Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump and Alarmingly Claims There Are ‘Two’ Trumps

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:49 pm

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There are “two Trumps”, Ben Carson said during an event to announce his endorsement of former rival Donald Trump. Carson also alleged that one of these two Trumps is more cerebral.

Sean Sullivan and Robert Costa for the Washington Post reported on the Trump event in Palm Beach, Florida (several journalists from Politico reported being denied credentials to cover the event):

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who recently ended his campaign, said he and Trump have “buried the hatchet” after trading nasty words during the primary. He also said there are “two different” Trumps: the one the public sees and a more “cerebral” Trump in private.

As for the “two Trumps”, which isn’t exactly a good selling slogan for a Presidential candidate, one of them claimed that the violence at his rallies aimed at protesters is their own fault, when video clearly shows a white man repeatedly sucker punching a black, non-violent protester.

The double down:

Additionally, from someone who has been to each of one of the two Trump’s rallies, this is not accurate:

There is also video. Trump’s rhetoric has egged on violence, and never condemned it, even after the same supporter who punched a protester said he might have to kill the non-violent protester.

One of the two Trumps is also denying the assault against Michelle Fields, a Breitbart reporter, at one of his rallies:

This other Trump, the more cerebral one perhaps, claimed that calling Ben Carson “pathological” and likening him to a child molester was part of the game. So that should comfort world leaders who have expressed concern for Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Sure he says things that offend history and humanity, but he will take them back if you let him win.

Perhaps Trump’s more “cerebral” side is seen in the suggestion that Ben Carson would have a role to play in education in a Trump administration. And you thought this couldn’t get any worse.

What good is a private cerebral side if it never makes an appearance and is far from evident in the candidate’s policies, platform, and rhetoric? Smart people will be troubled, not consoled, by the idea that there are “two Trumps”.

Usually we like our presidential candidates to be sane and solid, presenting to us exactly who they are and how they think. Allowing the public to discover those things is part of the process of a candidate running for president, in fact.

Image: Courtesy of Sean Sullivan/ Twitter

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