Study Finds 57% Of Millennial Sanders Supports Will Vote For Clinton After He Drops Out

A new study from MTV’s Elect This found that 57% of millennial Bernie Sanders supporters are already planning on voting for Hillary Clinton after Sanders drops out.

The study:

It is time to put the idea that there is going to be some sort of great unrest in the Democratic Party if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee to bed. Trump would pick up 3% of millennial Bernie Sanders’ supporters. After Sanders endorses Clinton, which he will do at some point, the number of millennial Sanders supporters voting for Hillary Clinton will continue to increase.

The Clinton campaign’s goal should be to convince the remaining 40% of Sanders supporting millennials who are either not voting or voting for someone else to vote Democrat in the fall.

Millennial voters are smart, and they care about the issues. The biggest issues for millennials in this election are economic. Millennials are often burdened with student loan debt are lacking the same level of economic opportunity that was available to previous generations at their age. If Hillary Clinton wants their votes, she is going to have to make an economic pitch specifically to the Bernie Sanders supporters who have been reluctant to support her.

Clinton is already in a really good position with the “Sandennials,” so the notion that the divides of the Democratic primary will carry over to the general election is false. Democrats are already coming together, and the party will only get stronger after California primary.