New Poll Reveals 59% Of Americans Are Sick Of Hearing About Clinton’s Damn Emails

Hillary Clinton

A new Monmouth University poll dropped some seriously bad news for Republicans. Just a day ahead of her testimony in front of the House Select Benghazi Committee, 59% of Americans are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According to the Monmouth University Poll:

The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s emails has dogged her campaign since the summer and is
at least partially responsible for her drop in the polls. However, over half (52%) of the American public feels that Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account during her time as Secretary of State was mainly a matter of convenience compared to 33% who say this behavior suggests she has something to hide.


The Monmouth University Poll also found that Bernie Sanders wasn’t off the mark when he
turned to Clinton during Tuesday night’s debate and said “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” Specifically, 59% of the public are tired of hearing about this issue and just 32% say the media should continue to cover it.

This is horrible news for Republicans who have based their entire 2016 presidential campaign strategy on using the pretense of a Benghazi investigation to sink Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The reality is that a majority of Americans aren’t buying what Republicans are selling, and nearly 60% of them are sick of hearing about the damn emails. A poll such this one goes a long towards shaping the media coverage on a story.

If the public expresses that they are sick of a story, and ratings drop when that story is covered, the story disappears from the mainstream press. The coverage of the Clinton email story shifted shortly after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy admitted that the Benghazi investigation is a sham.

The problem for Republicans is that they don’t have any evidence that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong, so they keep repeating the same empty allegations over and over again. The public has gotten tired of it and moved on.

The American people are smart enough to know a scam when they see it, and the vast majority of them aren’t falling for the Clinton email scandal.

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