Bernie Sanders Goes On The Attack After Pro-Clinton Super PAC Launches Smear Campaign


Bernie Sanders Latino Roundtable Iowa

Bernie Sanders is firing back after an obviously panicked pro-Clinton super PAC launched a smear campaign against the rising Independent challenger.

The Huffington Post received an email from pro-Clinton super PAC Correct The Record that tried to connect Sanders to dictators and terrorists:


The email, sent to a Huffington Post reporter in response to an article about Corbyn and Sanders without any agreement that it would be off the record, was meant to flag Corbyn’s “most extreme comments.” Among those was the suggestion that the assassination of Osama bin Laden was “a tragedy,” since there was no attempt to arrest the former al Qaeda leader and put him on trial. The email also cites Corbyn’s comment that he’d invite his “friends” from Hezbollah to come to the U.K. to discuss peace in the Middle East and an editorial in which he said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s “attempt to encircle Russia is one of the big threats of our time.”


The more serious stretch comes as the email highlights how Sanders helped negotiate a program with Venezuela’s national oil company in 2006 that provided discounted heating oil assistance to low-income Vermonters. The senator said it was “not a partisan issue,” in the state, which was the sixth to make the deal. His support for the program was apparently enough to merit a mention since Corbyn has written that the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s “electoral democratic credentials are beyond reproach.”

Sen. Sanders responded with an email to supporters, “Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously. They suggested I’d be friendly with Middle East terrorist organizations, and even tried to link me to a dead communist dictator. It was the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, and it’s the second time a billionaire Super PAC has tried to stop the momentum of the political revolution we’re building together.”

Sanders campaign spokesperson Michael Briggs said, “It is disappointing that Secretary Clinton’s super PAC is spreading disinformation about Bernie,” Briggs wrote. “This is exactly the kind of politics that Bernie is trying to change. To equate bringing home heating oil to low-income Vermonters with support for the Chavez government is dishonest.”

This type of attack against Sen. Sanders is a sign of panic over falling poll numbers, and it is worst strategy imaginable for defeating Bernie Sanders. The Democratic candidates had been running a campaign based on the issues. It was refreshing that neither side went negative on the other.

If the argument is going to be that Bernie Sanders is too far to the left for a Democratic Party that has been moving left over the last seven years, that discussion won’t end well for Clinton’s super PAC supporters. Democrats are interested in Sanders because he is a pure fighter for the left.

The facts are that Sen. Sanders isn’t much more to the left than Hillary Clinton. While they were in the Senate together, Clinton and Sanders voted the same way 93% of the time, but the differences were big. The two candidates differed on an immigration reform bill, continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bank bailouts.

The Negative campaign tactics will likely backfire and make Sen. Sanders more popular with Democratic voters. Democrats deserve better than negative smear campaigns. The Democratic Party has two intelligent candidates at the top of the polls. These candidates should be focused on debating the issues.

Ugly smear campaigns belong in the Republican primary. They should have no place or merit in the decision-making process for Democratic voters.

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  1. I find this report, just like the headline, to be as hyperbolic as the claim it was a horrible attack. Given the amount of crap spread by Bernie’s supports, I believe you to be as biased against a strong woman as any Bernie supporter. Shame on you. What happened to good journalism?

  2. I would suggest that Bernie did the exact opposite of attacking Hillary’s campaign. I feel he simply defended himself against an attack by a Super PAC.

  3. I don’t believe this came from Hillary’s campaign at all. This is someone who is trying to make both Hillary and Bernie look bad.

  4. It came from a Super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton and not the Clinton campaign. I think if the Clinton campaign was to attack Bernie Sanders this way that would be political suicide.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  5. An “attack” or “smear” on Bernie… hardly.

    I do not know much about Corbyn and will stay out of that topic for now.

    However, here is the Bill, HR 1511, Sanders introduced in 1995 called Nuclear Freeze with no cosponsors and thus not much action.

    Sanders comments, pro and con, regarding NATO do seem to meander over time as various search engines gave meandering results.

    The heating oil deal was made with CITGO in 2006. CITGO is/was the American refiner for the National Oil Company of Venezuela. If John Sununu remembers this deal, you can beat the RNC will remember it as well.


    Campaign for America’s future made an comparative analysis of how Corbyn’s solid voting records stance on the interest of British Labour Party with our American sides Senator Bernie Sanders solid voting history for We The People never wavering on the interests of civil, human rights issues for all people and the similar analogy can be made about their extreme far right war mongering conservative party that are disconnected with our national middle class or common peoples interest. Their anger and dissatisfaction of their far right can be compared with our far right Republican Oligarchy stances and voting records for the very rich THAT RESULTED IN A LAND SLIDE VICTORY FOR CORBYN… Can it happen in USA???



  7. Months ago here I said Hillary is a liberal. She is a flaming liberal and always has been but she was #11 in the Senate according to her voting records and Bernie was #1. (Biden btw was 33 if I remember correctly and Obama was 23 or so.)

    Her campaign said over the last few weeks it is fall and it is time to step up to the next phase – the debate prep step. She will run on being more moderate than Bernie. Anyone surprised by that?

    He’s been having a mutual admiration with Corbyn in the news lately.

    Correct the Record is highly accurate and since their pac is the one that is allowed to coordinate with the campaign it is interesting. I haven’t seen it yet, must go look around but hey, this is POTUS and if anybody thinks the person who gets into office just walks in and measures for drapes they have a whole lot to learn about VETTING compared to smears.

    If it is true it isn’t a smear. It is educating his supporters.

  8. WOW! Rin- Interesting take on this. First- according to the Supreme Court ruling NO pac is “allowed” to coordinate with a campaign (see 501(c)(4)) Second- for months whenever a Bernie supporter has dared to point out the truth of Mrs. Clinton’s record or as you put it “educate her supporters”, we have been consistently accused of “smearing”. Just in case the hypocrisy of your statement escaped you.

  9. You know what this article reminds me of..?

    It reminds me of similar efforts that are manifested in ‘reports’ in the media which hype an imaginary “rift” developing between Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

    I mean, after all, surely most of you must be aware that Valerie Jarrett is the actual source of the email story being leaked to the press, right?!

  10. The attack by Correct the Record was inaccurate. David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America, founded Correct the Record. For them to distort Sanders record is blatant hypocrisy.

    Revolt Against Plutocracy is going to compel Dems to unite behind Bernie…or ELSE!

  11. I will never again vote for a candidate who has SuperPACS. If the candidate him/herself has a beef, stand up and say it. Sending squads of “hitmen” doesn’t work for me. I automatically discount what they say as their words are no different than a paid commercial. SuperPACs accelerate the demise of democracy and anyone who relies on them for support cannot be trusted.

  12. Anne, you are dead wrong and spouting crap.

    Go learn. It was formed back in April and totally approved at that time and since.

    They are an information only pac.

    Priorities USA (Obama pac) is the main pac and that and Ready Pac (Ready for Hillary) are normal superpacs and cannot.

    CTR can and does since it broke off from American Bridge.

    Where have you been since April?

  13. This is the story without the freaking out about smears.

    Daniel Marans writes two articles about Bernie and Corbyn on HuffPo blog.

    Brock sends an email to Marans and Marans shows it to others.

    Two other Huff Po staff write about it and release some details from the email.

    Bernie says he was attacked “pretty viciously”, says David Brock is “like the Koch Brothers” and fundraises on it with much drama.

    Brock does a Bloomberg interview and writes a piece for Huff Po.

    Recently they said: an autumn of investigations that could reveal new details about his personal background and record”

    They said “standard opposition research.”

    As Michael Moore said Bernie is a bit of a crank.

    Did any of you look at the video of Bernie’s interview with the Des Moine Regis…

  14. Did any of you look at the video of Bernie’s interview with the Des Moine Register?

    When it turned to foreign policy he called Russia the Soviet Union. They brought up some of his past and he said it was 4 anonymous people who were attacking him. They said no, it was his staff and he argued with the reporters who had the article! He did his spiel on how Obama said “Thank you for electing me, you can all go home now, I am supreme leader and I can do everything alone now” and he contrasted himself as superior to Obama in continuing the revolution and also that Bernie is smarter – Bernie will not be foolish enough to believe republicans.

    Bernie said, frequently, Obama was wrong in both regards – all over the place and he has said it for months if not years.

    Bernie is wrong. All the time.

    I am so not impressed.

  15. You know that doesn’t make a lick of sense. You would unilaterally disarm for some pie in the sky so called morality. That’s why you never win and that’s your savoir will get crushed

  16. Well then the only candidate ever who you trust is your man.

    He is not doing well with non-pac money either. The type Jeb also didn’t earn much of.

    Bernie cannot afford to open offices in the third state – Nevada. He finally has a campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire with offices and staff.

    Nevada – nothing.

    Hillary’s campaign had her 50 state roll out to get the grassroots started then she pulled them off the payroll.

    She has her 4 states (plus NY HDQ) rolled out and just rolled out the next two states with more states to be rolled out with official campaign soon.

    So 7 plus states. Bernie needs money if he also wants to do more than just talk about a 50 state campaign. And all that is not pac money.

    Pac money will be to attack Koch.

    Brock sent an email to a reporter. OMG!!!

  17. If you think that was an attack then you and bernbots are thin skinned. Wait to the republicans get started on Sanders

  18. The blame here lies with Sanders supporters and his media enablers. They are the ones who compared Sanders with Corbyn saying the left has awaken in the US, UK and Canada

  19. No. That is what we normally, traditionally have done – put our heads together.

    The situation now is quite different, Suga.

    Have you been to the UK? I have many times and have NY friends who have lived there a very long time and some who were born there.

    And read, then hang your head.

  20. Well, Bernie is getting money from Federal Coal Company, Merrill Lynch, and Boeing so that pristine as blowing snow persona that his supporters claim is not so pure after all.

  21. Let’s debate the issues!!!

    The fella who won in the UK is to the LEFT of Bernie Sanders.

    If Bernie or Hillary wins the WH, they are going to need a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party, and some negotiating skills to deal with Conservadems who want to cut the price on their public policy ideas.

    No mud, please. Talk issues.

  22. So this article was as bad as accusing Sanders of supporting ME terrorists? Really? Because that’s ridiculous.

  23. Both candidates are very close on the issues. Hillary having the actual plans to accomplish what she says has the leg up.

    Let’s talk about who is suitable to represent 300 million Americans here and abroad. Who will embrace and endorse far left wing divisive politicans? Who is a democrat? Who will do what you call for – build the party? Who has negotiating skills?

    Hillary again.

  24. The bern-again-independents are jumping through hoops and hitting that big old panic button while accusing the Clintonistas of doing the same.

    Wait till the NY Times vets him. There will be much hysteria and loss of bladder control.

    I expect the GOP to have another Hillary fest tonight. Do not take a drink for everytime they mention her. Take one everytime they mention Bernie and you will be able to drive home afterwards.

  25. Sen. Sanders responded with an email to supporters, “Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs…

    Hyperbole and a baseless but full-attack on Hillary Clinton.

    This is NOT, I repeat, NOT “Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC”. Words matter and Sanders’ words make it appear as if the Super PAC is part of the Hillary Clinton campaign and that she, personally, launched the criticism (which is illegal), and that’s patently FALSE. Super PACs are independent entities and are not allowed by the FEC to coordinate directly with candidates or political Parties.

    I would forgive Sanders’ baseless accusation had it been verbally delivered, but it was written in an e-mail which gives the Sanders campaign more than enough time to edit their response carefully. They chose not to do so.

    How’s that “not going negative” on Hillary Clinton going? Judging by this lying response, not so good.

  26. So your plan is to never vote again in a national election? Things won’t change to your liking in the near future, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on that type of reform.

  27. Sen. Sanders responded with an email to supporters, “Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously.

    This is yet another LIE from Senator Sanders. Candidates MAY NOT have a Super PAC. He knows (or should know) that Super PACs are independent entities and that it’s illegal for these Super PACs to directly coordinate with candidates and their political Party.

    He’s lying in order to gin up anger among his supporters who might not know how PACs and Super PACs work in order to get them to open their wallets in anger.

    This is despicable and beneath Senator Sanders.

  28. Stop comparing Bernie Sanders to Jeremy Corbyn
    Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour Party leader, is pretty popular around here, but he is no British Bernie Sanders. Rather, he represents the old Stalinist wing of the party – the group that led Labour to historic defeats back in the 1980’s.

    So Sander supporters started the meme and now when people run with it they get mad. This is politics. If you cant understand that then how will you respond when the GOP come after your hero

  29. I am a Boeing employee, and doubt that the company would donate to the Sanders campaign. If you look at who donates, one of the larger supporters of Sanders is the IAM union (of which I am a member).

    Your assertion has no basis in fact.

  30. He may succeed since many of his supporters don’t know how government works. Bernie is a Politian. I had a chuckle with his always changing venues to accommodate crowd size. It was like his staff would book a small venue on purpose and then announce they had to move to a bigger arena to gin up excitement. Now his staff is inept and don’t know what they are doing or they are playing the game because I don’t recall a campaign event having to move that many times ever

  31. The reason Boeing wont donate because he is against the export/import bank so if you lose your job don’t blame the corporations

  32. Wrong. He made an attack on Hillary Clinton by responding with, “…one of Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs…”

    That’s a bald-face lie. He knows better. He knows what PACs and Super PACs are allowed to do under Federal Election Committee laws.

    If his supporters believe that this was an attack by a Super PAC owned and operated by Hillary Clinton, he can file a complaint with the FEC against her and her campaign. Don’t hold your breath, though.

    However, see through this transparent attempt to raise money off the anger of his supporters who have no clue how PACs and Super PACs work according to FEC rules.

  33. IF Senator Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, is truly the frontrunner on the Democratic Party side, why, pray tell, are Republicans silent about him but still going after Hillary Clinton full-force?

    What should their silence and lack of opposition research regarding Senator Sanders tell Liberals and Democrats?

  34. He is not the frontrunner. The media needs a horserace and him (maybe) leading in two states that is not the true base of the party does not make you a frontrunner

  35. ICH, that is not accurate. Correct the Record is fully allowed to coordinate.

    See my answer to Anne above at 7am for link to explanatory article.

    The 150 donations from Bernie was also not correct. Facts matter and when we are wrong it is necessary to say so.

  36. “SOME IN the United States see Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected leader of Britain’s Labour Party, as an analogue of Bernie Sanders, the surging socialist in the Democratic presidential primary. Mr. Sanders himself said he was “delighted” by Mr. Corbyn’s win. Yet what the Guardian newspaper called “the most astonishing leadership victory in any major British political party in modern times” was not merely a blow against “mass income and wealth inequality,” as Mr. Sanders described it. It also validated a radically anti-American agenda that could accentuate Britain’s drift away from the trans-Atlantic partnership.

    Mr. Corbyn espouses a foreign policy whose guiding principle is to oppose the United States and Israel by all means. It has led him to label as “friends” such disparate political forces as Hamas, Hezbollah and the populist government of Venezuela and to accept funding from organizations designated by the U.S. government as terrorist groups. “

  37. Yep. That transparent attempt to look bigger than he really is, is political strategy worthy of a politician. I don’t mind that at all…but don’t pretend to be different than any other politician.

    I didn’t mind that sudden venue change (and I had a chuckle, too, and it did grab headlines, didn’t it?) but I don’t care for his proud announcement that he wouldn’t go negative and yet does it first chance he gets.

    I can only assume that his campaign needs money in order to compete in Nevada and South Carolina – not to mention, Super Tuesday – so I would guess that this was just a fundraising stunt, using a smearing LIE, in order to open those wallets.

    I guess he can’t write himself another $933,171.00 dollar check without looking weak and desperate. The funds have to come from his supporters.

    I do wonder, however, where he got the $933,171.00 dollars since, well, he’s listed as having a networth around $300k. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

  38. The Republicans have tons of Oppo on Sanders. They have been tracking him for a long time. They will use his statements to attack the party itself – in countless commercials – for months on end.

    Un American Socialist – extreme – supported Corbyn – hates america just like Obama – Hillary alinskite… Cornel West – played all the time night and day…

    Hillary will be attacked using Socialist DEmocratic party smears.

    I would put money on it.

  39. ICH, I understand you are trying to defend Hillary but you are not accurate.

    It is a Superpac she can and does coordinate with and it was widely reported in the press. (see above link at 7am to WaPo – to when it was formed last May 12th and split from American Bridge)

    It is aligned with her.

    The email was sent from Brock to a Huffpo reporter about a story.

  40. Michael said: I am a Boeing employee, and doubt that the company would donate to the Sanders campaign. If you look at who donates, one of the larger supporters of Sanders is the IAM union (of which I am a member).

    Michael if you are an IAM member then you must know – it was highly mentioned – they came out for Hillary last month.

    They also gave a tiny amount to Bernie for his Senate campaign in VT but they have been for Hillary for President.

    Some of the unions gave him a few bucks for Senate. They gave Hillary millions of actual dollars and also “in-kind” work for her. Millions of union members working for her and using their offices and supplies, and phone banking, rallies, etc.

  41. Rin, I only posted facts.

    Per the Sanders’ tax 2013 filing,the $150 dollar donations to those three State charities is correct. And it’s correct to say that it is stingy, considering the platform he’s running on and relative to his income.

    Yes, he and his wife have also donated to “undisclosed charities”, but his campaign has declined to release anymore information regarding that huge $8,350 donation(s), so were they really charities? Or maybe something else? Will we ever know?

    However, I stand corrected on the “Correct the Record” rapid response team turned Super PAC. They found a loophole in the 2006 FEC rules that allows them to coordinate directly with the Hillary Clinton Campaign just as long as they don’t spend any money (blogging, e-mail, etc). Thanks for this information, Rin!

    Btw, I’m happy to know that my idol, David Brock, is on Hillary Clinton’s side this time around. He’s a formidable adversary.

  42. There was nothing wrong with this article and to say it was bad journalism is you being bias, funny right? I have seen some Bernie Sander supporters bashing Hillary, yes.. But I also see many Hillary supporters bash Bernie. It’s a two way street that has to stop. Smear Campaigns are the job of republicans.

  43. Yes, Rin, I stand corrected since I forgot the 2006 FEC rule which allows Super PACs to directly coordinate with candidates just as long as they don’t spend money.

    E-mails, blogging, writing pieces on their own website is allowed as a Super PAC if and when they directly coordinate with a candidate.

    I posted the correction above since I can’t edit my post anymore.

  44. Me too, ICH. I could kiss that man!

    Last night there was some handwringing and some bedwetting and some worry in some of my volunteers. I said just wait! This is just now getting interesting!

    The pros are on board.

    I love Carville too. A few weeks ago he sat down, bitched that they were all freaking out and he was dragged from his vacation, told the media to stuff it and had everybody grinning like fools.

    Hillary has the BEST freaking surrogates and I cannot wait to watch them do what they are fantastic at – cutting through the mounds of crap and telling it like it is.

    Have you been to bernie boards today? OMG they are so ignorant there are thousands of them spewing hot lava lies and fairy tales. They are out there. Way out there.

    Their heads are filled with non-sense. Poor delusional things.

  45. Sorry, you twisting this on Bernie is not going to work here. He was defending himself, you should be intelligent enough to understand the difference.

  46. Looks like Jeremy Corbyn is to Senator Sanders what Jeremiah Wright was to Senator Obama.

    The Republicans (and lapdog media) will decimate Sanders should he win the nom (which, so far, I can’t see him doing) and they would successfully put a know-nothing Republican suit in the White House, maybe even keep the Senate.

    Good thing Hillary Clinton is a powerful campaigner and a clever politician. Although Sanders supporters will vehemently disagree with me, she will ultimately save the United States (and the world) from another warmongering Republican CiC and Republican Senate.

  47. Why the relentless anti Bernie posts from
    some of you? Would you please tell us where you think Hillary stands on the TPP? And on the Keystone XL pipeline?

  48. Polls show that Americans will not vote for a socialist. So his supporters have not kept their eyes on the prize. We are talking about Nov. 2016. Why is it that the repubs want Bernie to be the Dem nominee and fear having to run against Hillary? Think about it.

  49. Hello? A most recent poll showed that Hillary supporters will vote for Bernie if he gets the nomination. In fact they like Bernie, but they want a woman to be the president. And that woman is Hillary who has been fighting for women and children since the 1970s. Do you think Bernie voters would vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination? Why do repubs want Bernie to be the Dem nominee?

  50. Hey Gary, are you a repub? I ask because we here on the left are not about attacking each other. In fact we will vote for whoever gets the Dem nominee. Wake up folks. I think there are many repubs pushing Bernie. Why? Polls show that Americans will not vote for a declared socialist. Are you getting the picture? Repubs fear Hillary and want Bernie big time so they can attack his socialist views going back to the 1960s. Wake up.

  51. Well Rin, I think you are missing what this is all about. It’s about winning in Nov. 2016. The Dems ran a big leftie once and he got beat really bad.

    See if you can figure out who it was. I’m not naïve like many Bernie voters seem to be.

  52. Repubs want Bernie to be the nominee and fear running against Hillary. Bernie voters come across as politically naïve. Sad.

  53. George McGovern and his supporters the next day was saying I dont know anyone who voted for Nixon even though he won 49 states. And Sanders is no McGovern

  54. I like Bernie, but he and his supporters remind me of George McGovern and the 1972 election. McGovern was a real lefty and many of us were very naïve about his winning. And boy we got swamped. McGovern carried MA and Washington DC. Poll show that voters will not vote for a declared socialist. Why else do you think that the repubs want Bernie to be the Dem nominee?

  55. Downriver, I’ve done too much research on Bernie to like him. That being said, I’d vote for him over a republican.

  56. You have it backwards. Both sides and especially independents are sick and fed up with the bought and paid for politicians like Hillary, which is why all the polls say that Bernie has a better chance of beating Trump then Hilary does.
    Hillary has destroyed herself and corrupted her reputation to the point of not being a viable candidate. There is a reason both sides are going for candidates that are not standard candidates.
    I thought the same as you at first, and yes, it’d be better to have Hillary then Trump or any of the candidates the right has presented, but Bernie would be amazing. This year we have that many more millenials, and no sane latino is going for the treatment the right is giving them.
    This election will be no contest provided we all get out there and vote, and being passionate about the candidate is what makes that happen, remember 2008? I sure do. This time we could see the changes we need to be more than a joke about ignorance/greed/gluttony in this world.

  57. If Hillary has any honesty about this smear campaign against Bernie by one of her Super-PACs,she’ll denounce it.

  58. Most of the stories about Bernie’s “surge” were from the Drudge Report and were picked up by other sources such as AP, NYT and run without even being vetted. Drudge dislikes Hillary yet admits that without her he would be nothing. She is his bread and butter and has been since Lewinski. He won’t be letting up any time soon.

  59. I do not know what you think I wrote because your comment isn’t related.

    I was on McGoverns’ campaign. I was on 6 campaigns with the name Clinton on it.

    I think you misunderstand my comments above.

  60. She answered your question. She was in the cabinet as both were being formulated. She was responsible for the gathering of info directly on XL. She has information on both that is confidential and due to protocol she defers to the CIC to make his decision on XL and finish his negotiations on TPP. When/if it becomes a deal (it isn’t done yet) it will go to the public to be read. (She said she will comment when it is done and when she reads it- which you and others should have understood the first time she said it months ago!)

    They are both in the hands of PBO and will likely be decided before his term ends.

    They are entirely non-issues and all the hysteria a while ago about TPA was ignorant at best.

  61. I entirely disagree. I loved McGovern. He was an amazing man and he was truly a visionary. As I fought on the anti-war movement for many years he became a hero to me and a years ago when he died I wrote a tribute to him.

    Bernie is no McGovern. This is not 1972.

    Bernie and his supporters are more like the Howard Dean coalition but Bernie is not as electable even as Dean was.

    I started saying that back in May and cracked up the other day when DEAN said it too.

  62. Oh for godsake. Get over yourself because if you think that now – just freaking wait!

    Brock wrote an email to a reporter about Bernie embracing a highly controversial and devisive leader who is called anti-American by many.

    Bernie should apologize for having a love fest with this Corbyn.

  63. Shocking, isn’t it!!

    Come now, folks.. Bernie’s campaign is just employing feigned outrage in order to fire up his supporters. No surprise there, and we will see more of it on occasion throughout the primary camapign. (and in fairness, Hillary’s campaign will likely do the same), just part of the game.

    I don’t really think Bernie’s supporters need firing up anymore than they already are. I mean, have you seen how they dominate the comments section of every article about Hillary published in NYTimes..?

  64. Are people that new to politics that they do not know the Rs have rooms full of paid people who pounce on every single Hillary article and write filth about her while pretending to be Bernie fans?

    They did that strategy before computers, they did it in “letters to the editor” etc.

  65. I saw Hillary dodge direct questions as to her stand on the TPP and the Keystone XL
    pipeline. This was within the last couple of months. These are non-issues?? You’re
    joking, right? You fudge better than Hillary did.

  66. Wrong ICH, the pac itself admits to being under the direct supervision of the Clinton campaign. Your girl is desperate soon she will make more mistakes then she will shift her positions to match Bernie’s. Then the corporate bosses will presure Joe Biden to run as detailed in the NY times ” DEMS CONSIDER PLAN B”
    Anything to stop Bernie’s war on the money train

  67. Sanders has attacked Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the past and present; fair game ok.

    You say “Hillary has destroyed herself and corrupted her reputation to the point of not being a viable candidate.”

    And what has been destroyed by Sander’s actual votes on gun control or the lack there of? 33,000 deaths by guns in America every year and Bernie gets a help and a pass from the NRA… Really?

  68. TPP and Keystone, really? And no mention of gun violence and the NRA support for and from Sanders… in actual historical votes?

    Does TPP or Keystone kill 33,000 Americans each year?

  69. The GOP is going after HRC because she is a threat.

    Believe me, if Bernie Sanders won the nomination, they would go after him and the whole part about him being a “socialist” as they would call it, not a Democratic Socialist, among other issues.

    They are not attacking Bernie now..because they are scared crapless of Hillary. Use your noggins folks. The person they attack the most, is the one who can win.

  70. Sorry, Des, but word-twisting and misleading statements has been done by Senator Sanders, not Hillary Clinton. He specifically wrote, “one of Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs…”

    Hillary Clinton doesn’t own a Super PAC. Super PACs are independent entities, and “Correct the Record” headed by the meticulous David Brock, is no different.

    So Senator Sanders saying that, “one of Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs” is a bald-faced lie.

  71. WRONG, mike B.

    David Brock, head of Correct the Record, is nobody’s lackey. As long as his Super PAC does not spend a single penny and exists strictly for informational purposes via electronic media (via e-mail, blogs, and articles on his own blog, for example), he MAY, under the 2006 FEC rules, coordinate directly with the candidate.

    The moment “Correct the Record” starts buying print and TV ads or pays for pro-Hillary Clinton t-shirts and the like to sell, the Super PAC will be in violation of FEC laws.

    So no. He’s not “directly under supervision” of Hillary Clinton OR the Hillary Clinton campaign. That would be illegal.

    So stop lying.

  72. You know, it would be really nice if people here would stop name-calling, insulting each other, and basically acting horribly towards each other just because now everyone here prefers the same candidate. Aside from the conservatives who tout their conservative blahblah here, we’re all progressives and/or leftists and/or liberals. We are all more or less on the same side and have far more in common than we have differences.

    Couldn’t we please return to some sort of civility? It’s part of the democratic process to have different opinions, different choices, and it’s natural that some candidates appeal to some people and other candidates appeal to other people. That doesn’t mean that the people who support candidate X or candidate Y are stupid, misogynists, radical feminists, morons, racists, fascists, trolls, plants, or any other of a host of things that I have seen them called here.

    I think almost all of us are decent, caring people. I just wish we’d all act that way.

  73. riverhouse is 100% accurate about “Federal Coal Company, Merrill Lynch, and Boeing” and Michael was entirely wrong.

    Top donors for his presidential campaign were the exact companies you cite – google is his highest with 14,652 with the three you mentioned coming in as his 6th, 12th and 13th biggest contributors to this campaign.

    There are no unions supporting Bernie at all with donations this year and Hillary has millions from union pacs.

  74. You are wrong. Period.

    Never did she dodge the questions. Not once. You clearly are too simple minded to understand her answers.

    She answered the questions.

  75. Instead of politics perhaps you should find a more suitable hobby.

    There are echo chamber boards where everyone is for one candidate – and those sites ban opposition and delete their comments.

    This site has republicans who are messing with us, Democrats for Hillary and independent who lean way left for bern.

    And you want us to all get along? Funny.

    Just sayin.

  76. No, Rin, I’m making the suggestion that we all disagree like civilized adults instead of name-calling and squabbling like children. All name-calling and mudslinging and ad-hominem attacks do is diminish the arguments of the person making the argument and cause further division and bad feeling.

    Conversely, civil debate is integral to a functioning democracy, and not just amongst the politicians, but the people as well. Just because we don’t agree, we don’t have to be rude and we don’t have to be enemies. Asking for civility isn’t asking for there to be no debate. It isn’t asking for an echo chamber and it isn’t asking for us all to have no dissent. It’s just asking people to treat each other like people.

    If we have to resort to name-calling, we might as well just give up on democracy and let the corporations rule us.

  77. It amazes me that we as Democrats always have to disarm for the sake of civility. Where were Democrats that let the right wing smear our President with slurs? Oh we are above that lets talk issues. I never read one post from you when they called FLOTUS a pig. I am sick and tired of this being a pussy because of morals. When will you say enough is enough?

  78. Are you really trying to tell me, DJ, that you can’t discuss something passionately and in disagreement with someone else without attacking and insulting and name calling the person instead of the ideas? I don’t believe that.

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