The GOP’s Giant New Headache: Donald Trump Brags About Making Money With Dictators

Donald Trump has managed to do the impossible by pushing even more voters away from him by bragging about the amount of money that he has made with dictators.


Transcript via Face The Nation:
DICKERSON: But you were for intervention.


TRUMP: Again, I`m only one. I made lot of money with Gadhafi. If you remember, he came to country and he had to make a deal with me because he needed a place to stay, and he paid me a fortune, never got to stay there. And it became sort of a big joke.

But fact is that Libya was a disaster from standpoint of way it was handled.

DICKERSON: But you were for intervention, just to clear that up?

TRUMP: I was for doing something, but I wasn`t for what you have right now.

Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump that making lots of money off of dictators is not a trait that the American people look for in a president. In fact, it is an attribute that will cause most voters to go running in the other direction.

Donald Trump has shown a love for dictators because authoritarian rulers are easily bought and help him make money. If this is Trump’s role model for the proper use of political power, a Trump presidency would be corrupt to the core. Any voter who thinks that Donald Trump is going to do anything to make their lives better is a fool.

As if Republicans didn’t have enough problems trying to run away from Trump’s racism and bigotry, the man who will be the party’s nominee is singing the praises of dictators because they help him make money.

The Hillary Clinton campaign ads are almost writing themselves.