Nervous Republicans Worry That Trump Will Give Democrats The White House And Senate

Many Republican leaders have expressed concern that nominating Donald Trump could squander their opportunity to win back the White House in 2016. However, that is just part of the damage a Trump candidacy could inflict upon the party. Republican insiders also worry that Trump may cripple their chances of maintaining control of the U.S. Senate, especially since many key races are being held in states with a significant population of Hispanic voters.

Latino voters represent a special danger for Republican candidates. Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric places GOP politicians on the defensive, as they must distance themselves from Trump, or risk alienating Hispanic voters. In an interview with The Hill, a Nevada Republican strategist noted the potential dilemma Trump’s rhetoric poses for Republican Senate candidate Joe Heck:

I think it’s pretty clear that some of [Trump’s] more dramatic proposals on immigration will certainly affect races like the Nevada senate race in particular…In a state like Nevada, the Hispanic element is absolutely essential.


Heck’s task is magnified by the fact that he would likely face Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, a well-known Latina politician who could energize Hispanic voters. Voters make decisions based on a wide range of factors, rather than through a one-dimensional prism of identity politics. Nevertheless, there is no question that Cortez Masto would present an added pull factor for many Latino voters, which would amplify the “push factor” already provided by Trump, potentially driving them to the polls in record numbers.

With Republicans defending 24 of the 34 Senate seats up for re-election in 2016, they have little margin for error if they wish to keep control of the U.S. Senate. The GOP’s two best pick-up opportunities are in Nevada and Colorado, but both those states are off the table if Trump drags down the GOP contenders with his xenophobic campaign. Competitive Republican-held seats in Florida, Arizona and Illinois — all states with significant Hispanic populations, are in jeopardy of turning blue if the Republican Senate candidates are in any way associated with Trump.

Republican strategists are growing increasingly uneasy that having Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket, would not only undermine their chances of winning the White House, but that it would also cost them the U.S. Senate as well. Those fears are legitimate, because while Trump is dominating the Republican field, his toxic message is unappealing to a wide segment of the general electorate. Not only would Trump be almost certain to lose a general election campaign, but in all likelihood, he would drag a lot of Republican Senate candidates down with him.

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  1. They should be afraid of what the bully mean spirited Donald is doing to their party. But they deserve it! They created the tea party monsters who support Trump. They have allowed the tea party crazies to run amuck in our government and states.

    Today I asked my 92 yr old mother who likes Ben Carson, what she thinks of Trump, he has her hooked, she repeated all his talking point baloney. Gah, she has never voted for a democrat and will vote for whoever is the repub.

    Lol, she says we are not a great country anymore, we are not better off than before, that we have lost standing in the world, we are owned by China, where are the jobs, companies leaving the country.

    There was no reasoning with her fear based thinking.

  2. I know that’s your Moms but a few years ago my mother use to watch Bill O’reilly. So one day I sat down and watch it with her. After it was over I straight out and said and your dumbass watch this bullshit. She don’t turn it on anymore

  3. You should ask your Mother if she knows when this outsourcing started happening if she says the 80,’s point out that St. Ronnie was President. Also point out that republican have blocked most legislation that would tax companies at higher rates if they outsourced jobs. I realize you probably won’t get anywhere or change her mind but at least you can plant the seed of doubt, But at 92 years I know she is set in her ways.

  4. …it just occurred to me…
    …what if this whole Trumpzzaster is the result o’ a bet between Trump and the other members o’ the Billionaires Club for thier own amusement???

  5. My dad is 91 and my mom will be 88 in October. They both have voted Democrat all of their lives and will continue to do so…they know what’s what…(on a side note: they live in Wisconsin and have to deal with the idiot Walker, hopefully not for very much longer though).

  6. After the shock of the 2014 elections wore off I thought maybe this would open the eyes of sane Republicans to the mess they created. I am still hoping and I do see some evidence that tRump is helping point out just how self-defeating voting for most Republicans is for them. A Woman can dream, hope, pray, beg, cry,re-post the sad facts, etc. If I know one Democrat that does not plan to vote in 2016 I will be their worst nightmare. They can tell me again how their vote won’t make a difference. I’ll still go to their houses and pick them up on my way to vote.

  7. They keep creating these monsters….and then become surprised when they break out of the cage……leave the attic and burn down the woodshed…..

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Probably more like the donald made a glib comment about being able to do it better than everyone else and one of his billionaire frenemies dared him to prove it. And the game is on. It’s nothing more than a high stake reality show to the donald. That’s my take on it anyways.

  9. I used to worry about the Latinos sitting at home on election day in 2016. I don’t worry about that anymore. Thanks, the Donald.

  10. Thank you Mr. Drump. You’re making it a lot easier to keep the WH and take back Congress. Thank you, oh orange one. Thanks!

  11. Now if we can only get some bills passed which make redistricting fair we could get the crazies out of The House as well.

  12. They should be afraid. They invited in crazy & the nuts poured in – thus, you have Trump leading the pack of xenophobic, myogenic, religionist, hateful, narrow-minded, money-worshipping clowns all vying for the WH, of which none (imho) are really qualify to hold because they all appeal to the crazies who hate everyone & everything that does not look, think or act like them.

  13. —-“Many Republican leaders have expressed concern that nominating Donald Trump could squander their opportunity to win back the White House in 2016.”—-

    Could squander their opportunity to win back the White House? COULD? It already HAS! He is, on a daily basis, creating the path for a Democrat to GET BACK in the White House. For certain.
    So, Mr. Trump, please PROCEED.

  14. Any One of these candidates will squander the thugs opportunity to win back the White House in 2016. So, in a sense it’s truthfull.

  15. The Repugs have 24 Senate seats up for re-election, the Dems have 10.

    Let teh Donald bring that 24 down into the toilet with him.

    The Dems better buckle up and run as progressives this time or they will head down the same toilet.

    People are fed up with the status quo and want something different to happen.
    Like do something FOR this country, not for your campaign or your lobbyist!

  16. Similar circumstance for me with my Mother.
    She’s 93 and recently told me that I was a socialist and was blind to what was going on.
    This from a woman who collects SS and Medicare along with a union pension that my Father earned. (Mom never worked outside of the home)
    Now she tells me that she never was a Democrat but was always a Repug.
    I couldn’t even argue with her anymore after she told me that she was never a Democrat – always a Republican.
    It has to be dementia.

  17. “Trading Places” 1983. Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche.
    Tycoons switch rich man and poor man for sport.
    Reality in politics follows fantasy in movies.

  18. People say that Trump says what he thinks, but the truth is that he never bothers to think before opening his mouth.

    He driving the clown car while being drunk.

  19. There is no reasoning with her, she is set in her thinking as wrong headed as it is. She switched her voter id to indepenent for some reason a few years ago, but has never voted for anyone but a straight repub ticket, go figure, lol.

    I hate to say this but she’s not much of an indepenent thinker if ya know what I mean, my dad was but not mom. She’s always been driven by fear, always has to be rescued from situations she gets herself into because of her gulible thinking but it’s nothing new so we all shrug our shoulders and trudge on taking care of her. She is what she is.

    Oh, and she loves the phone surveys and polls, does the tv box deal where they do the ratings, the other day she was asked whether kids had too much homework, like she would know, lol, she said yes, forgetting i had homework as a kid, my grandson who i take care of after school as a second grader had 20 min of reading every day, a 5 min. Word sort exercise and one math page, whoopee, no big deal. Plenty of fr…

  20. I know! They love their social programs and keep your damn hands off them, yet they don’t hear the repubs who want to take those programs away from younger people.

    Our financial planner said they won’t touch the older vervent voters social programs, but will make changes to the younger folks who don’t pay attention and often don’t vote.

    I did try to remind her we are better off now than we were in 2008 when our retirement accounts dropped to half their value, that the stock market and corporate profits and wealthy have done very well over the past 8 yrs, it goes in one ear and out the other, never allowing it to sink in. Whatever lol

  21. Throwing Ramos out of that press conference sealed the deal. Now Spanish media is going to absolutely DESTROY Trump, whom they already hate with a passion. Look at the poll numbers, Trump is dropping like a stone in the Latino demographic. He’s now at -51% approval rating, and Hillary is over +30%. An Eight one percent difference over all!

    The Latinos are going to SLAUGHTER the GOP in the polls. Trump or no Trump, they’re going to savage the Republicans strictly out of principle for allowing such a demagogue as Trump to get away with what he’s done. It’s not going to be pretty for the GOP.

  22. If Trump is the nominee, the Republicans probably should also worry about the house of representatives. Gerrymandering can only do so much.

  23. Yes, I mentioned that to her, she doesn’t get it. His sound bite talking points, she gets, the big picture, not so much. But just the fact she likes Ben Carson because she’s read his book and thinks he’s a brilliant man but doesn’t acknowlege the crazy azz stuff he says and he’s third in the polls! And she also liked Palin, gah, that about killed me.

  24. …I hear ya C. Most o’ my Dads side o’ the family are rabid Teatards, I asked them why and they literally told me “We’ve always voted Republican, and if this is the New Republicans; it’s better than voting Democratic!!!”
    {{{My Mothers side is mixed, but generally vote on issues}}}
    …so I too have Rabid Teatards who WILL NOT believe facts because a Republican told them it was so in me family…

  25. hang in there. and whatever you do, try to keep her away from fox “news”. and for christsakes, don’t let her anywhere near hate trash a.m. radio.

  26. Trump speaks for a good many in the Republican Party. The only problem is he exposes them for what they really are. The powers that be would never admit how deceitful and classless the party has become. Imagine having to cringe when the real GOP beast rears it’s ugly head.

  27. We can only hope that the republicans self-destruct and that the Dems will control the White House and the Senate. If not, this nation is in for a very rough ride. Be smart, America. Anyone who isn’t part of the 1%–especially any woman, veteran, minority, or LGBT person–yet votes for a republican politician is an absolute fool.

  28. My mom, ex-Republican 84, & I were watching Rachel Maddow talking about a fairly complex issue…then I switched over to Fox, & after 5 minutes she burst out laughing so hard I thought she might have a heart attack…so she doesn’t watch Fox…even less than she never did anyway. She says she knows 30 + other seniors who have vowed to never vote GOP again…

  29. I had an acquaintance(R) I used to golf with once in a while. He was in public works with a union. He’s passed away now, but before he did we got into an argument Dem vs. Rep. He was getting to be up there in age like I am. He said he voted R because his father did. I said this isn’t you father’s Republican party any more. A Republican Governor came in and next thing you know we were a right to work state. The union was busted, and he lost a big chunk of his pension. He then was let go because his department was privatized. I told him, you had it coming. He just nodded his head and had no argument. He died scraping for a living before he could even retire.

  30. If 2016 lord willing is a Democratic wave type election how far fetched is it to believe we can take back the house majority?

    Because from where I stand that’s where the biggest cancer in US politics lies. The Democrats received a million more total congressional votes in 2012 and won a measly 8 seats back. How?

  31. They were never going to win either way…The dem voter turnout for 2016 will be largely part of the trend/thrust coming off 2008 and 2012…The same people motivated to action by Obama (for good or for worse) are the people who will motivated by Sanders at least, and then for whoever gets the dem nomination in the primaries…And those numbers will be added to by young voters and until recently, dem voters in red states who Bernie has respectfully included in his campaign tour…

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