Bernie Sanders Rips Donald Trump’s Racism and Bigotry At Univision Debate

Bernie Sanders shredded Donald Trump at the Univision debate by calling out the racist message behind Trump’s promise to deport 11 million people and build a wall along the Southern border.

Sanders said, “Look, in this country immigration reform is a very hot debate. It’s divided the country. But I would very much that as we have that debate, we do not as Donald Trump and others have done, resort to racism and xenophobia and bigotry. This idea of suddenly one day, or maybe a night, rounding up 11 million people and taking them outside this country is a vulgar absurd idea that I hope very few Americans support.”

Sen. Sanders is right. What Trump is proposing with his planned deportation of 11 million people and the building of a giant wall along the Southern border is morally repulsive. His plan is repulsive because it is based on racism. It is absurd to believe that 11 million people can be rounded up and deported, or that Mexico will pay for a wall along the border.

Beyond the silliness of what Trump is campaigning on, there is a reason he promises deportation and a wall. The media has given Trump a free pass. His wall and deportation promises are about sending a message to racist voters that he is their candidate. Trump is blowing a dog whistle for the racists and the bigots when he talks about deporting 11 million people and building a wall.

Bernie Sanders leveled Trump by getting to the message behind the promises. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, Democrats are going to do what the media won’t, and expose Trump ugly racist hate.