Donald Trump Has Supporters Do Hitler Salute While Pledging To Vote For Him At Rally


Republican front-runner Donald Trump has humiliated his party with rallies in which black lives matters protesters are violently abused and media are attacked, casting an air of creepy Fascism over his events.

Not content to leave it at that, on Saturday Donald Trump made Orlando supporters raise their right hands and vow to vote in the primary:


Video from Reuters via Washington Post:

The visual isn’t helping dispel the growing concern that Donald Trump shares too many characteristics with the leaders he admires, like Hitler, Mussolini, and Putin.

There were more confrontations with protesters:

And finally, the man in the penis hat referencing Donald Trump’s efforts to convince Americans that his is not small. “A protester with a fake penis attached to his baseball cap was just ejected from @realDonaldTrump’s Orlando rally. That is all.” Jeremy Diamond observed.

You know you’re looking at a Trump rally when you see a fake penis and a Hitler salute.