Bernie Sanders Makes His Strongest Statement Yet Suggesting He Will Support Clinton

At the MSNBC town hall with Chris Hayes, Bernie Sanders promised to do everything in his power to stop make sure that no Republican gets into the White House.

Sanders was asked what role he has when it is time to end his campaign:

I work with Republicans in the Senate and I see what they do in the House. I think the Republican Party today has moved so far to the right that they are way-way out of touch with where the American people are. These are people who almost without exception do not even recognize the reality of climate change, let alone want to do anything about it. They want to cut Social Security and give tax breaks to billionaires. They want to end the affordable care act, but they have nothing to replace it with. I will do everything in my power to make sure that no Republican gets into the White House in this election.

The Sanders campaign is at a crossroads. There are still contests left, and Hillary Clinton hasn’t clinched the nomination. However, Clinton is set to have another big night on Tuesday, and the statement by Sanders at the MSNBC town hall suggests that he is both going to do right by his supporters by fighting hard to win the nomination, but if he fails, Sen. Sanders will support the Democratic nominee and do everything he can to stop the Republicans from winning the White House.

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to harm the Democratic Party’s chances, and he has made it crystal clear that he will go above and beyond to help to defeat the Republican nominee this fall.