The Biggest Winner Of The CNN Republican Debate Was Bernie Sanders


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke for America when he gave up on the CNN Republican debate and pronounced the entire event, “sad.”

Here are some of Sen. Sanders best moments live tweeting the debate, according to his campaign:

“Rich get richer. Median family income $5k less than in 1999. One of the highest rates of childhood poverty. Any discussion?” he asked as the debate droned on. “Have you heard anyone use the word poverty yet? 47.7 million Americans living in poverty. No discussion.” Still later he tweeted: “Waiting, waiting, waiting. Will we hear anything about racial justice, income inequality or making college affordable?”

Nearly two hours into the debate, the conversation briefly turned to an important issue: raising the $7.25 hourly minimum wage. “The American people overwhelmingly want to raise the minimum wage. Too bad the Republicans don’t,” Sanders tweeted. He has introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

During a back-and-forth on foreign policy, Sanders asked, “Gee. How come these guys are not talking about the great ‘success’ of Bush’s foreign policy and the war in Iraq?” A few minutes later he wondered, “Can these guys talk about anything other than their desire to go to war?” During a discussion about a proposed deal to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, Sanders wrote, “War, war, war. When do we get to their other major priority: tax breaks for billionaires?”

Missing from the exchanges was perhaps the greatest international crisis facing the planet. “Will they talk about climate change as a foreign policy issue? Or talk about it at all?” They finally did. It turned out that not one of them believes that the United States government should lead the world in combating climate change and transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels.

On domestic issues, Republicans wanted to take away health care for women and marriage rights from gays.

The candidates were asked about a Kentucky county clerk defying a court order and refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays. “Does anybody on the stage believe that our gay brothers and sisters have the same rights as the rest of us?” Sanders wondered. “Anybody?”

The Republicans also called for defunding Planned Parenthood. “Does anyone on that stage believe the women of this country have the right to control their own bodies? Anyone?” Sanders asked.

Some of Sanders’ most popular tweets were about Republican front-runner Donald Trump. “Trump: ‘I will take care of women.’ Really? What about respecting the right of women to control their own bodies?” Sanders said. As the front-runner smirked and ridiculed his challengers, Sanders said of Trump: “What a pleasant and humble person. Can’t stop saying kind and generous things about his fellow Republicans.”

After two and half hours, even Bernie Sanders couldn’t take any more. Sen. Sanders summed up the night with a Facebook post, “The evening was really pretty sad. This country and our planet face enormous problems. And the Republican candidates barely touched upon them tonight. And when they did, they were dead wrong on virtually every position they took. The Republican Party cannot be allowed to lead this country. That’s why we need a political revolution.”

The evening was sad, but it was also a huge win for Bernie Sanders. When Republicans discuss their agenda, it benefits Democrats. Extremism was on parade during both Republican debates on CNN. The American people, or at least those who made it through the whole 5 hour plus slog, got to see what Republicans are up to.

The Republican candidates promoted the virtues of George W. Bush. They talked up the bogus Planned Parenthood videos, dismissed doing anything about climate change, debated the merits of vaccines, told America that Kim Davis was just like MLK, ignored the middle-class, except to say that working people are struggling and embraced a flat tax that would give more to rich and harm everyone else.

The debate was a disaster for Republicans, but it was a goldmine for candidates with a real agenda to help the American people, like Bernie Sanders.

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  1. If Bernie Sanders was the winner, it was only because they didn’t attack him once, never mentioned him. The only people who they repeatedly mentioned were Ronnie Raygun, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Ones dead, but saying his name shines them in the good light, and the other two are who they fear.

  2. How is not mentioning Bernie Sanders the entire time during the “Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” show on CNN tonight make Senator Sanders the winner?

    If anything, President Barack Obama and SoS Hillary Clinton are the winners since Republicans only talk about and castigate the ones they fear, and the “junior” Senator from Vermont was never mentioned.

  3. A real disgrace for the USA that debate was. Do we ever need a political revolution. No more nonsense. I am proud that I, my family, friends, and so, so many other fellow North Americans support Bernie Sanders. That man is someone who truly represents the ideals of 2016 and beyond. #FeelTheBern

    Google – On the issues – to take a quiz/learn about who running matches your beliefs most.

  4. They didn’t want to get into a discussion about Bernie because anything bad they’d say about him would be a lie. Bernie is a clean machine and stands behind everything he says all the time. It’s hard to pick a fight with someone you know is right. ICH, your explanation is all wet about fear. They fear Bernie more every day and for good reason. He’s climbing up and they’re heading down.

  5. Bernie Sanders represents the future of the democratic party in terms of economic messaging. Our party’s platform will be from democratic socialism along with social justice. I wish I could see the future of how the US will be in 2100, as demographics and ideals change.

  6. Good article, but Jason, I have to disagree with your basic concept. The real winners of the debate were those who didn’t bother to watch it. ;-)

  7. 2 and a half hours????? !!!!!! I managed 15 minutes and then I needed a stiff drink. Oh dear lord-someone save the world from these idiots.

  8. Without questions. Bernie Sanders is the winner of the debate .Hillary ,Obama names were used by some of the Republicans including the former New Jersey Gov and a few other last night.They did not mention Sanders because he has a clean record and they cannot attack him because they are afraid Of him.Sanders will beat any Republican that he runs against .The CNN Republicans Debates Trump looked out of it last night .If I were a Republican looking for a Republican to support in that debate It was Ben Carson .But I am not voting for a Republican in 2016 .My choice will be Bernie Sanders our next Potus.within 3 months he will be at a dead heat with Hillary nationally or surpass her and take the lead in the national polls.Just as he did in New Hampshire and Iowa .He will be the winner in the Democratic Party.When the Democratic Debates happen Sanders will be the winner again .because many more Americans will get educated about Sanders and that is key.

  9. The questions were really, poorly framed. The Fox debate had much better questions.

    Revolt Against Plutocracy has a primary campaign strategy to help Bernie secure the nomination called the Bernie or bust pledge. They’re going to use it as leverage.

  10. pat cincotta, project much?

    If Bernie Sanders was a threat to the Republican machine, they’d be attacking him left and right, day in, day out. The fact that they haven’t even mentioned his name but can’t shut up about Hillary Clinton and President Obama should tell those who are sufficiently politically astute that Republicans fear them, not the “junior” Senator from Vermont who, by the way, has topped out at around 25% in the polls and hasn’t gotten a single congressional endorsement to date.

    In fact, the National Review is asking Republicans to conduct an “Operation Chaos 2016” by supporting Sanders’ campaign with cash in order to weaken Hillary Clinton. (

    Does that sound as if Republicans fear him? And if so, in what universe?

  11. A child’s small hand is easily filled, isn’t John?

    That’s not Bernie Sanders’ twitter account. It’s one made by a supporter.

    Forgot to mention that, John?

  12. I’m going on YouTube to watch the debates.

    Gods or FSM help me.

    I feel like I’m going to step in a huge pile of dog poo and I have holes in my shoes.

  13. Exactly ICH. Even if it was his account, fiery tweets won’t get you to the White House – not even close!

  14. MAN, these jokers better hope that they don’t have to face Bernie in a debate. He will rip any one of them to shreds!

    And by the way, Bernie summed up yet again, that he is the only qualified and viable candidate running for President. Decent, has integrity, experienced and knows the issues, has a record of working for the people. His time is long overdue. This is the man for the job…no doubt.

  15. Right because we can count on the Republicans to be politically astute. They thought Romney was going to beat Obama in a landslide in 2012, so your point is meaningless.

  16. There are, quite possibly, 2 other reasons they didn’t (and don’t, and won’t) mention Sanders:
    1. Their followers don’t even know about Sanders because all they read, see, or hear is GOTP propaganda.
    2. In their secret heart of hearts, they know the Sanders message is one of justice and fairness (which is what they were all taught as children), and they absolutely do not want their followers to start investigating it.

  17. The comments above and the article itself are just crap.

    They fear the bern they feelthe bern the hero is bern the bern is bern the world evolves around the purity and machine that is the bern his tweets are the answer to all our dreams he wins he blasts he kills he conquers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No. Not really.

  18. Reality check:

    Hillary is ahead in NH again if Biden drops out.

    Why is Bernie opening another two offices in NH plus doing 4 campaign events there in this tiny neighboring state this weekend? Because he is not surging, he is tanking fast.

    He is a mere +4 today:

    35 Bernie to 31 Hillary to 14 Biden

    Another poll this week, Monmouth:
    Sanders 43, Hillary 36, Biden 13 = +7 but not if Biden drops out.

    Nationwide she is double Bern even including Biden and jumps to 56 without Biden. Bernie needs to get hopping – 19 weeks and 4 days.

    So the Republicans mentioned her 50 times between the two debates.

    Because she makes their dicks shrivel.

  19. Would someone please explain if Bernie has any plans for Nevada?

    I have been looking for info on this. I saw Biden has been talking to the Culinary union in LA (about Vegas) but not one mention of Bern in Nevada.

    It is the third state. Hillary has had 4 states rolled-out for months. She just rolled out two more and has plans to roll out several more states this month.

    Colorado and Minnesota are open for official campaign business besides the grassroots in all the other states.

    He is still opening offices in New Hampshire – it is almost October!

    When is he going to get to the third state?

    Or is his campaign just make believe – a fairy tale? Send him your money folks – he needs 50 million – stat.

  20. The biggest winner of the GOP debates – 2 kiddie debates and 2 main stage debates – was Hillary.

    She stands alone to lead the Democratic party to victory and there is nobody close.

    But sadly she does not have a penis so therefore GO BERNIE!

  21. I expected Carly would do well last night but didn’t expect her to come off as a virtual B****, which she did. She stood on stage all stiff lipped, unsmiling and appeared to be waiting for everyone to salute her. With the others, we are now the US of Israel, I guess. Israel was mentioned several time and the words “working class” only 3 times!

  22. Doctor Who, does Bernie have any staff in Nevada?

    Hillary does and has since April.

    It is a caucus state. It is hispanic.

    Then South Carolina. It is heavy for Hillary and it is also not white liberal.

    He is tied for one state and she is ahead by far in 49 states.

  23. Listen Rin, All this crap you’re talking is meaningless, the people will vote despite the polls.

    Let’s just vote and stop expelling garbage.

  24. He doesn’t need money, delegates, staff, offices, POC, Women, moderates, TV ads, a real campaign, people to know who he is even and mostly he doesn’t need to ask anyone what they want – he will tell them what is good for them – but not produce actual affordable plans – just write meaningless (not co-sponsored even) bills.

    Yes, I should just vote for the candidate who is a national joke.

    Tell me why? What does he have? It sure isn’t personality or charisma or charm or eloquence.

    Just vote? We are in campaign mode. Voting takes a few minutes, campaigning takes 70 million dollars and decades of crediblity.

  25. Hillary….(LIAR screams Carly) has never been found guilty of anything. Numerous investigations after Benghazi with never any evidence of wrongdoing and now the DOJ stated this week that Hillary’s use of personal emails was not against the rules at the time. I wish she wouldn’t have used her personal email but then, I bet she does too.

  26. I totally agree Francie, they’re afraid of Hilary and her response with the .GIF was priceless! I’m not attacking Bernie, I’m supporting Hilary. So for the Bernbots, please refrain from the attacks, save them for the GOP, k?

  27. maple, you are a canadian, right?

    They know who Bernie is. He has been around for over 40 years and they know who he is because he has been mentioned on Republican messaging as a socialist and pegging him as what all dems are despite that being untrue.

    They know who the nominee will be.

    She has 440 Superdelegates and Bernie still has zero. He has no support of the party he attacks and wishes to rule.

    He isn’t a democrat and isn’t viable.

    But ok, his supporters are bending over backwards with pretzel logic to defend him and come up with how he will win.

    He kissed up to Corbyn. FCS! He will never be POTUS.

    Does Canada want him? You can have him.

  28. Who said he did?

    The pollsters include him because he may.

    He has been speaking to the most likely unions to back him – steelworkers and culinary – and they rule PA and NV plus he has been actively sending out signals for months now.

    If he is removed from polls his percentage largely, according to statistics and analysis polling, go to Hillary.

    That is why he is mentioned.

    Without Biden she gets a big bump.

  29. Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He’s a Socialist and he was elected in tiny VT as an Independent. He should be running as an Independent. If he had any integrity he would run as who he is, not as a fraud.

  30. Republicans don’t mention Sanders because he is their dream nominee. Anyone on that stage would beat Bernie Sanders in a national election. The dirt that is out there on Bernie Sanders is legendary and just sitting there waiting for the Republican negative ad machine to crank up. His history is sordid and he has absolutely no Congressional record to run on. This is America, not Finland. All the GOP has to say to Middle America is “SOCIALIST” and Bernie Sanders is buried. He has no support from women, African Americans or other minorities, hispanics. He’s the great loser the GOP is praying for fervently. That’s why they don’t mention him. Hillary Clinton is who they know will beat them. It is Hillary that is getting the attacks from the GOP, not Sanders. He’s their patsy.

  31. Sanders isn’t the future of the democrtic party. He’s a self procllaimed socialist. His ideas are great, but his candidacy, frankly hurts the democratic party, or his supporters do. His supporters are blinded by that shiney thing that they’ll never achieve. I remember my older siblings all ga-ga over McGovern, a great champion of social justice. He got beaten into the dirt. Sanders can’t convert enough dems and independents, and repububs would rather chew their arms off then vote for a socialist. If we want to keep the WH in 2016, we don’t need to dirty our own candidates and fight amongst ourselfs.

  32. Those of you who brand Bernie Sanders a Socialist appear not to know what real socialism is. Socialism is where the government owns all the factors of production and the supporting institutions of a country.That means all the factories, hospitals, doctors, schools, infrastructure, communications media, etc. are owned by the government. Bernie Sanders is not advocating this kind of system. He does want the government to enact laws which help ALL the citizens and not just the top 1%, who have been buying influence in our government for decades. Can you understand the difference?

  33. GTFOOH – you are talking about communism.

    He calls himself a socialist. That for decades is what he is. Do you know who the head of the DSA is? Do you know who is supporting Bernie – look at his endorsements. So it isn’t us branding.

    He ran on it in Vermont. He is proud of it.

    He longs for Scandinavian bliss in the US, he was just recently talking about taking away our sneaker choices and deoderant choices so children would be fed – much to the amusement of economists.

    He talks about a 90% tax rate on the rich and his supporters are running around wearing robin hood outfits.

    Bernie keeps yelling free stuff for everybody!

    Bernie is not a communist. Go look up his past – google is your friend.

  34. These messages/attacks from establishment democratic mouthpieces against Bernie really aren’t showcasing the differences in party politics. Can’t we all just get along.

  35. Here charlie, I googled it for you. Politics 101. Don’t they teach you kids to shut up till you double check if you do not know what you are talking about?

    Look under how it is structured – public vs private for soc vs comm. Scroll to “economic systems” and also note democratic centralism.

    He supports Corbyn. Cornel West. The soicalists are drooling over him. REAL Democrats are not. Capitalism must die according to Bernie. Take down the banks take down Wall STreet – take down coroporations… your guy. Own him.

  36. He’s a progressive. He could help to transform the dems and keep them from sliding to the center which is going further right as the reps. fall off the right side of the sanity map. Wake up! The dems are getting co-opted by big money just like the reps and need a wake up call.

  37. I understand what you are saying but I will use the analogy of nukes. If the Soviet Union is building nukes would you just disarm because its the moral thing to do? Until there is public financing of elections then you better get all the nukes you can get or you would get destroyed

  38. OK Rin. We get it! You hate Bernie.
    Why why not step down off the Hillery soapbox and give regular folks a chance to speak their minds. Bernie represents a breath of fresh air. Idealisim in politics is not a crime.

  39. Idealisim in politics is not a crime.
    But it is malpractice. Nader Gore and Bush are the same. That is all

  40. Almost every one of us Bernie supporters were pushing Senator Warren to run 1st. Most of us wanted a woman to run in the first place. We just wanted a competent woman. Hillary is not the one.

  41. Sanders spot on as usual. These republicans are an irresponsible, irrational, and greedy bunch. They probably don’t even believe that we are causing climate change, despite overwhelming evidence and consensus among scientists to the contrary.

    Imagine republicans had full control at all times. The world would end in a matter of months. They would declare war on everyone and everything.

  42. …my 16 year old grand-niece could shred, compost and sell the fertilizer of these idiots…
    …hhhmmmmmm, I wonder…
    {{{I got a little list, they never would be missed.}}}

  43. Agree-as a side as much as some people on here complain about media coverage of Trump, they do the same here when it comes to Bernie…Would love to hear about O’malley, not everybody is sold on Bernie and being told “if you knew better about him you would vote for him, you just don’t know better” is condescending…

    When you point that out you get down-voted, which I could care less about, just want more balanced and fair coverage of ALL the candidates…

  44. That is what trolls do Jeff Laurence. The establishment and status quo needs them to muddy the waters, lie, and spread propaganda in their attempt to remain in power. They fail to realize that the American people have had it with the establishment and status quo. It has let them down sold them out too many times. #feeltheBern

  45. So lets say Sanders win and when he discover he just cant snap his finger and give you your unicorns will you turn on him like a lot of white progressives did with the President?

  46. Mug? Do you want to go there child? I ask you a simple question. When did you come to this conclusion? Because a lot of us have known this since the 80’s. Now if you didn’t that means you haven’t been paying attention

  47. DJ, on the same token, when Hillary’s corporate and billionaire benefactors tell her to jump and deliver to them she will not only just ask how high but she’ll also do backflips, and half gainers. Your comparison to unicorns is demeaning, insulting, and unbecoming to a comments moderator here at PoliticusUSA.

  48. I have to disagree. Everyday I hear from Sanders supporters on how the President was a sellout because they didn’t get their single payer and the drones, not so much now because Sanders support them. I have read that the President didn’t engage in the mid terms when it was Democrats who ran away from him and not one said they voted which when only 18% of democrats who did vote I tend to believe they didn’t vote because in 2010 the emos hero Ed Shultz told them don’t bother. The reason I say unicorns is because I have read his proposals and while I may agree with them my pragmatic side say how the fuk will you accomplish that? I am not even talking about republicans but there are enough democrats that will say hold up. Case in point. The President wanted to reform the student loan crises but Ben Nelson from Nebraska who have a financial interest in the status quo said NO. But that was the Presidents fault. I all I am saying is I don’t believe that the American public wants revolution. Progress is made by baby steps and feel the bern do not understand that

  49. OK Dj, You have never heard that from me regarding single payer healthcare. I have said and maintained that the ACA is the best he could do because of the circumstances and that there is room for improvement. I have never ran away from President Obama and feel his legacy will be that of one of the greatest Presidents our nation has ever had.

    The establishment and status quo have betrayed and sold out the American people to the wealthy and special interests. The time is right for political revolution. Establishment/status quo candidates Are not going to succeed in this election. You can make your points without having to be insulting and demeaning with those who make civilized and well thought out comments. Again I must take exception with them. It doesn’t do either side any good by being demeaning or insulting.

  50. In spite of the CNN moderator spending the whole night trying to get the candidates to snipe one another, many good issues were brought up that Bernie Sanders clearly does not want to address. The idea that our democrats, both Sanders and Jason Easley, are always trying to change the subject and insult the republicans, we independents want all these issues addressed. While I do sympathize with the plight of homosexuals, it is certainly at the bottom of my list – and I think most Americans would agree.
    Terror, terror with nukes, 20 trillion in debt, illegal immigration, jobs – there are many issues that are far more important. My unborn grandchildren’s lifetime of income tax is already spent and Bernie wants to talk about homosexuals.
    I could go on and on but now I have a headache. And those of you who think a $15 minimum wage will fix things really know nothing about economics.

  51. You are right but it just pisses me off when, not you but others demean the President. I have never been insulting to you. Maybe I need to calm down but put yourself in my shoes. The most progressive President since FDR is getting insulted by people you think should be your allies. I expect that from the American Taliban but from so=called Democrats?

  52. Francie, this isn’t 1972. In 2015, I am a healthcare worker who hasn’t gotten a raise in 17 years, despite the price of everything rising. I am someone who can’t go back to college because I will literally be paying it off into retirement, and I still might not find a better paying job than the one I have. We have an entire generation of kids with college degrees who are working for either minimum wage, or close to it, who are drowning in debt and can’t afford to buy a house, get married, or live anything close to what a middle class lifestyle used to be. This is wrong. We are tired of politicians selling us out. We are tired of working 2 or 3 jobs and still not making it. We are tired of our jobs being sent overseas. We are the REVOLUTION. Go Bernie!

  53. Thank you Dj, I appreciate that. Here is something to think about…. I would venture to guess that the same Hillary supporters who are here constantly trying to smear Bernie Sanders did the same to Senator Barak Obama when he ran against Hillary for the Democratic nomination in 2008 would have most likely been smearing him during those primaries. The 2008 primaries were very ugly, and a lot of the Hillary supporters who post here are trying to make this primary season just as ugly.

  54. I was in the fights and my take away don’t whine fight because whatever the Clintons, me or the democrats throw at you it aint nothing that the republicans have in store for Sanders. When you are whining then you are losing

  55. Just make sure those undies are clean shadowolf! And remember, Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, translated..Always wear underwear!

  56. Jen. Oh please. Why are the doom, gloom and scare tactics the only thing being used to incite people.

    There are a lot of young people in the right fields coming out of College making a good living, I know some of them.

    I am doing fine and so is my family. Yes, we donate time and money to our favorite charities too.

    The question is are we as a country better off then 7 years ago? Yes we are!

    You say you want a Revolution? Well, you know….

  57. All good issues Steve but when the rights of one of us are threatened, all our rights are threatened and giving the presendency to the highest bidder is not the answer. Campaign reform is the first step. How about supporting a candidate that has supported that his whole life?

  58. Steve, first the debt is 18.3 Trillion and it was $10.6 Trillion when he was sworn in.

    However, the $10.6 Trillion was not a real number due to the accounting of the Iraq and Afghan Wars as Assets by Bush/Cheney; they are now expense as they should be.

    Also. The Bush/Cheney tax cuts were supposed to create wealth for everyone for decades but that did not work out. The tax cuts ended up being the largest drain on the Treasury when the economy sank in 2008-2009.

  59. Tex. Sanders has only been a Democrat for 4 months and if he worked so well with “others” in the Senate why has he only (one) 1 real bill to show for it?

  60. I do not believe RIN “hates” Bernie. We just see him as the Angry Grandpa Candidate and Politician who has flipped on quite a few policies and votes over the years.

    He has some of the Angry White vote but he has real problems with Hispanics.

  61. when you call people “bern bots” you are almost asking for a negative response, as if Bernie voters don’t think. Honestly, Clinton is a pro-corporate Neo-Con just like her husband. Bill did a lot to expand private prison practices and mass incarceration of black people, and Hillary is almost guaranteed to do nothing about banking and financial practices. Plus Hillary will not raise taxes to a pre-Trickle Down level, which is what this country REALLY needs. She is a shill for the rich, just makes it not AS BAD for the poor.

  62. I am not against Hillary because I am for Bernie. She does not represent my values. If Bernie is unelectible so be it. Let him say his piece and let the chips fall where it may. He was never mentioned last night just like every issue they don’t have the capacity to tear down. All they have is the label ‘Socialist Democrat’ And like many Democrats who believe the same, that one label is no longer enough to defeat a good and wise message. You don’t need to talk up against him, like Hillary’s superpac did earlier this week. Just debate and campaign. I was a huge Hillary supported but Bernie’s message, record, and economic and social plans almost directly match what I think we should do. He didn’t need to evolve to come to the right decision, but would evolve when a better path is presented. His message won me over. Citizen united needs to be struck down, and Bernie is acting as if its gone already. That seems naive to some, but a guide for me.

  63. No one mentions the Green Card & Work Visa Avalanche that has fueled the ‘outsourcing’ addiction and fed greed to Jabba Fat, Or the Actual Refugee Emergency… We stand at the precipice of horrible changes with the Conservative zombie crowd like Scud’s we seem screwed- polarized and extremely hate-able. It is a Red Line situation and Koch Media has fangs, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu with No Gracian and not a guillotine in sight. Yes I am pissed off disgusted and heartbroken that there are Koch suckers in every office of our nation assisting the Nazi dogma which has no regard for anything non coal yielding.

  64. This is why I know Bernie Sanders is winning. They are either ignoring him or laughing him or smearing (fighting) him. That is not the indication of a side that is winning. They ignore Bernie Sanders because they are afraid of him. They are laughing at him because they are afraid of him. They are smearing (fighting) him because they are afraid of him. The era of the establishment and status quo is at an end.

  65. While you may be fine with letting the pieces fall where they may us sane ones know that the SCOTUS IS AT STAKE

  66. I’m praying Bernie gets the nomination. An admitted socialist with the initials BS. This is gonna be a circus. Run bernie run. Crash hilary crash,lol.

  67. I can. Sanders voted Twice to defend Gun Manufacturers from Lawsuits (like they needed it) and Twice against The Brady Bill.

    Hillary voted twice against gun manufacturer protections and her Husband, Bill Clinton, signed the Brady Bill into law.

  68. The saddest thing to me was their response to questions about climate change. They’re all willing to spend what it takes to build up our already huge military, to build walls and invest in techology to keep out immigrants, but asked about helping to save the planet? “No, no, we can’t spend that much money. It would hurt business.”

    Bernie in 2016!

  69. This is NOW the UNOFFICIAL “feel the bern site” NOW….!!!!!….Please Give them what they THINK they Want….!!!!….and let them Rue The Day in November,2016…!!!!….SO Laughable….!!!!!!

  70. President Obama has managed to do quite a bit on those promises he made during his campaigns, even with all the obstructions the GOP put in place. For this, I think he has been a truly amazing President.

    When it comes to this election, I have been siding with Bernie. This is because, for every problem that he has stated, he has also stated a solution. It might not be the right solution, but it is stated. Hillary, when given a chance to make a statement about the problems, doesn’t give any feedback. Her answers are non-answers, and her supporters are the BigBanks, BigPharma, and BigBusiness types, who want to see those items off any agenda for change. So you see her voting against, or not vetoing legislation that would hurt these corporations? I don’t see it happening. What I see happening is business as usual, with the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

    Bernie gives me hope. #FeeltheBern

  71. If these are the choices we have for the Republican Party, God have Mercy on us
    Watch out World
    Their Back

  72. Who is the Vice Gov California, excellent Campaign Commercial ,check it out if you can find it.Saw it once, very impressive

  73. everybody worries about how Bernie will get legislation passed…like he says “it’s
    only going to work if the people remain
    involved”. repub or dem, leadership gets all bills to the floor for a vote, same in the senate and on to the president to sign or
    veto. original rules governing filibuster.
    if business isn’t conducted in a timely manner then Bernie could appeal to the people who elected him. if a rep. or sen.
    decides to obstruct, then appeal to the
    folks in their home state to demonstrate that they expect their elected to be able to cast a vote….demonstrations maybe work slowdowns. we don’t have to nor should we wish that only our views are
    worth a vote. if it’s a bill that follows the
    rules to the point that it’s eligible for a vote, then it gets voted on. it’s the only
    way to preserve our country in a peaceful
    manner. if the status quo reigns we’ll be
    at each others throats in 10 yrs. listen to
    what Bernie says and really check out his
    background and electe…

  74. Bernie agreed on the Iran deal and signed that he would not oppose Obama. no one in Congress knows what the side deals was just like john Kerry didn’t know. Do you really want a man in office who signs agreements and treaty’s with countries without know the contents. Israel has always been an ally of the Us. Iran on other hand has always been an enemy of US and Israel. As soon as Obama and Kerry signed the deal, Iran was chanting death to America and Israel. What will it take before the liberal democrats realize what they have done, the united states getting nuked or destroyed from within by the refugees they are bringing in, Yes Obama was warned that 2 out of every 100 refugee’s could possibly be Isis supporters. Democrats, Its time you look at what your representatives are doing and are voting in and ask yourselves, Are they trying to protect the Americans or sell them out??

  75. The truth prevails..the truth prevails. I am so proud of Senator Bernie Sanders because his Tweets were to the point and direct and 100% honest. This is the person that would make America great again. What I saw last night was abysmal. It was a tragic, terrible, insane night of what could be..Yet I truly believe they have now, THANK GOD, lost their chances of ever winning this election. They spoke of horrible lies..screw America is their motto.. They were the worst. Imagine Twitter monger infantile Trump as POTUS. We would be screwed. That would be the end of America as we know it. It was a disgusting display on their part and highly offensive to all women..This Planned Parenthood lie they keep harping about is pure propaganda..It’s BS and they are lying to all American’s. The GOP managed to do what they do best..They made us a laughing stock..They made other countries that may have witnessed this debacle look like a complete joke..What happened to talking about the issues

  76. I know what socialism is, and I understand what Sanders is avocating. What you and other supporters of Sanders refuse to recognize is, we’re not the people you need to convince. The people who need convincing are moderate rethugs (not the bat shit crazy ones), and most independants. Most democrats will vote for the nominee, who ever it is. Stop preaching to the choir, you’ll tear the party apart, just like the repubs.
    By the way, sometimes when I read this purity crap, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a Jehovah’s Witness mission, and some are trying to indoctrinate me. Just so you know.

  77. This is in reply to dj. Under that analogy the correct course of action would be for the dems to tack towards the extreme left in the same manner that the reps are to the extreme right. That’s not really where Bernie is (extreme left that is), but in going there they’d pass him on the way. So in that respect, I do sort-of agree with your assertion. We need to elect Bernie, a sensible and ACTUALLY left candidate, to combat the right’s nuclear insanity.

  78. I’ve been a supporter since his Senate run because he knows & understand the plight & destruction of the middle class. The 99ers, you & I need him as POTUS. Le t’s elect very Democrat for Senate & Congress to avoid continued obstructionism bythe Repulshricans!

  79. Bernie is too old.
    He looks old and frail with wimpy frail white hair.
    And, Bernie is too weak: he demonstrated this when he let the BLM people take over his stage with a couple thousand of his fans left hanging.
    They either had to listen to the BLM espousing hate for white cops, or go home. He gave up his stage and his audience—gave it over to the BLM who essentially just stole it—which says a lot about the BLM, and a lot about Bernie.
    I don’t care who you are, but if you are espousing hate for law enforcement and encouraging violence against them, then at that point I am no longer with you.
    Has anyone noticed all of the recent murders of white police officers by black males?. It seems to have started shortly after the BLM showed up. Probably just a coincidence.

  80. It’s his campaign twitter account. He can’t tweet about the debate (which would constitute “campaigning”) from his Senate account. It’s against the law.

  81. Hillary has been lurking within the minds of these cretins, since 2008. They know she’s been waiting in the shadows, and she IS coming to get them. They are afraid and they should be. They are looking at another 8 years of self-induced torment.
    They spoke of BS throughout last night’s debate, just not the BS.
    Bernie is not a legitimate threat to either party.

  82. American right in a “normal” country would be far right and American liberals are just moderately right.
    There is no left in America apart from Bernie Sanders. But a choice of 1 isn’t really a choice.

  83. I’m not American and I won’t vote in any of your elections, however the world does watch the outcome of the American election with great interest.

    I just wanted to say the following: While I greatly admire many of the things Bernie Sanders stands for as an observer I do not think he is electable in the USA. However, what both he and Corbyn in the UK (who I also think is not electable) are achieving is opening up the debate on the left so that we don’t take all conservative economic models and values as a given and even worse as representing the “centre”. The problem lies in getting that debate properly out into the mainstream media, which is probably impossible.

    Finally, as a citizen of the world I would be much happier with a democrat in the WH and hope that you guys succeed in 2016.

  84. I think Bernie was watching a different debate. I saw Kasich, Rubio, Rand Paul for example support anti-war positions.

    If anything, Sanders should be attacking CNN for such silly questions and intentionally pitting candidates against each other on non-issues and directing the debate on callous quips made on the side. He went after the media when they questioned him about Hillary’s hair, does he not see the same media childishness in this debate? No, he plays party politics instead.

  85. Bernie Sanders is nothing more than, someone that has been educated to be a politician. He speaks about American Business, but knows nothing of it!!! if you look at his history, he has never produced a dollar from real work, the only money source he knows, comes from Tax payers…or maybe a book deal….but not real work….but please!! nominate him!! for the good of everybody….:-)

  86. rin, if Hillary already has the nomination all tied up already we should be talking about reform of the nomination process. We haven’t even had the first primary and the election is over a year away.

  87. My 16 y/o daughter would wipe the floor with these clowns so if I were you I would STFU and wonder how your party got so stupid

  88. I could wipe the floor with Hillary or Sanders just like your daughter but that is easy to do on either side. Also I’m not part of the republicans or democrats; I am as dead center as you can get.

    Love the immediate ad hominem

  89. First of all that was not a debate. 3 minutes on climate change. Nothing about the economy. Lies about Planned Parenthood. Jeb being shown is a pussy. Fiona talking about the military that she have no idea about. Carson on some type of drugs because I still cant figure out WTF he was talking about and on and on.

    Now your asinine statement that you could debate Clinton or Sanders on policy shows what an idiot you are. Explain right now the Iran deal? Show us how the ACA is good or bad for deficit reduction? Explain to us who are are allies in fighting ISIS. I could go on but I don’t want to overload your brain matter

  90. Haha Raygun, huh? The only reason they fear Sanders, and Clinton, is because of nitwits like you who don’t know a thing about liberty, or how to spell a president’s name for that matter. 47.7 million people in poverty and you want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Any 7-year-old can draw you a labor curve and show how that number will grow once you cut half the minimum wage jobs to compensate for paying more than double for the value of unskilled labor. Can’t wait to see the unemployment rate. Sure you’ll just blame that one of the republicans too.

  91. I’m very antigun, but protecting manufactures from lawsuits over misuse of their products is sort of common sense legislation. You can’t sue the manufactures of a blender if you choose to put your hand in it; you can’t sue the manufactures of a car if you get hit by an idiot driving one. Strengthening gun control and background checks is the right direction to curb gun use in America, not allowing manufactures to be sued. I think Bernie takes a very common sense stance on guns which have a very different use in rural states like Vermont vs dangerous inner cities like Chicago where they simply aren’t used in the same ways. I’m personally more interested in a candidate’s position on public university tuition, universal healthcare, paid parental and vacation leave, prison reform, and addressing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure :) -and that’s all Bernie! #goberniego

  92. If you stop asking 7 year old kids instead of checking actual statistics, perhaps you would find out that raising minimum wage has never resulted in higher unemployment. There is a reason why states (practically almost all red states) with lowest minimum wage rates have the highest poverty rate in the country and suck more federal dollars to compensate.

  93. Allrighty then, hows about Ronnie Retard, or Ronald Racist? All of those fit just as well and I’m sure I spelled them right. Your Faux News talking points only reflects your ignorance of the economy, but then it’s easier sit your fat ass on a couch and have someone tell you what to think. Or maybe that old tired bullcrap came from some child molesting preacher at your local Six Flags Over Jesus mega church! You people make it too easy to insult you, and I enjoy it too much. Short story on you is, your FULL of crap!

  94. Sorry Lea, but the Gun Manufacturers needed NO special rescue/protection from Congress regarding lawsuit protection after Columbine.

    I also do not believe in concealed guns for National Parks.

    I have been a Brady supporter for years and Sanders support from the NRA then his votes against the Brady bills gives me great pause in any support for Sanders.

  95. Ok Rox. So how exactly will Sanders “break up” the Banks, who will decide who is big, were will the proceeds go, will he do it without Congressional approval?

    And how will he re-distribute Trillions of dollars in wealth exactly, will it be by Executive Order, Congressional approval, who/how will the money be re-distributed?

  96. Political correctness is the corporate spokespeople over at Fox and CNN who call Bernie Sanders a socialist but are afraid they’ll offend republicans by properly identifying them as fascists.

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