Hillary Clinton Knocks Out Bernie Sanders After Winning 4 Eastern Primaries

After Hillary Clinton nearly swept the board by winning Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut, Bernie Sanders may stay in the race, but he has been knocked out of winning the Democratic nomination.

Clinton looks to be cruising to double-digit wins in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The New York Times reported that Sen. Sanders will stay in the race until the end, but would reassess how his campaign will handle going forward if he had a bad night. Well, Sen. Sanders had a night that must be considered by any objective measurement as bad.

According to the AP Delegate Tracker, Clinton is now only 246 delegates short of clinching the nomination. It is now a matter of when Hillary Clinton clinches the nomination, not if she clinches the nomination.

The problem for Sen. Sanders has been that the majority of his support is with white male progressives and Independents. Sanders has taken to lamenting the fact that Independents can’t vote in the Democratic primary, but they are called Democratic primaries for a reason. The primaries should be about Democratic voters selecting the nominee for their party.

If Sanders had been able to make inroads with African-Americans and women, the Democratic primary could have turned out differently. Sanders spent millions of dollars and lots of campaign time in South Carolina, but he was crushed by Clinton with African-American voters in the state 84%-16%. Sen. Sanders has blamed his margin of defeat in the South for costing him the Democratic primary, but the Sanders campaign spent time and money in the South, but they were never able to break through.

Bernie Sanders has given it his all. His campaign has fought the good fight, but they were dealt a crushing blow in New York, and they were finished off in the eastern primaries. There will be some Sanders supporters who will claim that it is not over, but this type of diehard never say die supporter exists in every campaign.

Sen. Sanders should not drop out of the Democratic primary. He has a message that is too important for voters not to hear. Bernie Sanders should spend the coming weeks using his national platform to rally the American people against income inequality, the greed of Wall Street, and the billionaires who are trying to buy the government. However, it looks like Sen. Sanders has virtually no chance of winning the nomination.