Republican Racism Busted As Huge Majority of Trump Supporters Think Obama is a Muslim

He’s their front-runner and they don’t know why. But we do.

A new poll finds that not only is Donald Trump the clear front-runner in the Republican primary, but 62% of his voters think President Obama is a Muslim, while only 9% of Trump supporters think correctly that Obama is a Christian.

In new national PPP poll that also found Republicans would not tolerate having Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney shoved down their throats during a brokered convention, PPP also found that only 26% of Trump voters think President Obama was born in the U.S.. Fifty-two percent think he was not.

Trump also leads with both very conservative and somewhat conservative voters, so this isn’t just a wild faction of the Republican party.

Maybe it’s just the Donald, eh?

Nope, sorry. Things don’t improve much with Senator Ted Cruz’s numbers. Just 12% of Cruz voters think President Obama is a Christian while 56% believe he’s a Muslim. Just 32% of Cruz supporters think Obama was born in the U.S.

So the numbers for the two front-runners of the Republican presidential primary show who has the power in the GOP and it’s not the intellectuals or the policy “wonks”. This isn’t about “big government” except in the way that Republicans have been whispering “big government” as a code way to say “black people taking your things” for 30-40 years now and it’s finally starting to really pay off, now that their actual policies have proven to be such failures.

Back in the land of sanity, or semi-sanity – where we grade on such a curve that Governor John Kasich of Ohio looks like the “moderate” when actually he’s another Rick Snyder (Michigan’s “nerd” governor whose policies enabled and in many ways even created the Flint water crisis) – 46% of Kasich supporters think President Obama is a Christian versus 31% who think he’s a Muslim. Still not great numbers here, but better than the Cruz and Trump numbers.

Kasich voters would be something the GOP could live with. But they are stuck with the monster they built, not the one they wish they had built.

So it is that the Republican party is stuck with voters who very strongly support Donald Trump, as 80% of his supporters saying they’ll definitely vote for him, according to the PPP poll. They’ll take the birther, Muslim hater, women hater, labor hater, please.

Sure you already knew this, but now you have the numbers to prove it.