Bernie Sanders Is Routing Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire As His Lead Grows To 27 Points

Bernie Sanders releases first 2016 TV ad

Bernie Sanders is unleashing a wave of new voters in New Hampshire as his lead in the Granite State has grown from ten to twenty-seven points.

According to the latest CNN/WMUR Poll, Sanders now leads Clinton 60%-27%:

The new poll, mostly conducted before Sunday night’s debate, found Sanders’ support has grown by 10 points since a late-November/early-December CNN/WMUR poll, which found Sanders holding 50% to Clinton’s 40%.

But the Vermont senator’s support rests heavily on groups whose participation in New Hampshire primaries is less reliable — notably younger voters and those who aren’t registered Democrats.

There are some signs in the poll that the increasingly contested Democratic race is gaining attention among the state’s undeclared voters, who are not registered as members of any party and are able to choose which party’s primary they will participate in. In the December poll, 38% of undeclared voters who said they planned to vote said they would likely participate in the Democratic primary, a figure that is up to 48% in the new poll.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver reacted to the new poll in a statement, “This poll suggests that our campaign has real momentum and that the American people want to go beyond establishment politics and establishment economics. But it’s just a poll and we take nothing for granted.”

What the Clinton campaign has been worried about looks to be coming true in New Hampshire. Undeclared voters could be set to turn out in droves for Bernie Sanders. If the 27 point lead for Sanders sticks, Iowa will be even bigger and more important than it already is.

A Sanders win in Iowa would set the campaign up to win the first two Democratic contests. A Clinton win would help offset the expected Sanders win in New Hampshire. The Clinton campaign has been spending a great deal of time and energy in New Hampshire, but Bernie Sanders’ lead is growing.

Bernie Sanders is for real, and he is currently clobbering Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.