Obama White House Slams Ben Carson’s Bigotry Towards Muslims


The White House slammed Ben Carson’s view that a Muslim shouldn’t be president, as Press Secretary Josh Earnest pointed out that Carson’s views are completely inconsistent with the Constitution.


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the growing calls for Carson to drop out of the Republican race:

You know, this goes to something that we talked a great deal about in this room on Friday, which is that we have seen not just a tendency but a willingness on the part of some successful Republican politicians, and let’s face it, Dr. Carson in many of the polls ranks second or third so at least in the past few months he has been quite successful at elevating his status in the Republican Party.

And we’ve seen a willingness on the part of many of those candidates to countenance offensive views all in pursuit of political support. And in the case of the Republican primary, pursuit of votes. And you know, I think what’s particularly disappointing to many observers including me is that we haven’t seen a significant outcry from all of the other candidates in the Republican race. And it’s for the same reason. They’re chasing for the same votes.

And the fact is this is not something that’s consistent with the values of a vast majority of Americans. And ironically enough, I actually do think that the views articulated by Dr. Carson are entirely inconsistent with the Constitution that does actually guarantee the freedom of religion in this country.

So ultimately, there will be consequences, and those views will be taken into account by voters. Both in the primary, but also in the General Election.

Instead of apologizing for his bigotry, Ben Carson doubled down. In an interview with The Hill, Carson said, “I do not believe Sharia is consistent with the Constitution of this country. Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that’s inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution.”

Carson wants to impose a religious requirement on the presidency. His idea is not only radical. It is also illegal and unconstitutional. The White House was right to rip Carson, but his position isn’t about being a Muslim. Carson is proposing to violate the Constitution.

Anyone who believes in the rule of law should be appalled by Carson’s remarks. Ben Carson wants to throw away the Constitution. This position should disqualify him from being the next President Of The United States. Even if his views do make him more attractive inside the Republican Party, Ben Carson is now completely unelectable.

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  1. …these stupid Teatards are so radioactive that if they were all to drop dead, thier coffins would weigh 5 tons each…
    …there would also be parties from coast to coast…

  2. Carson said this, “Muslims feel that religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official and that’s inconsistent with our principle and Constitution” Well the part about religion being inconsistent with our constitution is correct, we are a SECULAR nation because of the separation of church and state. However his statement is completely hypocritical! Just change Muslim to Christian in his statement, CHRISTIANS feel that “Religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official”..not only do Christians “feel” that but they DEMAND it from every one. Using his logic then that means that Atheists would be and SHOULD ONLY be public officials.

  3. Fear of a Muslim Planet: Carson, Trump, and the Cowards of the Right

    The Rude Pundit warned you. He told you repeatedly that Dr. Ben Carson is a fuking idiot, a self-aggrandizing buffoon whose hubristic reasoning for running for president is “I felt God’s fingers on me.” No, really, motherfuker said almost exactly that. So after admitting that he’s getting finger-banged by an invisible sky wizard, Carson has the balls on Meet the Press to say that Muslims shouldn’t be president because they don’t have the same “values” as the rest of America. – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/?tw_p=twt#sthash.ABAi312K.dpuf

  4. “…not only do Christians “feel” that but they DEMAND it from every one.”

    Yes, and play the martyr when anyone objects to them insinuating their religion into federal, state, and local laws and public institutions.

    Extreme Christian religionists insist that “god’s law” outweighs the Constitution, even though We the People made the Constitution the supreme law of the USA. As you say, this is hypocrisy.

    Instead of a religious test, we seriously need a citizenship test for public office…with heavy emphasis on the Bill of Rights.

  5. It is no doubt disgusting, but not at all surprising. I would expect no less of today’s Republican party. There isn’t one candidate among them, that isn’t a freakishly paranoid bigot.

  6. …if Teahadists, NeoConArtists and Teatards wanna avoid and repudiate ANYTHING that came from Arabs and Muslims there’s ONE thing they CAN do; but never will…
    …y’see, COFFEE was discovered by an Arab shepherd boy in, as best I remember, in the early Middle Ages…
    …what??? ya think “Arabica Beans” is code for something???

  7. Most Americans could not begin to pass a U.S. citizenship exam. Very few Republicans candidates could, and only after intense study. An IQ test should be mandatory, as well as a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. These people are supposed to be brighter than the rest of us, and sane, as potential leaders of the free world. I know smarter and more respectful children. Can you imagine how many candidates/Presidents would fail a lie detector test?

  8. Radical Christians scare me far more than run of the mill Muslims. Radical anything is abnormal, and for a reason. People naturally fear what they don’t understand, and by and large choose to remain in the dark. Carson may be textbook smart, but clearly not evolved. That’s why he’s running as a Republican.

    Just wish they could catch Carly openly hating on someone. She’s got to go, and now!

  9. Article 6.3 of the Constitution:

    Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.[a]

  10. It appears that Token has gotten beside himself. Didn’t take Ted Cruz long to put him in his place, yet Ted won’t put Donald in his place. I could have explained to Token what’s really happening here. he’s in the wrong party, got the wrong state of mind & has his knowledge of history especially wrong. Dang, Token. Dang.

  11. Carson is still trying to scrape the sh*t off his shoes that he stepped in when he said that America doesn’t need a Muslim in the WH. I read that he now plans to “reach out” to Muslims. Great, just great. Insult someone and then try to tell them, “Oh, but I didn’t mean you, I was talking about those people over there!” Cruz has come to his defense and is blaming PBO for what Carson said. Nope! Won’t work. The president didn’t run his hand up Carson’s back, turn him into a puppet and act as a ventriloquist. Carson said what he said, then added more when he spoke with journalists at “The Hill.” This f*ck up is all Carson’s. I have always thought that the little bit of celebrity Carson has found since the Prayer Breakfast has gone to his head, and I’ve always viewed him as an intolerant, constitutionally-illiterate extremist, and his recent comments about Muslims not being suitable to serve as POTUS due to their religion proves it.

  12. The Carson paradox is that a man intelligent enough to to become a brainsurgeon could say stupid stuff like the ACA being like slavery or Muslims shouldn’t ever be elected president. Can’t believe that the GOP chose this confused candidate, but they went for
    Carly as their token skirt. Go figure.

  13. It wasn’t so very long ago that bigots like Carson were giving the exact same reasons for why a Catholic should never be permitted to hold office in the United States, especially the presidency.

    Voters who actually understood the Constitution and studied the candidate’s positions on important issues ignored the bigots and elected JFK, who, surprise, did not give up the sovereignty of the US to the Vatican.

    Carson, like so many republicans, especially their presidential candidates, has never read and has no idea what the Constitution says, requires, or forbids.

  14. ben carson is spiritually discerning and not a bigot. a bigot is one who hates. carson does not hate but rather he is a leader who sees the implications of such a a decision.he stands for principles based on God’s Word rather than on a politically correct agenda devised by man.

  15. …you don’t get it??? OK…the US Constitution forbids religious tests for elected office…this means not just Muslims…it means Christians as well!!!

  16. Sorry, the US Constitution does not allow any religious tests to become President or any other elected office. This is a secular nation, with a secular Constitution and a secular government. Your christian god does not get a say in how our government is run. What you call god’s word, others call a book of iron age tales written by a bunch of guys who didn’t know where the sun went at night.

  17. I suspect a combination of factors in addition to tokenism, eg:

    (1) Disgust for government insiders, ironically fomented by the Republicans themselves.

    (2) A chance to make a mark on history with their own great *Republican* Black American. Martin Luther King and Barack Obama (not that they’d ever admit to admiring President Obama), but better: intelligence + deep Christian faith in ONE package. (‘Cause they all know the President is Muslim.)

    (3) Attracting AA voters. If you can’t beat ’em (ah, for the good old days when you could beat ’em), exploit ’em.

    (4) They want someone who’s an intellectual superior to the Democrats’ lineup. Dr. Carson’s not the man, but they haven’t figured that out yet. The man lacks charisma, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and a working knowledge of the Constitution. Among other things.

    (5) He’s one of the “GOOD” Negroes. He knows his place and wouldn’t get uppity if elected.

  18. Bigot: one who is intolerant of those who hold differing opinions.
    The most bigoted people I know are liberal.

  19. Yes, I remember. Those Catholics were running loose all over the world blowing people up, beheading and crucifying innocent people, weren’t they? No, they weren’t. Leave it to the sheep liberals to invite the wolf. Look around you. Everywhere Muslims rule, or even constitute the majority, Hell follows.

  20. Dude, the GOP did not “pick” Carson; he is running on his own, and has yet to picked by the Republican registered voters. Now go kill a baby, O enlightened one.

  21. So I see you’ve been watching MSNBC. The Constitution DOES require the President to take an oath to support, uphold and defend the Constitution, which is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Quran, and the Sharia.
    Therefore, the affirmant would either be unfaithful to their religion, or their duty as President, in order to fulfill their oath. Which do you bet they would pick?

  22. It may be time for your medication. Are you kidding? Where on the entire earth are radical Christians killing, raping, crucifying, burning alive and beheading people?
    Before you go back 1,000 years, like your messiah did, and bring up the Crusades, remember that they were in direct reaction to the Muslims doing exactly what they are doing now, and the response is going to be the same as it was 1,000 years ago, once you of low intellect understand what is going on.

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