Obama Vows To Veto Republican Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood


While the Republican presidential candidates were grandstanding on Planned Parenthood, President Obama hit Republicans with reality when he issued a veto threat that promised to reject the GOP attempts to defund the organization.

The White House issued the veto promise in a Statement of Administration Policy:

The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 3134 and H.R. 3504 because the bills, while different, would have the same consequence of limiting women’s health care choices.

H.R. 3134 would defund Planned Parenthood based on its provision of abortion services. Planned Parenthood uses both Federal and non-Federal funds to provide a range of important preventive care and health services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and check-ups to millions of men and women who visit their health centers annually. Longstanding Federal policy already prohibits the use of Federal funds for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman would be endangered. By eliminating Federal funding for a major provider of health care, H.R. 3134 would limit access to health care for men, women, and families across the Nation, and would disproportionately impact low-income individuals.

H.R. 3504 would impose new legal requirements related to the provision of abortion services in certain circumstances, which would likely have a chilling effect, reducing access to care.

If the President were presented with H.R. 3134 or H.R. 3504, he would veto them.

The veto threat was President Obama’s way of telling Republicans not to even think about shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood funding. The issue is dead on arrival. If Republicans in the House and Senate pass legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood, the President will veto it, and his veto will be sustained by Democrats in Congress.

A government shutdown over Planned Parenthood would be even more foolish than the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare funding. A recent CNN/ORC Poll found that the idea of shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood is less popular that Obamacare shutdown was in 2013. During the first CNN Republican presidential debate, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood would throw away Republican hopes of victory in 2016.

President Obama will not allow Republicans to take away access to preventive health care screenings from millions of men and women in an attempt to pander to a tiny segment of social conservatives.

Obama is not going to budge, and if Republicans shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, it will be an act of political suicide.

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  1. It will only be an act of Political suicide if the public understands the issue and as long as the village allows republicans to lie they never will

  2. It was pretty sickening to hear the republicans mansplain why planned parenthood should be defunded.

    I also don’t believe that Carly Fiorna means a word of what she says about defunding planned parenthood. When the other men were promising to defund, her jaw set and her eyes narrowed. There is only so much bull dada a lone woman can take from all the testosterone slinging.

    But then again, why is ANY woman a republican?

    …OK, I feel better…lol
    …seriously, it’s up to US and a few online sources to keep the huddled asses reminded…I swear,{loudly} that the average American has the memory cycle like a “Fk”ing GOLDFISH!!!

  4. Keep doing what you do, President Obama!

    You see… this is what happens when you have someone with a brain and the idea that everyone else in this country matters. You get a good president.

  5. Is there anything any sadder? I had a favorite aunt who became a boisterous republican mouthpiece as she got older. A visit to her house was to see Fox News (their words) pouring out of the tv all day long. She was a teacher her whole adult life with tenure. Grew up when Democrats fed the hungry who would have starved during the depression. Sad to witness intelligent people who will not see.

  6. You give them too much credit.

    Mythbusters tested the myth that goldfish have a 3-second memory.

    “Jamie trained his goldfish to recognize color patterns and complete an obstacle course under water. They remembered what Jamie had taught them over a month later and easily completed the same course without Jamie’s prompting.”

    Myth Busted.

  7. Republican peabrains think the population is an all-in-one. All of the masses aren’t asses. They know the Planned parenthood sting videos were edited to show negativity, but they continue to mislead and lie to the asses in the masses. I’ll be constipated for at least 3 weeks from all the “popcorn” last night, those debates were shall I say, entertaining. They certainly shouldn’t be in public office, trying to out asshole each other on National TV. What an epic show of stupidity & asinine intelligence.

  8. If nothing else, these Republican debates allow Americans to see how mean and mendacious the candidates are. There’s value in that!

  9. We will have our chance next year to vote everyone out that is in office now. There has to be a complete house cleaning! We will have the chance so take advantage of “your vote counts”.

  10. Goldfish are too intellignt. I favor fruit flies as a better comparison to Right Wing Republicans.

  11. And not one thing of substance that would aid the middle class.GOP debates are a stain on our nation.

  12. I was riveted to both debates. Rubio was especially on point when he said that wealthy people can afford to pay for higher energy bills which will ofcourse come with climate change legislation but the avg person would struggle. Further, how will our industry compete worldwide with higher costs added to the already sky high taxes regulatiions unionsand so forth? Plus as we know China and India will do nothing. The Planned Parenthood thing. If Obama closes the government because he wants abortion funding even by those who have an issue with it, there is no telling which party will suffer.

  13. First China is investing in renewables at a higher rate than we are\
    China saw by far the biggest renewable energy investments in 2014 — a record $83.3 billion, up 39% from 2013. The US was second at $38.3 billion, up 7% on the year but well below its all-time high reached in 2011. Third came Japan, at $35.7 billion, 10% higher than in 2013 and its biggest total ever.

    Second when you get through with your ball washing republican states are putting a tax on people who wants to go solar or wind. Before you speak know ETF you are talking about

  14. Dummy there is no federal funding for abortion see Hyde Amendment. Second pass a clean budget bill but your dumbass don’t even know what that means. Third you are stupid there are no sky high taxes in fact under President Obama taxes are at their lowest over the pass 50 years. DUMBASS

  15. Hmmm..David’s the guy that’s always advising his coworkers on what the boss doesn’t like & never gets fired.

  16. I watched the Republican debate the other night and I just wanted to SCREAM every time one of them started in on the “selling baby parts” bullshit. So. Much. Bullshit. Thank you, Mr. President, for being the adult in the room.

  17. President Obama has no intention of “closing the government.” This is all a Republican temper tantrum, led by Ted Cruz, a wannabe preacher who should just go open a church somewhere and leave the rest of us alone. It’s a classic abusive boyfriend move. “You made me hit you!” becomes “Obama made us shut down the government!” Any shutting down will be the work of Cruz and his cronies. I don’t know how to make it any plainer to you.

  18. I posted on Tapper’s FB page that he failed all of us because he never called out any of the hateful lies and mis-information spewed by the president-wannabes, almost no climate-change discussion, and blaming POTUS for everything!

  19. gramiam.Thank you! I, too, have your back, Mr. President. Thank heavens we have someone in the White House that has common sense.

  20. Astorix. Re:your comment about Carly Fiorna. I wanted to add she had made a comment about a live fetus on the table kicking, etc. According to FactCheck there was no such fetus in the videos. She flat out lied!

  21. David Spiegler –
    1. Rubio talks a lot, but has DONE nothing. Empty suit.
    2. Our industry competes well now… could do better if the GOP would stop supporting tax breaks that keep us from funding improvements to national infrastructure and education.
    3. Planned Parenthood – I fully support the President vetoing this bill. For the GOP party to put this up is hypocritical – they say they want less government, but try to rule our personal decisions and what we do in our own homes.
    4. Govt shutdown — go ahead and try. It is sure to hurt the poor (which includes White Republicans)and futher undermine our leadership position in the world. Idiotic – but I would expect no less from idealogues who are als sociopaths.
    5. Speaking of the rest of the world – they saw the GOP “debates”, and were shocked by the low level of discourse, disregard for facts, and hateful talk about “others”.

  22. …upon further reflection, I must concur…but how about those flies who live on shit and dead bodies…more apropos???

  23. …I meant the cheese cracker Goldfish…
    {{{snickers into Navy ballcap}}}
    Good point on Jamies Goldfish, BTW…

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