Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Most Admired Man and Woman

Gallup reports, in what must be a HUGE disappointment to Donald Trump, that Barack Obama, the man he often seems to think he is campaigning against in 2016, is the most admired man in the world according to Americans.

This is the eighth time at the top for Obama, and it goes to show that approval rating – which is hovering at 46 percent – isn’t everything, and that even at 46 percent he is still far more widely admired by Americans than Donald Trump.

And if Obama is the most popular man, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in the world – for the 20th time. Gallup reports that “Both win by wide margins over the next-closest finishers, Malala Yousafzai for women and Pope Francis and Donald Trump for men.”

What must be nearly as alarming for Trump is that Bernie Sanders trails just below him at 3 percent. But how it must hurt that a woman who goes to the bathroom is more popular than him – and by a wide margin.


Both their numbers are down a little bit: Obama pulled 17 percent against his average of 23 percent, and Hillary Clinton a 13 percent against her average of 16 percent, but to listen to the right wing media, even these numbers should be impossible.

And if you look at the others on the list, well, you see Donald Trump down there at 5 percent, and Ben “Let’s not make this about race” Carson at 1 percent. Yes, Bill Clinton – another recent target of Trump’s – is also at 1 percent, but Bill Clinton isn’t running for president.

Likewise, you can pit Hilary Clinton’s 13 percent against Carly Fiorina’s 2 percent. Even Michelle Obama rated 4 percent, and she’s not running for anything. Sarah Palin pulled in a whopping 1 percent, which really casts an even more unfavorable light on Fiorina’s 2 percent, when you think about it.

Gallup points out that “Hillary Clinton has set many historical standards in Gallup’s most admired woman and man polling. She has been named most admired woman 14 consecutive years and 20 times overall, both records.”

Donald Trump, who is not widely admired except by himself and the white supremacist crowd, claimed just the other day in a tweet that “I will do far more for women than Hillary, and I will keep our country safe, something which she will not be able to do-no strength/stamina!”

She appears to have a great deal of stamina. And despite everything Fox News has done to destroy Hillary Clinton, despite everything it has done for Trump, including giving him “more than twice as much [airtime] as any other candidate” from May 1 to December 15 (more than Sen. Ted Cruz, former Gov. Jeb Bush, and Sen. Marco Rubio combined), Hillary Clinton is nearly three times as popular as him.

Just ouch. You can get your clothes made in China, but you can’t win American popularity polls there.


Sure, maybe nobody can buy you:


But dollars, though they help, don’t get you elected, votes do.

Take that to the bank, Donald Trump, and see how far it gets you.