Donald Trump Trashes His Own VP As Report Leaks That Trump Tried To Dump Mike Pence

Mike Pence has only been the VP choice for hours, but it is being reported that Donald Trump has already tried to dump his running mate.

CNN’s Dana Bash tweeted a scoop:

There are only a handful of people who would have the knowledge needed to leak this information. Interestingly, the person who seemed to be the least happy about Pence was Donald Trump.

CNN reported that Trump really wanted Chris Christie as his running mate. Trump spent a Monday interview with The Washington Post claiming that his VP pick was meaningless and wouldn’t help the ticket.

Looking back, it’s clear that Trump was trying to downplay expectations for a running mate that he didn’t want. It appears that the biggest critic of Mike Pence is his own running mate. Trump has a history of leaking stories to the press, so it would surprise absolutely no one if the leak were authorized by Trump himself.

Trump postponed his scheduled press conference announcing his running mate on Thursday night because he was angry that Indiana Republicans had already leaked word that the choice was going to be Pence. It seems that Mike Pence was forced on Donald Trump by his campaign manager Paul Manafort and the Republican Party.

Donald Trump may have never wanted Mike Pence, which is why someone is his campaign is trashing the VP choice hours after it was announced. Even if Trump didn’t authorize the leak, the news that the nominee tried to dump Gov. Pence after he arrived in New York highlights the personality of an unstable man who can’t make a decision and is unfit for the White House.