President Obama Annihilates Donald Trump Deep In The Heartland Of America


President Obama is going into red states and obliterating Donald Trump and every divisive point that the billionaire is running for president on.


During his speech in Omaha, Nebraska, the President said:

And that’s why we have to reject any politics — any politics — that targets people because of their race or their religion. That we have to reject. That we have to reject. That we’ve got no room for.

I want to be clear about this. This is not about being politically correct. Now, since I’m on a college campus, I’ll tell you, I understand the argument about political correctness. There are times where folks don’t want to hear something and they just shut things down. If somebody doesn’t agree with affirmative action, that’s a legitimate policy difference. That doesn’t mean they’re racist. If somebody has a disagreement about my economic policies, we can have a discussion about that. There should never be a situation on college campuses, for example, where people can’t speak at all. Right? The First Amendment is important. The First Amendment is valuable. So we do have to be cautious about suggesting that anytime somebody says something we shut them down.

But let me say this. That doesn’t mean that you go around insulting people and thinking that that is clever, or that is being honest, or telling it straight. No, that’s just being offensive. And that’s feeding some of our worst impulses. And that does not make us strong. That doesn’t make us strong. And that doesn’t help us fight terrorism, by the way.

When politicians insult Muslims, including Muslim Americans — including Muslim Americans who are in uniform, fighting on our behalf — when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid is bullied, that doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us safer. The overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world, they’re our greatest allies in fighting this scourge of terrorism. So it doesn’t make us stronger. It doesn’t help the effort. It is wrong. It betrays who we are as a country — one people, who rise and fall together.

Because Trump can’t comprehend politics, society, or political discourse, he assumed that President Obama’s SOTU comments were personal. Trump went on Fox News and suggested that Obama doesn’t like him. To be successful, Trump needs to make Obama’s comments personal.

Obama has never expressed a personal feeling about Trump. What the President is doing is fighting against what he called the feeding of our worst impulses that Trump is engaging in. Donald Trump campaign is a binge on a buffet on the worst elements in the collective American character.

President Obama is fighting for the character of his country. This is the reason Obama is taking on the basis and rationale for Trump’s campaign in virtually every interview and speech. It is clear that Obama doesn’t view taking on Trump as strictly political. Obama is out to stop a man from empowering a strain of ugliness that is always lurking beneath the surface in the United States.

Obama is going to red states and obliterating everything Trump stands for because this isn’t a battle for the White House. 2016 has turned into a struggle for America’s soul.