Ted Nugent Calls Obama a Racist Child-Killing Freak

Admitted sexual predator and ex-rocker Ted Nugent went off the rails again yesterday on conservative radio. Talking to Joe Pags on “The Joe Pags Show,” he abstained this time from calling for Obama’s assassination and called the president a whole bunch of names instead. “The president’s a freak,” he said. “The president is a Saul Alinsky master of puppetry.”

It is hard to tell if this is a step up from the time Nugent called Obama “a subhuman mongrel,” to go along Democrats, who are “subhuman freaks,” as he told Alex Jones in December.

Now keep in mind, this is this guy:


Calling this guy a freak:


Nugent went on about gun-free zones, you know, those places where the NRA says most gun violence victims are killed. Because, you know, there is nobody with guns to protect them from all the evil people armed with spoons. It’s a fantasy universe, but it’s very real to the drug-addled Nugent:

“What kind of evil-facilitating, complicit freak would want more gun-free zones? That’s like literally saying, this is the whitewater rapids where all the children have died, line the children up to jump in the whitewater rapids. This is Fedzilla at its most evil. This is Fedzilla on the side of criminals.”

This makes no sense at all, and doesn’t even have a passing acquaintance with any known fact. It’s more like classic Glenn Beck, inventing something and then demanding to know why nobody is talking about it.

What this is more like is seeing a bunch of kids being lined up to be pushed into those rapids and the cowardly Nugent running the other direction, like he did when the draft was on. It’s funny to hear Nugent complain how much our soldiers hate their commander-in-chief when he was afraid to be a soldier himself. You know, because people shoot back at big brave hunters like him.

According to the deranged Nugent, Obama isn’t just a child murdering freak, but a racist.

Listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

If all that isn’t enough, Obama is the “enemy of freedom.”

You know, because he’s taken away everybody’s guns, at least a dozen times a year. At least, that must be true if everything people like Nugent and his fellow NRA clowns tell us.

Again, take a listen to what crazy sounds like:

Ted Nugent, it scarce needs be remembered, is buddies with the equally deranged Ted Cruz and has said he himself would make a great president and had he been alive then, would have launched a rebellion against the holocaust. This from the draft-dodger. Talk is cheap. So is Ted Nugent.

Nugent told Alex Jones in December that liberals want everyone “bending over and taking it in the ass,” but history has shown the only ass Nugent is worried about is his own.