Bernie Sanders Rips The Non-Partisan Mask Off Of Republican Money Man Charles Koch

Bernie Sanders exposed the truth about Charles Koch’s extremist positions pro-Republican while the billionaire was trying to sell himself as non-partisan on ABC’s This Week.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, you seem to have an unlikely ally now in Charles Koch. In that interview with Jon Karl, he seemed to agree that the economic system is, in many ways, rigged. listen.


KARL: You — you agree that this system is rigged?

KOCH: Absolutely.

KARL: — is rigged in favor of — of the wealthy?

KOCH: Because this two-tiered society creates welfare for the wealthy and — and creates obstacles to opportunities for the disadvantaged.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think there’s a way to keep your movement alive in a bipartisan way going forward?



Do you — do you think there’s a way to keep your movement alive in a bipartisan way going forward?

SANDERS: In a bipartisan way going forward?

Well, you know, I think when you talk to the Koch brothers, understand what they mean, George. These guys want to eliminate Social Security. They want to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid. They want to basically do away with virtually every major piece of legislation that has been passed since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president.

That is their understanding of what government should be about. And needless to say, that is not my view.

On the other hand, I think you’ve got a lot of Republicans out there, working class Republicans, who understand that there’s something wrong when their kids can’t afford to go to college, something wrong when their jobs have gone to China and Mexico and they’re making 50 percent of what they used to make.

We have, in Vermont — and I think in this campaign — attracted a number of working class Republicans who understand that it’s important to have a government that fights for all of us and not just the 1 percent.

But why, that is not what the Koch brothers believe. They believe quite the — quite the contrary.

Charles Koch tried to fool the American people into believing that he is something that he is not. Sanders was correct. The Koch brothers are not only trying to undo every piece of legislation that helps the elderly, children, the poor, and American workers, but they are also pushing to take away healthcare from veterans by privatizing the VA.

The fact that Charles Koch almost said something nice about Hillary Clinton says more about how much the Koch brothers hate Donald Trump than like Clinton. The Koch brothers aren’t non-partisan. The Kochs only support Republicans. The Koch brothers have budgeted $900 million for beating Democrats this fall.

The corporate media is pushing the Koch agenda, but Bernie Sanders was there to push back with the truth that the Koch brothers are the enemies of progress and democracy for ordinary Americans.