Hillary Clinton Slams Republicans For Attacking The Bargain That Is The Backbone of America

Hillary Clinton labor day speech Chicago

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took aim at Republicans for destroying economic opportunity for workers by undermining the basic American bargain that hard work is rewarded with success.

Video of Hillary Clinton’s Labor Day speech in Chicago:

While speaking in Chicago, Clinton said, “I joined the Senate in 2001, and I saw from the get-go that what the new president wanted to do along with his Republican allies was not just turn the clock back on an economy that was working better for hard working Americans. But turn the clock back on what built the middle class. Going back as far as they could, and I saw it. I spoke out against it. I gave speeches on the Senate floor and every other place I could get. Basically, making the argument don’t let them go back to trickle down economics. Don’t let them impose their failed economic policies on us again. Don’t let them turn their backs on what works in America.”

In a separate statement former Sec. of State Clinton added:

America’s workers are the backbone of our economy. Working men and women forged the basic bargain that made this country great – that if you work hard and do your part, you can get ahead and stay ahead. This Labor Day, we celebrate all the workers who built America from the ground up.

But as we celebrate, we also rededicate ourselves to making sure that basic bargain lasts. It’s under attack from Republicans who want to cut taxes for the wealthy and let corporations write their own rules. They don’t want to strengthen workers’ rights; they want to undermine them. We can’t let that happen.

I have fought for working families my entire career. In the Senate, I was an original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act. As President, I will fight to increase the minimum wage and get wages rising again for all American workers. Right now, CEO pay and corporate profits are through the roof but middle-class incomes have barely budged. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work in America.

I’ll also fight for investments in infrastructure and high-tech manufacturing, to create more good-paying jobs. I’ll invest in America’s future workforce, by making sure every child can go to a high-quality preschool, costs won’t be a barrier to college, and student debt won’t hold anyone back. And I’ll expand apprenticeship programs, so more companies invest in hiring and training new workers.

None of this will come easily. But we Americans aren’t afraid of hard work. This Labor Day, we celebrate advances that took a lot of patient, persistent effort – like the 40-hour workweek, overtime protections, workplace safety rules, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act. They all took sacrifice and courage on the part of American workers, from the factory floor to the emergency room to the construction crane. And thanks to them, our country became a better, fairer place.

I will always stand with workers. I’ll always champion their right to organize. And I’ll always fight efforts to roll back union collective bargaining rights. Because when workers are strong, and working families are strong, America is strong.

The basic bargain in this country has always been that hard work creates opportunities for success, but American workers are working harder than ever before and are being cheated out of their share of the rewards that come from success.

As Clinton pointed out, Republicans have gone from opposing anything that they view as expanding workers’ rights to actively trying to undermine the rights of American workers. The Democratic nominee must vow to fight against the interests that are bankrolling the Republican agenda against workers.

Former Sec. Clinton hit the nail on the head. The next battle will be centered on increasing wages for the nation’s workers. Democrats must lead this unified fight because Republicans have the billionaire’s money. It will take a united Democratic front to move this nation forward.

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  1. It is adopted into the Democratic Party Platform already. They did it at that meeting in Minneapolis – $15 was on the schedule for a while and it passed.

  2. How does Ms. Clinton feel about taxes on massive speech-making income? Pretty sure that’s not what built this country.
    We could call it the “hot air tax.”

  3. I like Hillary,
    and I will happily vote for her should she take the nod.
    Still, she does strike me as an insincere panderer.
    This puts me off, and inclines me to Bernie.

  4. She said up to $15 in high cost areas of the country long ago. She called into support SEIU when they had their convention months ago and said not everywhere but some areas it would work.

    You go for what the market sustains not jump double – congress would never go for it so moot point nationally to $15 from half that.

    States and cities can do what their areas can sustain.


  5. She’s a Sh!t Kicker!
    Making Women Stronger is the KEY to bringing everyone up. Something only a Woman can do.

    Many Republican women will cast their vote for her!

  6. Right Rin. Only after being pushed there by Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the working class. This is why people find Hillary to be a fake. She has followed Bernie on policy issues, not led.

  7. Unions, for all their problems, are a good thing. You can bet your sweet a– without them, the company would run your a– over and not even wait for your corpse to decompose before running over someone else. They are the only ones keeping the company in check.

  8. Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton: We Don’t Represent Billionaires’ Interests!

    “I have never taken campaign contributions from corporations. I don’t want their money because I don’t represent their interests. I am very proud to tell you that although we don’t have a super PAC, we don’t have big money billionaires putting money into our campaign, we do have $400,000 Americans making individual contributions, and I am honestly very proud to tell you that that average contribution is only all of $31.20,” Sanders said.

    See what average Americans’ think about Bernie Sanders policies in this YouTube video:

  9. Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. He’s a old misogynist geezer Socialist windbag who can’t get along with anyone which is why he is an Independent. He’s not likable and he’s an extremist. He’s not electable in a national contest.

  10. So, there you go. Bernie Sanders cannot be competitive against the GOP and their negative ad machine. He will not be able to raise the billions needed to survive the GOP machine. He’s a flake of the moment. We’ve seen them come and go in previous elections. We have to be serious and nominate a candidate who can actually win a general election.

  11. Non-sense. She has always been for minimum wage hikes. I have answered you before on this many times and linked to her record.

    You do know better on all these subjects. You just lie. All the time. I correct you. You tell the same lies.

    Propaganda is your obvious tool.

    As Billy says – Yawn.

  12. Repubicans like this “Barbara Dayan” are all over pushing this crap and telling lies.

    Citizens United was FORMED to take down Bill and Hillary. They were always against it. Hillary was always for reform. She has far more money to her actual campaign and less to the PACs which support her but they too have the million dollar donors listed – Hollywood, Union, Soros, etc. The usual suspects.

    All her money goes to fighting the GOP – all the PAC money and all the campaign money. And also all her DNC donor money goes to building the party.

    The other candidates do not give a crap about the actual party but want to just sprinkle fairy dust and win a general!!!

    They have no donors to the party and do not want to actually agree to fund the party even with contracts. Not even in any of the states! Not real candidates…


  13. But lets toss it all away for a 74 year old socialist from VT who is not a democrat and doesn’t give a rats ass about the party and never has.

    And lets pretend the frontrunner with the backing of the whole party and the majority of the voters in 50 states is a shill for wall street and works for monsanto and eats raw babies in a dark closet like some kind of gollum because she doesn’t have a penis.

  14. I cannot wait till Hillary and her campaign and all of her surrogates – (including the unions) take off the gloves and slap all of the bull spewers back into the real world.

  15. In advance of her speech tomorrow on Iran she will sit for an interview at 6:30 tonight with ABCs David Muir where she will discuss Iran, State Dept. Email and also the state of the presidential race.

  16. This is the same author who royally screwed the pooch on another email story. And they were not classified at the time plus they were sent to her

  17. Hillary will beat Biden.

    She will beat Marty and Bern and she will then beat Jeb after he beats Trump, Rubio and Walker.

    And she will prevail and she will mostly beat the lies against her perpetuated by the media and the GOP and the bernouts.

    And she will win.

    Why? Because she IS that good.

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