A Crazed Trump Proclaims Body Language Expertise And Blames Obama For Hatred Of Cops

Donald Trump is giving voters a taste of what they are in for this week, as the presumptive Republican nominee went on Fox News and proclaimed that President Obama has secret body language that shows that he hates cops.



Trump said, “I mean, you know, I watch the president and sometimes the words are okay but you just look at the body language. There’s something going on. Look, there’s something going on. And the words are not often okay, by the way….There’s just bad feeling. And a lot of bad feeling about him. I see it, too. There’s a lot of bad feeling about him. We have a country that has not been like this since I can remember it.”

Donald Trump isn’t only the Republican presidential nominee. He is also a body language expert, who can tell just from looking at President Obama that this president does not like the police.

Of course, all of the words coming out of Obama’s mouth for the last eight years have been supportive of the police, but the truth is buried in secret signals that the President is sending that are only visible to Trump and the Republicans.

The Obama body language conspiracy has been a favorite of Fox News and conservative media for years, so it isn’t a surprise that Trump who gets all of his info from Fox, and the Internet would see “the truth” in Obama’s body language.

The Republican nominee also said that there was something going on that white people can’t understand, but he promised that he would put himself in the position of African-Americans.

If Trump wants to put himself in the position of African-Americans in this country let’s see how he would feel if a member of his family was shot and killed by the police during a routine traffic stop because the officer felt threatened. If Trump wants to know how it feels let’s send him or members of his family to prison and make them serve a 60% longer sentence than white people for the same crime.

It is impossible for Trump to understand what it is like because he was born a rich white male in the United States of America. Trump has never had to face hardship or discrimination. Trump was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.

Donald Trump knows as much about body language as he does about the Constitution, which is to say that Trump knows nothing. Donald Trump has a better chance of becoming a professional body language expert than he does of ever becoming president.