CNN and MSNBC Dump Coverage Of Trump’s Rambling Racist Alabama Rally

trump mobile rally

After covering roughly 20 minutes of Donald Trump’s racist, self-serving rambling rant from Mobile, AL, CNN and MSNBC cut away from Trump’s speech.

The rally itself was typical Trump. He began with the story of a 66-year-old veteran being raped and killed by an illegal immigrant. Trump claimed that this one incident confirmed that he was correct about illegal immigrants being rapists.
Trump’s “speech” touched all the racial buttons that appeal to a segment of the Republican Party, and quickly descended into the sort of egomaniacal insane rambling that has become the hallmark of the Trump campaign.

After Trump ran through his lines about suing Macy’s and Univision, two of the three cable networks had seen enough and cut away.

CNN cut away to a discussion of whether or not the term anchor baby is a slur. MSNBC flipped it back to Chris Hayes, who mocked Trump’s bragging.

It seems that at least some in the media are growing tired of the Trump circus. The truth about Donald Trump is that his speeches are rambling and boring. A Donald Trump speech is a lot like listening to your Fox News-watching relative spout off for hours because they think they are informed.

If the media leaves Trump, his campaign will run out of steam. The Trump circus is starting to wear thin, and the networks are catching on that Donald Trump is a one trick pony.

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  1. We have opened the Pandora’s box of hatred and it bewilders me. Our GOP wants to force women to bear children in to USA. Build a wall to keep folks out (or in?) and watch refugees with their precious children rhetorically spit on. In what universe is this ok? Now this true anti-Christ GOP & their new God Driven Congress and Senate are truly trying to start not just one, but many wars. War is profitable and desirable, and oh so tempting! And in what universe do you see white men or women or children out harvesting the food we gobble up? The USA would STARVE without our migrant workers, who deserve so much more than they get! If Americans did have to harvest their food, they might have a better appreciation for our hard working friends from far away. And the animals, God help us, we have created the biggest torture centers the world has ever seen! Factory farming is TORTURE for animals! We are out of control, we really are.

  2. because his favorite meal is mexican food from the trendy new taqueria opened by the newest ‘illegals’…

  3. Bebe, you’re probably constipated and that is why you can’t see him!

    Democrats are scared to death of him. That’s the reason you people are trying to dump on him. Trump 2016!!!

  4. The Donald reminded this gathering that the Bible is his
    favorite book. Wonder if he knows what it says about the
    camel going through the eye of a needle?

  5. I’m not scared of his sorry ass rhetoric, Brenda. In fact, there aren’t many who are scared of him.

    All he has is just bluster and button pushing. He knows what buttons to push… every freaking idiot out there knows which buttons get them going and he is not just pushing them, he’s been pushing them to the point where they’ve been jammed stuck.

    I, along with many other here, am not afraid of a tired old blowhard who is clearly incapable of running a business without screwing up in some way shape or form, let alone run this country.

    Dump Trump 2016!

  6. shakin in our boots brenda…^yawn…^

    we’re “dumping on him because he is a moron… and so are you…

  7. MSNBC only cut away because Trump said they suck. This article is a lie because CNN still aired it. People need to watch for themselves and stop listening to the lying media. And vote for the person, not the party.

  8. Give him enough rope. Plenty of time left. This guy fits right in to the classless party. (Right Cruz?) GOP show never fails to deliver. Reality show president. Only made in America via Republicans.

  9. I live in Alabama and I don’t doubt some moron yelled that. I’m from California and believe me, there are red-neck morons in every state that would say stuff like that. I watched the whole thing by the way, and I didn’t hear anyone yell that. How about you quit quoting new stories and stop relying on the media to give you an opinion. Think for yourself. Vote for the person, not the party.

  10. The media was trying to build this rally as one of the largest. That Trump’s people moved it to a outdoor stadium. Turnout he could have kept it at the original spot (est. 20K). Hell, Sander crowd size was 28K.
    If I want to be a real cynic, this clown have yet, come close to 2008 candidate Obama crowd size ex.: 10/08-St. Louis, MO-100K; 11/08-Manassas, VA-100K; 5/08-Portland, OR-75K.

  11. It sounds like the Koch brothers are paying out a lot of money to their media puppets. They have to stifle Trump to return focus on the GOP idiots.

    DT is a gift to the Democrats and I for one want to hear more. ;-)

  12. Listened to Mr. Tripe for about 5 or 10 minutes. I found uncle “Bernie’s” rally on CSPAN, more informative. I’m just not that into reality Tasmanianism.

  13. Scared? The only thing we’re sacred of is that his campaign will tank before he gets the nomination. Trump hands the election to Hillary OR Bernie.

  14. CNN & CNBC

    The most irrelevant names in news! (We will tell you what you should think because we know better than the masses. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!)

    The media hates The Donald and the more they hate on him, the stronger he grows. He will make America strong again in spite of the obvious effort of the media to minimize him. TRUMP WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. GET OVER IT MEDIA!

  15. Brenda, Not quite, if you want to support an orange, bad rugged, idiot with no substance,you go right ahead. My winning vote will go to the most qualified candidate in history – her name is Hillary.

  16. Democrats are scared of Trump? Really?
    Is that why Fox tried to take him down during the first debate?
    Is that why some right-wing sources are accusing Trump of being a Democratic plant?
    Listen, the Democrats are only scared that he’ll drop out before he has a chance to do enough damage to the GOP to hand the House and Senate back to them.
    I seem to remember idiots like you saying we were scared of Sarah Palin. How’d that work out…?

  17. “A Donald Trump speech is a lot like listening to your Fox News-watching relative spout off for hours because they think they are informed.”

    I think it’s worse. No one likes to sit around and listen to a braggart.

    I had a long time friend some years back married to a guy much like Trump. He’d sit in my living room and monopolize the conversation with an endless tirade about how smart he was, how high his IQ was, yammer yammer yammer.

    We’ve all met someone like that.

  18. Puuleezzee tell me again why the media is covering his speeches in the first place? What other Dem/Rep. has had their full speeches televised…Again..this happened at his “press conference” when he kept reporters, and MSNBC, CNN blah, blah…waiting an hour. WHY are they doing this..allowing him all this “free air time”? Like I said no other candidate running is getting the preferential treatment. Fu@# Donald Trump, and Fu@# the media that gushes all over him.

  19. Everyone should be scared of Donald Trump, not just Democrats! Yep…the likes of a “Donald Trump Presidency” could actually happen in a “once great nation” now full of ignorant, uneducated voters who would love to see this ship sink farther down and WIN!
    Your opinion and YOUR ONE VOTE MEAN NOTHING…..ZERO! But your hate for others and pretend “VALUES” could kill us all.

  20. If only Republicans could vote for Donald Trump and he would be “YOUR PRESIDENT ONLY”…..have at it!
    Destroying the entire Country because of your stupidity…..priceless!

  21. Wow. Way to prove the fact that Trump supporters are not exactly the sharpest knives in the block.

  22. Good for them. They should all stop covering this a-clown. Trump is a sack of s–t and does NOT care about America at all. If you think he does, you are highly delusional.

  23. What will Morning Joe say Monday morning? Joe and Mika have made Trump their Jesus Christ. Will they continue to devote a whole show on praising Trump or bashing Hillary? Who knows, maybe i will watch the show from beginning to end if he dose not waste the 4 hrs bashing Hillary. Maybe Mika will take her head out of Joe’s ass.

  24. Study and read ‘IONESCO” “SARTRE” and “JEAN GENET”, Orwell (1984) … Socrates, Plato ,and even get the collection of the poet from Montgomery, his collection of write.. Hank Williams Sr. The south has had a high level of literate people, great writers and thinkers, and within the attack on the public education system since 1972, the ‘dumbing’ down of Merica, such states show the most redicious tendency to follow the first clown that gets off the clown bus.. OH, he says what he thinks. SO DID HITLER and STALIN… dare to think, ** reason ** ** logic ** before it is outlawed. One day, only “OUTLAWS” will have the ability to ‘THINK”…

  25. Scared, no. Appalled, yes.

    Also embarrassed to have the world associate this clown with the United States of America.

  26. Irrelevant. He’s a winner who has proven himself capable. Give him a challenge, he will succeed. The predominant challenge is fix our economy. I trust he both can, and will.

    Bush failed. Obama failed. Neither had leadership capabilities. We haven’t had a decent leader in a long time. It does make a difference.

  27. Trump connects with a limited, certain kind of person but he’s beginning to look lazy. He doesn’t prepare a speech; he just gets up and talks off the top of his head and what comes out is repetitive and sometimes downright nonsensical. He’s not presidential material, that’s clear, but he’s beginning to get boring because he’s unprepared and just rambling. Once a sideshow gets boring, it’s all over.

  28. I’m actually hoping Trump sticks around at least until early 2016. I want to watch him single handedly energize latinos all over the Southwest to register and actually get out and VOTE. Texas will be blue in no time, if he keeps up his xenophobic shtick.

  29. Obama didn’t fail. That’s what your idols wanted. That’s the reason they’ve blocked every bill presented to them. It’s no longer a secret what the rethuglican plan was from day one You think Mr. 47% would have done better? Pfth… He was a millionaire businessman, too, and a bloody, lying racist just like the Trumpet.

  30. So trump is what passes for inspiration on the right. How sad that any American falls for this crap. But I have to say I’m happy to see trump continue to hang onto his lead in the polls, pushing out losers like christie and walker. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  31. Who do you think Donald Trump reminds Alabama voters of?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Donald Trump is telling the truth and people don’t always like that,” said Donald Kidd, a 73-year-old retired pipe welder from Mobile. “He is like George Wallace, he told the truth. It is the same thing.”

    That’s really what we are dealing with here–the early 21st century version of George Wallace. Trump has about the same chance of entering the White House as Wallace too but both also represent the phenomena of race resentment and fear of non-whites.

  32. What scares me is the number of ignorant people who are following this idiot. He can’t do squat without support from the other entities of government, so he can get off his high horse about how HE is going to make America Great Again. AGAIN-what is he planning on leaving and taking all you brainless farts with him. That would be a huge improvement within itself. The man is a total moron. How about when this election is over, we take all you Trumpets, put you on a boat, build a wall around America and forget you’re on the other side. Now that would be fair trade.

  33. I’ll admit I watched the insanity for awhile, but only for entertainment value. I find Mr. Trump a very tiring and repetitive, narcissistic bore. It is unfortunate that racist rants by Republicans continue in this 21st century. Most of their so-called candidates are guilty of it. Mr. Kasich is the only one with any class at all, and he’s going nowhere fast. He’s too decent to represent them. Few Republicans have apparently evolved like the rest of us.
    I appreciate “The Donald” derailing his party on behalf of all sensible Democrats, but I am growing ever concerned about the Nation’s racial divide. Politician’s have an entrusted responsibility to all Americans, regardless of their race and status. Can you imagine Mr. Trump’s trigger happy finger on “the button”, or his latest ho as our First Lady? That would be unconscionable! The Republican party reflects all that is ignorant and wrong with America. Glad I’m not affiliated with the freak show.

  34. I didn’t know that CNBC covered more then business news…

    You should be looking for MSNBC. Then again, your lack of intelligence probably would of told you to avoid the channel since you think Liberals are like cooties.

  35. I can’t stand his speeches. He is all over the place, like a bouncing ball. We have not seen anything like this since the idiot, Palin.

  36. I’m so sick and tired of the “liberal” (and I’m using that term loosely) media following Trump around like a love sick puppy.

  37. I just wanted to say. If you elect a smart, successful person. We all win.

    If you elect a socialist, we all loose.

    I am choosing the smart successful one.

  38. I don’t believe his b.s. about the Bible for one minute. In fact, I doubt if he was in his own home, if he could put his hands on a Bible. He’d have to send one of his flunkies to the nearest bookstore, IMO. He’s never been known for being religious, associating with religious leaders, whether it’s Billy Graham or his irresponsible POS son, Franklin. (BFF’s w/Palin) He is pandering to the fundies and although many won’t see through it, there are enough who will and would stay home rather than vote for the likes of Donald!

    There is absolutely NOTHING that Trump will not lie about. He lies so easily, makes up numbers and claims all sorts of crap and has been fact checked to the point that over 75% of what comes out of his mouth is a LIE. Will his supporters read this and question their own thinking? Of course not, they’ll blame it on a biased media rather than accepting a truth they don’t like.

  39. I always wonder about the people who check the “No Way” box on posts like this. The author of the post used factual statements about the numbers of people at the rallies that she spoke about so what is it that you disagree with? Or do you just not like the fact that Trump was caught lying?

  40. Trump hands the election to Hillary OR Bernie.
    Look downstream.

    Neither HRC nor Sanders will be the D nominee.

  41. What is it that Trump has proven himself capable of doing? It was his poor management of the Trump casinos that led to them declaring bankruptcy. All it takes is a little research although I doubt you’ll read anything unless it agrees with your preconceived ideas of what the truth is.

    Trump talks about politicians who are beholden to their donors and how that wouldn’t be him if he were elected. Yet that is what he is telling us he did as a donor? Does that really make him any less contemptible that he thought his donation to a politician bought him favors and he capitalized on them as a businessman, the same practice he now trashes as he runs for office. Can you say HYPOCRITE?

    Trump’s b.s. about religion is just that…b.s. He has never been associated with any religious figures nor has he ever talked about it before. It’s quite obvious that the only thing that Trump worships is himself!

  42. Neither HRC nor Sanders will be the D nominee
    Pray tell wise one who will be the nominee?

  43. My my just think Charlotte Johnson has called all of you ignorant people for listening to Donald Trump. Charlotte, herself, must be listening, how ignorant is she? Why don’t you all write to the candidate of your choice and tell them what we the people of America want from our next president. At least Donald Trump is talking out loud. Maybe he has a plan of trying to get the “closet, sleepers” to start saying what we all want to hear, and that is getting America back. Instead of elected officials voting along party lines, they are elected to represent the people of the districts that voted for them. Tell your candidate what you want!

  44. Just compare this arrogant old bankrupt with President Obama. America needs someone as high in calibre as The President…..HARD TO FIND.

  45. Head hits desk. Can you send me some of the weed you are smoking because its like falling through a wormhole

  46. Not sure what you are referring to when you say “It seems that at least some in the media are growing tired of the Trump circus.”? After all, Trump is on CNN 24/7 and when he is not, they are talking about him.

    I more significant story might be that the media in general, but specifically CNN publishes everything he says and includes “polls” showing how close he is running to Hillary. They do not say that those polls are run by CNN and the newest by FOX News!

    What we are missing in America today, is a real news media that will push questions to these people and demand an answer! Reporting such as this article, is exactly why people like Trump are able to succeed!

    Keep up the good work!

  47. There is a very dark side to American populism and Trump has tapped into it. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be associated with a person like Trump, who spews hatred and empty rhetoric at every turn.

    Running a company is not the same as running a business and maybe Trump has been successful at one, but he would be an utter failure at the other. People think because he’s rich he somehow knows what he’s doing when it comes to government and international relations, but one listen to his rambling “speeches” tells us otherwise.

    Why some think he will help them, the middle and lower income people, is beyond me. He will not help you – he doesn’t care about you.

    He’s playing a game – and these people are losing and they don’t even realize it.

  48. You’re right Brenda. Like most pieces of shit, you can’t see Donald Trump when you’re constipated. Good observation.

  49. Haha starting now… #whatwouldtrumpdo #WWTD every news story… as president what ridiculous decision would trump make??? Lol

  50. Well, CNN might have cut off Trump’s blathering, but they spent the whole evening talking about him and showing over and over and over what they did cover. I cut off CNN, and would occasionally go back to see if they were still “covering”, and they were, so, enough. And what’s with Don Lemon…his whole show was all about Trump! So, since I will not watch Faux, I guess I’m done with CNN, too. Where I live, we are not at the present time getting MSNBC, which, I guess from these commenters it isn’t worth watching except for Rachel anyway.

  51. I’m not sure what he thinks he is accomplishing. Once you consolidate your base on a miopic messages, and the concentrated populist force is directed toward a specific target, the only result will be a critical mass of explosive social comeuppance. It would appear that the GOP, per Trump campaigning, is targeting Mexicans at the perpetrators of all our economic woes. Positing that the only way to improve our nation’s economy is to focus all our contempt on those people, who have to be eliminated for us to be prosperous again. And the media are happy to oblige.

  52. Hillary was always electorate meh and now she’s ducking a meteor shower when
    she was supposed to be able to just show up and give speeches with the Big Dog and pick out new drapes for the Oval Office. Bernie is proving the happy villagers aren’t really all that happy but the power brokers won’t get behind Bernie. And Biden is already being poll tested.
    Just like in 2008 , “inevitability” and “Hillary” aren’t one and the same.
    The Dem party is looking for Plan B.

  53. The media games are securing America’s next popular vote. Every network has an agenda. Stupid people line up like sheep to follow the promoted idiot Trump and his cohorts. Our Country is held hostage by total boobs. Right now they want to perpetuate the lies about Hillary, to undermine her ability. America will get what we deserve, as long as corruption exists. Lobbying, market campaign funding, and outright ignorance is destroying this Country. We are collectively allowing it to happen. The U.S. is still a fairly young Country. Don’t think it couldn’t collapse from within.

  54. White Southern racists and xenophobes are drawn to Trump much as moths to a flame … or flies to rotten meat.

  55. Really? Just stop because you are sounding like a fool. Been reading the other fool Jennifer Rubin lately?

  56. With all due respect mam. You’re projecting. You are under the same delusion as most neo cons in that you don’t realize there are people much smarter than you who think for themselves and have attitudes that reflect the times not the farm you live on. I’d also add that liberals being afraid of conservatives is wishful thinking. That would include you and your husband who is no doubt a big mouthed imbecile poser like most bloated out of shape conservative men. Good day.

  57. Brenda it is the Republicans who are running scaredof him. He is destroying the GOP and should he run third party, the Democrats win the White House hands down!

  58. We’re making earth unihabitable for mankind, and most other life too.

    300 families control 60% of wealth and resources.

    Mass extinctions, climate change, increasing poverty and temporary low paying jobs are the new normal.

    When seas rise, there’s little fresh water and migration takes place there’s going to be LOT’s of brown people nearby.

    But capitalism is better than socialism. Sure it is.

  59. Scared -Hahahaha! Trump may be the best thing ever for Dems. Most American voters are not foolish enough to think he’s capable of handling the Presidency. So if he gets the Repub. nomination or runs as an Ind and splits the votes from the right, either way Bernie or Hillary will be our next President.
    GO TRUMP!!! ;-)

  60. And what the fik is that suppose to mean in this silly season? Does Biden have the money? No. Does Biden have the staff? No. Does Biden have the infrastructure in lace? No. And most important will President Obama back him knowing that it will tear the party apart? No.

    Shit I wish I getting paid 6 figures to write nonsense so rubes like you who cant think past turning on a light bulb to write some unicorn fantasy

  61. I call that deliberate anti-intelligence.They don’t want to know facts or truth, they prefer being fed b.s., it goes down easier. They’re quite content feigning they’ve taken a stand on some issue or another, without having to actually think about it. Particularly in Alabama, waay too many voters have no clue how badly they’re being screwed by the very people they elect, they vote for the guy who displays the most guns and bibles in his campaign ads.

  62. Amanda, your lack of education is showing.

    I hate to be the grammar police, but the words “loose”and “lose” have two entirely different meanings.

    If you want people to take you seriously, then you’ll learn to spell; by the way, I doubt you know the definition of “socialism” either, since it’s already been present in our United States for a very long time, successfully.

  63. He is preaching off the top of his head. He
    cannot back up what he says, nor does he have
    a clue how to fix any of it. He is a egoman
    itc and so in love with himself. I would not
    waste my time listening.

  64. Does Biden have the money? No. Does Biden have the staff? No. Does Biden have the infrastructure in lace? No.
    More important:

    Biden also doesn’t have a private server or a family foundation.

  65. “A Donald Trump speech is a lot like listening to your Fox News-watching relative spout off for hours because they think they are informed.” No wonder CNN and MSNBC cut away. Ugh!

  66. Mankind will greed ourselves to extinction, before we are collectively responsible enough to be sorry. Idiots are in control of the world we all have to share. We are supposed to be the intelligent caretakers??? We need to start by voting for those who care about all of humanity, and our greater environment.

  67. 42, Have you seen “The Brainwashing of My Dad”? This was *ALL* planned years ago when Reagan did away with the ‘Fairness Doctrine’. This Doctrine was a Political Fact-Checking of Lies between the Left/Right.

    They Planned FOX from way, way, back.
    Now with all their Citizens-United-Money…
    Half of America…Our Fellow Americans are Brainwashed into a ‘Different Reality’!
    Watch it:

  68. Why the hell were they covering this ass clown live in the first place? He is the political equivalent of an internet troll. Coverage of this guy is sensationalist media at its worst.

    Bernie Sanders draws as many or more people to two rallies (Portland and LA) on two consecutive days and no national media were there. Seriously?

    #FeeltheBern #enoughisenough

  69. What planet have you been living on? Are you really that impressionable? Look into the TPP, (news of this was deliberately subdued) then, tell me how much he cares about everything he SAYS he cares about.

    I’d rather have a wolf than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s how bad this country has gotten.

    BTW, I voted for Obama. 2x. I gave him a second chance to prove himself, and he FAILED me. I am DONE with the lies and all the fake promises of the Dems, who only seem to care about the minority voice – whether that be poor illegal immigrants, or rich corporate lobbyists. If you can fix the economy, you raise the standard of living for everyone. This solves 90% of the issues Obama + his extremists have been attempting to solve via brute force. His strategy of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” clearly hasn’t worked. For anyone. At all.

    I’m no longer fooled by false sincerity. After 8 years of proof that the Dems are only out for themselves, how can you possibly be so naive?

  70. The majority of voters in a general election are not that stupid. I don’t even believe the majority of the GOP is that stupid. The Donald will not get their nomination.

  71. Listening to Trump blather on, and on….is like listening to Sarah Palin.

    WTF did he/she just say? !!!!!
    {{{ scratching head }}}

    Imagine Trump giving a State of The Union Speech. (Okay wake up–IT’S ONLY A NIGHTMARE)

  72. What is Donald Trump’s ‘Type’?
    by Michael Zoorob

    Frank Rich of New York Magazine credits Trump’s success to giving voice to the thoughts of the Republican base, saying “his xenophobia and misogyny have long been orthodoxy among the [Republican] party’s base… The difference between Trump and his cohort is that he shouts his party’s ugliest views at the top of his lungs and without apology rather than sugarcoating them…”

    Trump taps into resentment from people who feel like they have been cheated out of the American dream – whether by the Chinese cheating by manipulating their currency or the Mexicans cheating our immigration laws. This nationalistic populism, many observers have noted, parallels similar movements in European politics. “In Europe, Donald would have seats in Parliament,” writes The Economist.

  73. Yeah…don’t believe everything the media tells you and think for yourself.

    Unless the media is telling you Trump is fabulous and that you should VOTE for him…

    right Naomi?

  74. You mean “good old DIXIECRAT” George Wallace.

    And we all remember what happened to HIM…don’t we?


  75. Frankly, if Trump were selling gold painted dog turds with “Obama’s a N—er” printed on them….rubes like JD would be breaking their backs rushing to hand their money over for them.

  76. What with all the loud and frequent screams of “WHITE POWER!” you couldn’t tell Trump’s so-called “gathering” from a white supremacist Neo-Nazi rally.

  77. I got news for all you Trump bashers out there. Trump would definitely be a better candidate than any of the other Republican candidates. Why? He’s in favor of single payer healthcare. He is for ending the tax loopholes for the rich. Also, sad to say that illegal aliens convicted of felonies are a problem and do commit an exorbitant number of crimes. On every other issue like guns and the Mexican border, abortion and climate change he is pretty in agreement with the rest of the Repugs.

  78. When Trump asked about Fox during his speech, he got applause. Why is that? Considering that Fox is the only network to go to court to fight for the right to lie to their viewers (they won) I don’t know how you can pretend that everyone else is getting the wrong news. Fox is anything but fair & balanced.

    For you to say that Trump will make America great again, you must be a mind reader because he hasn’t divulged any policies. Will he handle the U.S. in the same manner he handled his casinos? Oops, that’s right…that led to bankruptcy! How many times did he screw his contractors and subcontractors out of money? FOUR! Legally, of course. However, there were other times where they still had to take him to court to get paid. Donald doesn’t like to pay his debts and he tells you all about it in The Art of the Deal.

    We are being mocked in Europe for taking Trump as a serious candidate. Yet he thinks everyone loves him?! He’s as delusional as his supporters.

  79. Just in case you’re actually willing to read anything about Trump that wasn’t written by a fawning fan, here’s a link for you.

    Put your money where your mouth is and let us see what you have to say after reading this article. Will you still believe wholeheartedly in Trump or will you take the blinders off and admit he’s not who you think he is and certainly not who he pretends to be.

  80. Trump was whining that he wanted to hold the election now. He wasn’t kidding, folks. He doesn’t want to wait. If he could buy the Presidency, he would try to do so although I suggest anyone who sells him anything should get their money upfront because according to ‘The Art of the Deal’ he does everything he can to continue to pay less than originally agreed upon. He considers this good business practice despite the fact that it hurts sub-contractors and their employees. You know who I’m talking about, the very same people who are likely supporting this billionaire buffoon.

    Imagine the reaction if President Obama had said he wanted to hold the election early…”DICTATOR! TYRANT! KING OBAMA!”…those would be just a few of the nicer derogatory things the RWNJ’s would have said yet they ignore Trump’s comment and would do it if they could, as in vote for him now!

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