Donald Trump Complains About Having to Debate “Ineffective” Rand Paul

Donald Trump continued the Neanderthal routine this weekend with a barrage of attacks on his rival Rand Paul yesterday afternoon.

Fox News reports that speaking at a rally “at a Saturday rally in Boone, Iowa, Trump blasted Paul as being an ‘ineffective guy’ and weak on immigration and national security issues.”

This was prompted Thursday by Paul saying on Hannity,

“I don’t really think there’s anything conservative about him and I think he’s selling us a bill of goods. And so I think we need to be very careful that we don’t succumb to celebrity and all of the sudden get a fake conservative that turns out to be a big government Republican.”

You know, like Ronald Reagan. And George W. Bush. And pretty much every other Republican president in recent history, because “small government” Republicans are as mythological as Sarah Palin’s unicorns.

Trump also let loose on Twitter, and this is where Trump really let’s his childish ire show. He began with the suggestion Paul should stick to Kentucky:

He followed this by complimenting Ron Paul while saying the critical gene didn’t get passed down from father to son:

Worse yet, rather than suggesting Carly Fiorina was a candidate too many (she was #11 in rankings when the debate order was decided), he claimed that honor fell to Rand Paul instead:

In other words, why do I, with my 30 percent, even have to debate this guy who has only 2?

No, not a lot of love there from Trump for his fellow candidates, all the while dismayed they are taking swipes at him.

Jimmy Fallon missed an opportunity Friday night to pin Trump down on what sets him apart other than vague talking points and Trump telling everyone how great he is and how dumb everyone else is. “To me, they’re all the same,” he told Fallon. “But what makes you different?” somebody needs to ask Trump.

Jimmy Fallon may have outscored Stephen Colbert in the ratings battle, 4.5 million to 3.5 million viewers, by interviewing Trump, but there is no comparing the two interviews.

Colbert gave a clinic on political interviews while Fallon took it easy on Trump, traded jokes with him, and let Trump turn the Tonight Show, as Fallon himself joked, into “The Tonight Show starring Donald Trump, featuring a guest appearance by Jimmy Fallon.”

The Washington Post had a different take on the interview altogether, suggesting we saw a different Trump on Fallon, perhaps “Trump 2.0.”

It seems clear, however, that yesterday’s comments and tweets show that nothing has changed. Expect sparks to fly between the two men at Wednesday night’s debate on CNN at 8 p.m. ET.

And don’t give up hope for a real Trump interview, you know, the one mainstream news outlets – and Fallon – have yet to provide. Stephen Colbert hosts Trump on his “Late Show” September 22. The only difference for Trump between now and then will be that there will likely be fewer fellow Republicans for Trump to attack.

33 Replies to “Donald Trump Complains About Having to Debate “Ineffective” Rand Paul”

  1. can’t wait to see trumps face turn RED when he can’t answer a simple question come debate day. his excuses will be “the questions were unfair” or “yeah – i’m going to do it better”.

  2. ‘ineffective’ would seem to cover all of the clowns in the clown car.. maybe Donnie Dipstick just had a senior moment and singled out ClownBoy Rand as the only name he could think of instead of just whining about all the Bozos..

  3. Not one of these toads has anything positive to offer the country. Everything is always negative with the hate filled regugs. I would call that UnAmerican. Wake up repug voters, turn off Fox news.

  4. I can’t believe we’re still talking about this jerk, but since we are…

    If I was asking the questions at the next debate, this would be my first question for Sideshow Don: “Since you obviously have no respect for any of your Republican opponents, much less your Democratic opponents, much less any member of the press who doesn’t kiss your a$$ and throw softball questions, much less any woman who is anything less that a supermodel, just who do you respect? Is there anyone who YOU look up to? Do you value anyone’s opinion besides your own?”

  5. Want rid of Trump? Everyone needs to attack together. He is a loose cannon and not electable. The drama in the GOP election cycle gets worse each time.Not a good sign.

  6. The GOP candidates need to compare bankruptcy claims. Trump has been left off the hook for his fraudulent business tactics. His creditors are many.

  7. Which of the clown car jerks would you like to discuss?

    They’re pretty much the alike–answering to the same low-information foreigner-owned FOX News base.

  8. Trump’s ideal debate scenario would just himself on the stage, as he hates to share the media spotlight with anyone.

    Of course, the exchanges between Donald and the moderators would still consist of Trump being asked pointed questions … and him responding by calling the moderator a talentless, moronic bimbo.

  9. If Trump is not electable then why does he lead the GOP Polls? Rand Paul is a knucklehead…..He talks about conservative values like a Communist. Put him in charge of a penal colony.

    I’m voting for Trump. Nobody else even comes close…

    Can you imagine Carson trying to negotiate with Putin or the Chinese? They will eat him alive !

    Although Trump’s ego is distasteful at times, he’s the right guy to turn the Country around and put it back on track.

    Carson is a cabinet member and Kasich is the VP. Cruz is Sec. of War, Christie is Attorney General.

    Fiorina had a tough time at HP, and the BOD sent her packing.

    What happened to Rubio? Is he still campaigning? And where is Jeb? Did he take a vacation?

  10. …yeah, Don-Don regards all debates as “ME!!!” moments, Don Rickles has more talent for insults and put-downs in his little finger than Trump {and his writers} will EVER possess…and Don Rickles goes out of his way to ensure {off camera} that the audience is “in” on the act, and is not embarrassed, or angry…

  11. I seriously don’t understand why people are sick of Trump?

    As for the Donald, I think he’s doing a heck of a job, he’s the GOP’s Katrina, a category 5 blowhard that’s decimating the GOP outreach to everyone who’s not a white male. I just hope he’s allowed to keep persevering on calling out his republican adversaries. Popcorn and karma are a delicious treat.

    Go the Donald!

  12. DT is quite possibly the ugliest man on Earth. No looks, no personality, no morals, no decency, no respect. No nothing but money, and we know what God has to say about that!(Pope Francis kinda sees it as a sin and the root of evil.(Timothy 6:10) I guess Rumpy really doesnt read the Bible like he lied about to his idiots.

  13. Plug your ears and let Donnie cut loose. He’s doing more for the democrats by just being in the race running as a republican. He’s alienating latinos and women, and all the other retug candidates. He is what he is, and right now he’s appealing to the ultra crazy. The funniest part of what he’s saying is the unvarnished truth about his opponents. Democrats need to bank their funds for the future and let him do his worst.
    Poor Randy, daddy didn’t tell him thing could get this mean. Ineffective was one of the nicer things Trump could have said about him.

  14. Trump, is the best, most honest candidate we have seen in a very long time. He is real and speaks his mind and tells it like it is.

    Trump 2016!

    Cruz VP!

  15. Donald can answer questions just fine. At the last debate, Megyn Kelly unfairly targeted him. That was not the job of a journalist, which she is not. That was the job of a lawyer. He had every right to complain. She doubted him when he said he’d only called one woman disparaging names but she could not come up with any except for Rosie O’Donnell. Donald is a great man to use his own money to run and graduated from The Wharton School of Finance. We’ll be lucky to have him as our president.

  16. Clown Trump is sooo funny & the pot can’t talk about the kettle especially when all 16 of the clowns are ineffective & unfit to even be a bathroom attendant.

  17. Trumpenstein doesn’t want to debate anyone.

    Trumpenstein wants the keys to the White House handed to him on a silver platter.

  18. Don’t give me that “not fair” crap, if you’re going to be POTUS of the free world, then you need to strap on your balls and take it like a man. No matter WHAT is said to him or about him, he could have a little class and take the high road. At the end of the day, Trump and his sycophants can dish it out, but they can’t take it….go back to Breitbart.

  19. Why does he lead the GOP in the polls? That’s simple. You and your fellow rethugs will vote for ANYBODY who can get rid of Latinos for you, or at least SAY they can get rid of them (which, sorry to disappoint you, he can’t). Don’t even try to deny it, since hating on them has been his ONLY platform.

  20. No, he spouts out whatever nonsense he knows appeals to the rethug base and you’re all stupid enough to fall for it. He was a Democrat up until 5 minutes ago, but knew we would never be idiotic enough to fall for his bullshit. He went for the weakest link.

  21. I can’t remember seeing even one Trump supporter on Politicus before. Suddenly there are three in one day. The moderators seem to have let in a few Trump shills.

    Melinda Santa Cruz, Steve, and Salvatore Del Prete: I apologize if you’re not really shilling for Trump. And if you’re not, thank goodness for Obamacare so you can get the therapy you so obviously need.

  22. Trump is being *HYPED* way out of proportion!
    Even my local NewsPaper HEADLINE:

    Will the articulate Fiorina be able to get ‘under-skin’ of acerbic GOP Front-Runner?

    “It is still very difficult for male candidates to feel comfortable going against and attacking women, with exception of Donald Trump, but he hasn’t done it to her face”

    It’s Trump Everything…Free Publicity!
    (And 54% of Crazy Trump Supporters believe our President is a Muslim!)

  23. The Donald has you just where he wants you. He’s the best at being an idiot. He’ll never live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  24. Political debate is measured by the what political leaning is listening to them. If the audience are teabaggers… the person that states the most non-factually based + more aggression you can bet your money you’ll win if you bet on the most bull shitter!!!

    But for the life of me… LOL!!! I think it is more entertaining for me to be spending my time reading about the battle between the Hillary vs Bernie supporters comments. Then it is to be reading about the same old bore statements of Republicans!?!

    Enjoy being enlightened, *Bernie2016*

  25. I like Trump better than that Carly woman who doesn’t even know how to apply eyeliner. She makes me barf every time I look at her. All I can do is stare at her eyeliner while she is speaking. Its so bad.

  26. Trump is the Republican party’s anti-Paul, period. The second Paul steps down, Trump will step down. You heard it here first.

  27. The author of this piece is a 53-year-old Heathen, author of A Heathen’s Day ( and Digital Gods ( and founder of Mos Maiorum Foundation ( dedicated to the study of Paganism as ethnic religion. He is also a contributor to GodsOwnParty ( I do not recommend you adopt his point of view.

  28. Interesting ad hominem attack. Why “don’t you recommend” his point of view? Can’t you refute his argument on its merits?

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