MSNBC Blows Hillary Clinton Exclusive Interview By Obsessing Over Her Emails


Hillary Clinton MSNBC interview

Hillary Clinton has only granted three national interviews since launching her presidential campaign, MSNBC got the latest one and completely wasted it by obsessing over Clinton’s emails.



Andrea Mitchell spent over 12 minutes of the 29 minute plus interview asking about the emails. Mitchell’s follow-up question was about if Clinton is hurt by the claim that is not authentic and too lawyerly. Mitchell then asked a question about the political differences between Clinton and Vice President Biden.

Finally, at past the halfway point in the interview Mitchell asked Clinton about the Iran deal. Mitchell didn’t want to discuss important issues like war and peace, so she immediately asked a question about Donald Trump. Clinton had a great point about Trump by saying that it is unfortunate that Trump is running a campaign based on who he is against.

Mitchell asked a good question when she asked if the United States should do more about the Syrian refugee crisis. Clinton said that the world needs to come together and called on the Middle East to step up and help these people. Andrea Mitchell responded to an intelligent answer from Clinton by asking if the refugee crisis was an Obama policy failure.

The interview discussed issues at the 22-minute mark as Clinton asked about women’s rights. Andrea Mitchell couldn’t go too long without diving back into the emails. Five minutes later, she asked for Sec. Clinton if she was worried that 2016 was slipping away from her because of the email scandal.

MSNBC has been struggling in the ratings for years. They have been a rudderless network that is desperately looking for a direction. They landed an interview with the most well-known presidential candidate in either party and proceeded to blow the whole thing. Clinton has done so few national interviews that the sky was the limit as far as potentially interesting questions.

Instead, MSNBC stuck to a story that polling has demonstrated intrigues the media much more than it does voters. MSNBC could have been original and different, but viewers were subjected more babble about an issue that won’t decide the election in 2016.

MSNBC once was promising, but the direction has become a stale echo of the Republican talking point parrots on CNN and Fox News.

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  1. …looks like Hillary acquitted herself very well indeed…WTF, everybody wants to grill her on the E-Mails…she’s been grilled so much I’d be surprised if she didn’t have those criss-cross burns all over her ass…{Not that I wanna look!!!}}}

  2. Its Comcast, center right corporate media. The only thing I find surprising is that they didn’t ask about Benghazi or Monica Lewinwinski. They’re interested in keeping the race a “horserace” until Nov 2016.

    The old progressive MSNBC is long gone, it died when Keith Olberman left. It’s all about money and stockholder profit, not progressive politics anymore.

    Their journalism standards have been ditched in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

    I’d have been surprised if they had conducted a serious interview.

  3. There is a lot of good information in this clip. The request from State went to her lawywers. The lawyers went through her emails. No emails were classified at that time so no one really cares what they saw. The lawyers sent so many emails over, that State said you sent too many emails, some of these are personal. State required all the emails be on paper, also known as hard copy.

    All of these points of reality, also known as facts, have been blown up to be something else by the rabid right wing. For example, Hillary sent paper copies of 50,000 so it would take too long to go through them and Hillary was subpoenaed before she handed over the emails.

  4. Meanwhile, over at CrooksandLiars, John Amato writes about how Morning Joe & MSNBC selectively edited the rebroadcasts of his show to remove expert commentary that disproves the email scandal. They left behind parts that implied the opposite position. Just sleezy MSNBC… sleezy!

    It looks like James O’Keefe is now working for MSNBC.

  5. This article is pretty unfair. I would imagine it was the interviewer who obsessed over the emails.

  6. MSNBC is moving to the right so fast it’s unnerving. Now we get 4 HOURS of the Joe and Mika pundit worshipfest.
    I know it’s lazy but sometimes I just want to get some info from t.v. I don’t have easy access to a computer or internet.
    It’ nearly impossible to find facts on t.v.

  7. Gorsh Andrea, there were two or three shootings yesterday and about 33,000 Americans die from guns every year and you want to know about emails.

    Quite frankly, I am surprised Mrs Greenspan did not ask how many emails referred Whitewater, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers or the Lindbergh Baby.

  8. I agree about MSNBC– almost a total waste of time. I have the same problem with all cable TV: I go from MSNBC to CNN to six or seven right wing channels, including four fox channels in a row. Al Jazeera is ok (at least it isn’t all Hillary scandals all the time) and BBC isn’t bad. Sometimes I watch Amanpour– I also subscribe to the French channel on 1771. there you get in depth news from Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, and France with basically no editorializing or “wise-assing”. I also subscribe to several internet news services. That’s the best I can do to get a decent perspective, unless there are other suggestions.

  9. Unless Hillary’s mimicking something Bernie said 2 or 3 days ago, she’s got nothing to be asked about. Even Mitchell knows that.

  10. Some time ago I’d read when HRC was in First Grade she wanted to be a Crossing Guard…she begged, but they told her, ‘No, you must be a Third Grader for that Job’ and she was crushed.

    I really do think Hillary has always wanted to help to accomplish great and important things.

    Republicans realize Clinton would do extraordinary things for women/children and families (as she says @23:00 in the interview…because THAT, she says is the Key to a strong middle class)

    But the last thing the GOP wants:
    Is for any American Woman to achieve any level of great success.

    Because Remember:
    This is a White MAN’s Country!

    Read HRC 1969 College Commencement Speech.
    (You will see her true Spirit even then)

    I would love to see a brave/enthusiastic women like this Leading our Great Country!

    Wellesley Speech:

  11. As I am writing this, I briefly turned to MSNBC. They have made their pivot to right-wing. Jonathan Capehart is interviewing a man from the American Enterprise Institute, and one from the Heritage Foundation. They are talking about a Hugh Hewitt interview of Donald Trump. I am totally through with that network.

  12. Lol, I knew this was happening a long time ago. So called Liberal News followed immediately by “Shark Tank” should have been a red flag to anyone.
    I doubt if many will get the connection.

  13. I was initially intrigued when righties started showing up but have been totally dismayed to see them allowed to spew their distorted reality without so much as a question, let alone an actual challenge.


  14. To put IT MILDLY and POLITICALLY CORRECT…!!!!!!!!!!!!….SCREW msnbc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……msm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and OTHERS OF THAT ILK AND GARBAGE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….For in the end….Ms. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON WILL BE THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….I ask for GOD’S BLESSING/PROTECTION FOR HER TO AKE THAT HAPPEN….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…and THE SAME FOR ME SO I SEE YOU FILTHY SOB’S PUKE IN YOUR OWN VOMIT…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Andrea Mitchell tried the same e-mail stunt regarding Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders when she interviewed him. She spent most of the time trying to get him to attack Hillary (unsuccessfully). The woman needs to up her game and pay attention to what is important instead of turning her interviews into Fox News type garbage. I have to wonder who is pulling her strings to dumb down these interviews.

  16. The same with her other media interview with that Brianna Keilar.

    That is par for the course. She gave a ton of interviews in 08 and they rarely ask about her history or policy.

    I thought she did fine and it wasn’t all fluff and sideshow. I have seen her speak so many times and she is comfortable in her own skin, confident and a natural at conversations on any subject.

    Even FOX in 08 didn’t throw her. She just laughed and corrected them. :-)

  17. “The State Department just released another batch of Hillary’s e-mails from when she was Secretary of State. In the e-mails, Hillary asked an aide what time “The Good Wife” was on, how to charge her iPad, and how to get wi-fi. Hillary sounds less like the Secretary of State and more like my mom at a hotel.”
    —Jimmy Fallon

  18. Mitchell asked a good question when she asked if the United States should do more about the Syrian refugee crisis. Clinton said that the world needs to come together and called on the Middle East to step up and help these people.

    Hillary Clinton answered correctly and intelligently, and as a president should. Yes, the most wealthiest countries in the M.E. (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates) have offered ZERO help. ZERO.

    Andrea Mitchell responded to an intelligent answer from Clinton by asking if the refugee crisis was an Obama policy failure.

    Oh for Chrissakes! ISIS is the reason Syrians are escaping the M.E. with their families, and ISIS was formed when the American people unleashed President PNAC and his nap-loving Bush-boy on the world. Pres. Obama has been mopping up ever since.

  19. When Andrea asked if Hillary should apologize to the American people, I asked……WHY?

    Why should she apologize for something that is such an overblown non issue.

  20. I am listening to it now–Goood grief! Let’s here about her campaign

    Awful– what does AM want?? She wants a another answer after asking the same grilling 5 times already!?

  21. I hung on for Rachel and Chris. it’s getting pretty bad at MSNBC though and I just don’t if I can take it anymore. Aandrea Mitchell? Agenda much? Bite on one more phony scandal for what? Ratings? Never had any ratings and this shake up can only hurt. bummer anyway. I miss Keith.

  22. It is never ending. Terrible interview–who is she working for–the “new” MSNBC is terrible all around. Rachel is ok–but not as investigative and thorough, and much more tabloid-like…where else can one go for a progressive view? AM is supremely arrogant-I used to like her, she has asked the same questions 6-7 times and is interrupting Secy Clinton. And I am not all-in for Clinton, but this is very tedious.

  23. I asked for a phone number a few days ago so I could call MSNBC with my opinion. I found one. 212 664 4444. Call @ ask for the opinion line

  24. I have long since known that Andrea Mitchell is a tool. She and Scarborough should start their own network, oh and Chuck Todd. It has been Mitchell for friggin’ months tripping out over HRC and the non email story. She has, in effect, kept it alive. It is time for her, or MSNBC/NBC to let her seek her fortune at CNN, Fox or somewhere. The few regular viewers left would love to see THAT change!

  25. I think many of you have missed the point. Ms. Mitchell’s questions gave her Ms. Clinton a platform to be able to begin to settle all this nonsense about the ‘e-mail scandal’. She was tough on Ms. Clinton and in between Ms. Clinton sounded like the adult in the room who has some true international experience.

    As a real progressive, I was very heartened to hear Ms. Clinton seem very relaxed and honest. As she said, I’m sure there will be more opportunities to lay out more specific policy proposals.

  26. I’m sorry, I can’t take your side on this one. The email issue shows her lack of judgement and shows how out of touch with the real world she lives-or that rules don’t apply to her, ANYONE who has a job in this country knows that your business and personal emails are separate. This is like a physician’s office sending their patients medical records unsecured through their gmail account. She had that option of using .gov and didn’t think it applied to her. This is our national security and if this doesn’t apply to her perhaps she needs to release Edward Snowden. And if she did know better, why did she wipe out her server? Our party needs to wake up. Do you want another 4 years of this Clinton silliness? Fake scandals or not, her evasive and stuck in the 90’s mentality does not play anymore. We can do better and we need to because I fear we will lose the White House if we continue to annoint her.

  27. I too was hanging in for Rachel and chris.
    I’m done. I just sat down to watch Rachel on dvr and …Oh HEdouble hockey sticks! She’s rehashing Andrea’s interview.
    Even Rachel has been giving over more and more time to the spin machine.

  28. Our Party? I’m sorry. You’re confused. Hillary Rodham Clinton belongs to the Democratic Party, which clearly isn’t yours.

  29. I agree. Hillary has to go through this trial by fire all over again.

    If a candidate can’t take the heat they cannot be the head chef in the WH kitchen.

    Keith was ignorant and brutal to Hillary in 08 as well as sexist and a complete lying tool. He deserved to be fired. He was a total jerk.

    Mitchell was aggressive and repeated the same questions asked and answered for months. If MSNBC wants to claim they uncovered New facts, fine. They did not.

    Those email answers have been repeated constantly for months. There was no discovery here. But MSNBC will hype their journalism… whatever. Media, that station specifically, was always the left version of the right wing FOX.

    Those who rely on TV for anything more than entertainment are not well served.

    And Rachel did showcase Clinton’s answers and drive the message this is a nothing burger.

  30. It seemed that Andrea Mitchell’s main goal (which is clearly also the main goal of Republicans) was to make Hillary Clinton look bad with regard to a very minor issue concerning her e-mails. She went so far with it as to ask if Clinton wanted to apologize for what she (Mitchell) seemed to regard as bad judgement with regard to those computer messages. The GOP would have loved to have gotten an apology on tape from their main presidential opponent. But is that the purpose of an interview from a supposedly unbiased MSNBC interrogator?

  31. I see you have a lot to say about Hillary, but you don’t mention any of the lunatics running in the rethuglican party. Hillary is smarter than all of them together. She is not the only senator or congressman, etc. to do this with their emails. She is being crucified for something most of them do from time to time. If they have not found anything harmful in the emails, what is the big deal? She obviously knows better than to send anything serious in the wrong email format. If you just don’t like Hillary, say so, many do, but you cannot say she would not do a good job, she is too smart.

  32. MSNBC seems to be serving the purpose of the GOP, which has such rotten president candidates that they’ve got to endlessly harass the main Democratic contender over all they’ve got on her (which is nothing)or they’ll have no chance whatsoever of winning next year.

  33. It is amazing how many people are claiming to be Democrats and do not sound the least bit like any Dems I have ever met.

  34. When people say that the M$M isn’t about political Party but about infotainment and ad dollars, I point out to them that journalists who work for them skew reports with a GOP bias.

    They cleverly couch words and edit videos to favor whatever the Elites want us to hear (propaganda). I get excoriated for mentioning this, but Mourning Joke editing out the most important part of the Ignatius response proves my theory.

    For those interested, go here to read the full Ignatius response, and see the edited version that exonerates Hillary Clinton and kills the server “scandal”.

  35. Rin, by doing what they do in order to tear down Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – the two greatest threats to the Republican Party in a long while – they become cowards.

    They can’t debate on the issues or why anyone should vote Republican, so they do the cowardly thing and lower themselves and pretend they’re either Liberals or disaffected Democrats so they can bash with impunity.

    Anyone with more than half a working brain can see them for the cowards they are.

    Instead, I would love to hear them tell me why the Republican Party is better than the Democratic Party – without the usual platitudes, of course. Just tell me why I should vote Republican if I’m not a misogynist, xenophobe, racist, bigot, or Fundie. That would be interesting.

  36. It’s AMAZING how many Teatard Trolls wanna pretend to be a Democrat…if only they VOTED Democratic!!! LOL

  37. I eagerly tuned in for Andrea Mitchell’s interview with Hillary. I sure wanted to hear what she had to day. She doesn’t do many interviews.

    My jaw dropped as I heard the questions. That tired old email non-storey. I’m surprised she didn’t ask about Vince Foster. I was shocked at how casually she interrupted Mrs. Clinton.

    Hillary remained polite and smiling through it all. TOO BAD!!

  38. I watched for a while, but it got so boring with the “one trick pony” question that I turned it off.

  39. I am so over the email stuff but it is the big issue still and if this gives her a chance to clear it up than good for her. I left feeling better about her chances. As for “morning joke”, why not put it on fox noise where it belongs. The blonde on that show is a real dits. She doesn’t really even know enough to ask question!

  40. Not really a Hillery fan but I thought she answered the tough questions pretty well. She wiped the server after they gave up all the relavent into and was told it was OK to do so. You’ve never cleared your emails? I left feeling a little better about her. The stuff about not insulting people and losing your temper were priceless.

  41. Yeah, when John Boehner apologizes to Americans for not voting on UE and other issues of economic importance to US; when Cruz apologies for shutting down the govt and costing tax payers big money. When the 47 traitors apologize for trying to undermine our President by siding with a foreign country instead of ours.

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