Fox News Drops Newt Gingrich Due to ‘Intense Media Speculation’ About Trump’s VP Pick

We’ve seen Newt Gingrich emerge as a Trump VP frontrunner, we’ve heard rumors he may reject such a position, which is saying something for a guy as morally profligate as Newt Gingrich.

Now, due to “intense media speculation,” Fox News and Newt Gingrich have announced a mutual parting of ways while Trump decides who he wants to lose the election with. Oliver Darcy of Business Insider announced it via Twitter Tuesday:

As Media Matters’ Eric Hananoki points out, however,

The timing of the announcement makes little sense — Gingrich has repeatedly been mentioned on Fox News and elsewhere as a potential Trump running mate for months. If the network truly hoped to avoid “conflicts of interest,” it should have suspended Gingrich long ago, not mere days before Trump is reportedly set to announce his running mate.

Let’s face it, if actual propriety has so little standing at Fox News, how much less does the appearance of propriety matter? If propriety entered into the picture, they would not have hired the ethically-challenged serial adulterer to moralize in the first place.

But hey, what better bona fides for Trump’s VP pick, eh? If Gingrich doesn’t exactly walk the walk, he does love America so much he can’t keep his pants up.

All that’s left is to sit back and munch popcorn as we wait, for the next tweet is now in Donald Trump’s very small hands.