Republicans Are Trying To Rig The Nevada Democratic Caucus To Hurt Hillary Clinton

The party that screams about voter fraud while getting busted for voter fraud is at it again. This time, it’s a loophole Republicans have found in Nevada that will allow them to caucus in the Democratic caucus and then again in the Republican caucus days later.

Republicans are urging their fellow Republicans to take advantage of the loophole reported yesterday by Ralston Reports.

Bloomberg Politics correspondent Jennifer Epstein shared this directive from the UNR College Republicans:

There was also this email sent by “Nick Vander Poel, a Republican activist and former AFPer”, as reported by Ralston, who noted that Nick left a rather important “not” off of this email:

Please forward to family and friends and fellow GOP caucus goers.

I was able to confirm through a former Secretary of State elections official as well as a former County Clerk. Both said and confirmed that Republicans can show up on Saturday, February 20th and register as a Democrat if you have a burning desire. Then still be eligible to participate to caucus on Tuesday for GOP candidate of choice.

What was also confirmed. The caucuses are NOT a state sanctioned election, the caucus is conducted by both parties. So this is NOT illegal and you will be arrested or fined. So put that rumor to rest.

Some call this idea silly but the reality is, with low turnout the Democrat caucus is going to close and every little bit is going to help.

Again, here are the details/loophole of how this is possible:

At this point, the email links to the Ralston Report.

It’s not illegal, y’all! Wink wink!

The deal is that Republicans have already closed their registration rolls for their vote on February 23rd, whereas Democrats are allowing same day registration for their vote on February 20th.

Joe Ralston explained that he checked with the Voter Registrar, who confirmed that this is possible and here’s how it would work:

So: A Republican registered by Feb. 13 could show up at a Democratic caucus site on Saturday, switch to the Democratic Party, vote and then still participate on Tuesday because the party switch would not show up on the GOP caucus rolls.

Ralston points out the obvious that Republicans would be using this to caucus for Bernie Sanders.

Republicans are urging their own party to cheat and do what basically amounts to voter fraud even though it’s possibly* technically legal, all because they are too afraid to face Hillary Clinton in a general.

Democrats don’t need to plan to cause chaos for Republicans, because Republicans are running what looks like a cage match meets tent revival meets circus show.

There are no good Republican candidates whom Democrats need to fear, because the only Republican who is reasonable as a possibility in a general election is Ohio Governor John Kasich, and he can’t propel himself forward in the middle of the vulgar, rhetorically violent clown show that is the Republican primary.

Republicans are so desperate they’re resorting to cheating, because destroying a Democrat is their only hope of winning the White House.

update: *The notion that this is possibly legal is untested and Democrats do not agree, so don’t try this at home unless you want to risk violating the law.

Update 5:44 PM ET: The Nevada Democratic party is vowing to prosecute anyone who commits voter fraud. So, good luck with that Republicans.