With His Poll Numbers Sliding Donald Trump Slithers Back To Fox News


Donald Trump’s poll numbers are slipping. The Republican candidate is in dire need of some free publicity, so he is heading back to Fox News to pick a fight with Bill O’Reilly.


Trump’s presidential campaign has been living off of free media and controversy. As the billionaire’s numbers began to slip in the Republican polls, his free TV coverage started to dry up.

Fox News and Trump had a high-profile spat last week, where Trump announced he was boycotting Fox, and the network responded by claiming that he can’t boycott because they canceled his upcoming appearances.


In the meantime, Trump’s momentum has ground to a halt as he continues to lose support on a weekly basis. The Republican frontrunner has responded by doing the only thing that he knows how to do. Donald Trump is going to start another slap fight with Fox News.

According to The New York Times, “Less than a week after he said he would not be “doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future,” Donald J. Trump is set to appear Tuesday night on the network’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” the network confirmed.”


Trump is going to be interviewed by phone, and both Fox News and Trump hope that combination of two of the right’s biggest bags of hot air will do something that will get them both back into the national spotlight.

While the media has focused the impact that Donald Trump has had, what has been overlooked is the fact that outside of the reality television star, the Republican primary has been a boring bust. The Republican candidates aren’t charismatic or interesting. Most of them are devoid of personality. The Republican presidential debates would have been some painfully dull television without Trump.

Donald Trump needs free publicity to keep his circus rolling, and Fox News needs Trump to inject some personality into the Republican primary. The Trump media machine is breaking down, so the billionaire blowhard is heading to Fox News for a tune up.

29 Replies to “With His Poll Numbers Sliding Donald Trump Slithers Back To Fox News”

  1. …as I said…Trumps “Boycott” o’ Faux Spews would last until HE needs THEM again…lol
    …less than a week, because people are wakin’ up to the fact Trump is just another billionaire, lookin’ out for #1…

  2. To all gop moderates if there are any left you wonder why your party is a joke? This right here is exhibit A

  3. I think he’s got it. I think he’s got it. By, George, he’s got it! Trump may have started his campaign as an original, but he has now learned how to speak and act just like a politician.

  4. All talk and no action, what a useless waste of time and money. Drop out Donny and donate the money you would have spent (1 billion)to Syrian refugees, maybe gain some respect you pathetic loser. See tRump crawl to kiss Rogers’ ass. Pucker up.

  5. There’s nothing like a man who keeps his word and Trump is nothing like a man who keeps his word.


  6. I love Donald Trump. As long as he’s doing well he makes things worse for the other Rethug hacks running for President. I hope Trump stays in the running as long as possible.

  7. I totally agree with you. Trump is a gift to democrats. He has no problem calling out the idiots running on the right for the nomination. I think he drove a stake in both Perry and Walker, not to mention he’s hammered Paul (he’s not going anywhere) and Bush is sliding into the abyss. Democrats need to plug their ears, cover their eyes, and stop complaining…………for a while anyway. He’s doing us a solid, by sticking it to the republican party.

  8. Sorry, but I can’t close my ears to someone that has publically branded my family as drug dealers and rapists, inciting more anti-immigrant fervor amongst the rabid Rethug masses than I’ve ever before seen in my lifetime. I’m good with him hurting the GOP brand, but I don’t underestimate how dangerous his message is.

  9. It’s all about free publicity and tv time, trump well knows that value. He’s spent zero dollars on tv ads and is the front runner.

    But today he got hits on his tax plan that may dull the shine. He can only bs for so long before he has to show real policy plans….and about the dam wall, i read an article written by a structureal engineer who basically said it can’t and won’t be done. Pure bs.

  10. He is truly starting to get on my last nerve. I will admit that he is a gift for the Democrats, but he still stinks.

  11. I agree with you, he’s a hateful, dangerous man, or at least his message is. The rest of these guys follow his lead because he’s at the top of the polls. I guess my point was, you can better fight the enemy you see. The rest of these slimeballs are on the same page, otherwise if they had any integrity and were truley against his hatefull retoric, they wouldn’t have folded as soon as their poll numbers took a hit for calling him out. There isn’t much decency amongst this group, and I appologize if you found what I wrote offensive, but I want to see who’s hand the knifes in.

  12. The fox news thing matters to no one who is sick of establishment politics. They are pretty firmly in that camp. I don’t know who I would vote for unless their goal was to destroy big brother as he exists today.

  13. No offense taken, but I appreciate your response just the same.

    It’s a sensitive issue for me, because it cuts so close to home. My husband can’t even go to Wal-Mart these days without someone telling him to go back to Mexico. That’s why I despise Trump and his ilk so deeply…they’ve made it socially acceptable to treat the man I love most in the world like garbage.

  14. Trump please run so you can put an end to the sickening political correctness, the media who dominates the politicians and all the ponies that are out there who are beholden to special interest and will do what ever they want.

    Trump 2016!!

  15. That was phonies and that is what all of the establishment candidates are sickening phonies!

  16. Turn out the lights’
    The party’s over’

    It may be time to call this one. Remember, ya heard it here first.

  17. Isn’t that what snakes do? Slither? Well, he will continue to make dupes and fools of Fox and all the other news media by getting free television time without having to spend a dime on compaign funding! He is making a joke out of the media!

  18. Come on! He is always thinking ahead, getting free campaign exposure is making idiots of the media, who actually is funding his political operations. It is a laugh riot!

  19. …for what it’s worth Julz….
    …all the Latinos I’ve met I’ve liked…not a Hooligan in the bunch…would defend any I saw being attacked…

  20. Pathetic? No. We don’t feel sorry for Trump do we?

    So many alternatives: “[despicable, sleazy, contemptuous, vile, repulsive, disgusting, evil, fetid, malignant, wretched, obnoxious, heinous, hateful, loathsome, bigoted, dumb as dirt, useless, unnecessary, deplorable, orange, combed-over] piece of shit.”

    Yes, I know it’s pedantic.

  21. some fight. bill tossed cotton balls and then when handed the chance he just sat there slack-jawed. you’d have gotten more fireworks from a damp match.

  22. LOL.. I kinda feel sorry for the script writers at Fox. If the Don and Roger didn’t fire them I bet they can’t sit down. Of course those…ummm, shuckey durn, I just had to smack my fingers against the edge of the desk. I almost forgot, a “Christian” might be reading this and get their sensibilities hurt. Don and Roger the “leaders” of the republican party. Is that OK? Neither of them are the type to admit their “little joke” backfired. It HAS to be the stupid writers fault.
    It’s bedtime. It’s too hard to keep my wicked sense of humour in check when I am too tired. But I do remember predicting this very thing, I missed the time frame. I figured it would be at least 3-4 weeks until all the juice could be squeezed out of this lemon. Gimme a break I am old and a southerner. You know how we are.

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