. I was brought up in a union household. My dad devoted his life to organized labor. In the thirties when he was no more than 29 years old he organized, marched and was nearly killed by those who opposed labor unions. He became the Business Agent for Local 429, Construction Workers union in Lowell, Ma. and remained in that position for 45 years. I watched him negotiate new contracta for his members, negotiate more safety regulations, negotiate more benefits, and they too were able to obtain free eyeglasses. The members were able to move up to the middle class status, send their children to college and retire with a good pension. My dad served on many boards and commissions throughout Ma. and became a state wide union leader. He taught me that you never forget where you came from and who helped you along the way…too many workers even in today’s unions take for granted what they reap today came from people like my dad who fought for their salaries and benefits they now receive.

  10. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Wow, you sound unintelligent. Unions, a conservative way against government? Unions are collectives of laborers that use their collective strength to negotiate for their interests. Union members may have some conservative values and there is definitely a history of racial tension and bigotry in the some Unions (which may lead you to think they are conservative). However, to say that Unions are in any way a conservative tool against “big government” is just too dumb for words.
    Unions, with the exception of law enforcement Unions have traditionally aligned themselves with the Democratic Party, the party that believes government should work with and for people. This is why Republicans have done everything in their power to destroy Unions. As the power of Unions has diminished, so has Democratic power, and so has the power of the working person.

  11. ‘Tis better to have unions and problems that may bring then have NO unions at all. Without unions, you can bet your sweet a–, the company will do everything to screw over the worker. “You have a child sick at home, you can go, but you’re job might not be here when you return.” “You need to take a few days to recover from minor surgery. Well, you can, but you’re job might NOT be here when you return.” “Not only that, we might lower your pay, permanently, because you missed work.” “You need some overtime? Well, IT is available, but you can’t have it. Remember those days you took off, for recovery? Well, there’s your overtime.” Don’t think for one minute that management won’t take every chance they can get to screw you over. It’s not all companies, mind you. It’s just far, far too d–n many though. “Oh that promotion you were looking at? Well, we let someone else have it.” (Never mind that person is still brand new and you’ve been there say 12 years.)

  12. My husband is in a union. After trade school, he started at $10.00 an hour for a non-union job with no benefits. Then started working a union job a few months later, after 4 years $28.00 plus awesome benefits as well as lifetime schooling. Don’t worry anti union people his boss is a millionaire. Ignorant politicians would rather the rich be richer and the hardworking man get paid $10.00 an hour.

  13. Dear Confused Robert, Please Inform Yourself:
    ‘How Unions Help All Workers’

    Unions have a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of both unionized and non-unionized workers. This report presents current data on Unions’ effect on wages, fringe benefits, total compensation, pay inequality, and workplace protections.

    Some of the conclusions are:

    Many times…
    We don’t know what we had till it’s gone!

  14. The far-right and TP’ers have successfully redirected people’s frustration and jealousy against those of us who are still union–instead of corporations and the 1% who dumbed-down jobs, lowered wages, then shifted the jobs overseas, all the while collecting subsidies and tax breaks from the U.S. government.

  15. This, and only this, is the reason.

    Exit polling in “Red” States consistently show a different result than votes that have been counted, especially during low voter-turnout – and usually in favor of Republicans.

    Apparently, exit polling is only “inaccurate” and “unreliable” in the United States, and the M$M have successfully propagated that false meme time and again.

    Strange that on the other hand, in this country, it’s accepted wisdom that exit polling is the most reliable way to determine the outcome of elections in third-world countries, and to determine whether or not the elected official is duly elected. But not here.

  16. Wow, Robert. You really had to twist yourself into a pretzel to “Con”xplain that one.

    I’ll make it simple for you…if what you spew is true, then why are all the CONservative leaders doing everything they can to get rid of Unions in their States? Why this longing for all States to become “right to work” States by CONservative governors and legislatures?

    Can’t answer that one, can you.

  17. WATCH OUT FOR Walker, Santorum, Cruz and all the other Kock-suckers.
    Join a Union and Vote Dem. Get Registered and help others to do the same.
    Compare Wisconsin with Minnesota as a study in what to expect from the republicans.

  18. Here is some great news for progressive Democrats

    Campaign poll: Edwards leading Van Hollen by 5 points among Democrats

    Maryland Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards released a poll this week that shows her ahead of her primary rival Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) by five points among state Democratic voters in the race for the Senate in 2016, according to her campaign.

    Democratic pollster Global Strategy Group surveyed 600 likely Democratic voters by phone in the first week of August and found that 42 percent of respondents said they would support Edwards while 37 percent chose to back Van Hollen.

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