If This New California Poll Is Right, It Might Be All Over For Bernie Sanders

A new poll of California shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders 51%-38%. If the poll proves to be right, a double-digit loss would be lights out for one of Sen. Sanders’ last arguments to be the Democratic nominee.
According to Hoover’s Golden State poll:

Hoover’s Golden State Poll, administered by the survey research firm YouGov and designed in conjunction with Stanford University’s Bill Lane Center for the American West, finds Clinton holding a 13-point lead over U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (51 percent to 38 percent).

Trump receives 66 percent in the Republican contest. Why that lofty number is problematic: Mitt Romney, like Trump a nominee-in-waiting, received 79.5 percent of the vote in California’s 2012 GOP presidential primary.

Clinton, meanwhile, continues to struggle with younger primary voters – Sanders leads 61 percent to 30 percent among Californians under-30 and shows weakness among “no party preference” voters, trailing Sanders by 40 points.

Other polling shows Hillary Clinton’s lead to be much smaller, and the Clinton campaign is acting like the California primary will be close. There has yet to be a recent poll of California that shows Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton. Former Sec. of State Clinton is likely the favorite to win in California, but her margin of victory is anyone’s guess.

Clinton wants a decisive win in California because it would take away one of the last remaining arguments that Sanders is using to contest the Democratic nomination. During a recent Meet The Press interview, Sen. Sanders called California, “the big enchilada.” Sanders is rolling the dice on a win in the Golden State. A Bernie wins means that he can go to the convention and argue that he would be the strongest candidate to run against Donald Trump.

A double-digit loss in California will likely mean the end of the line for the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

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