GOP Chaos As Nikki Haley Gives Donald Trump the Southern Stab

Southerners put a lot of stake in politeness, so when they really want to get someone they sweetly purr, “Bless his heart.” It implies such superiority and ugly things left unsaid, the way things must be left unsaid in order to live in small town and deny culpability for what you really mean; aka, Southern politeness.

Today, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley gave Donald Trump a big old “Bless Your Heart” after Trump threw yet another thin-skinned temper tantrum claiming the people of South Carolina were embarrassed by Haley because she said there was nothing stopping Trump from releasing his oh-so-secret tax returns.

Dan Scavino, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. Director of Social Media & Senior Adviser, summed up the Donald’s hurt feelings in a short clip:

Donald Trump’s neener-neener reply to Gov. Haley:

And the oh-so-sweet back stab from Gov Haley:

Donald Trump hasn’t the self awareness to realize he’s just been mocked throughout the south, but he has. Trump should know better than to mess with a Southern lady.

Trump’s vulgarity versus Haley’s Southern charm: Love fifteen.