Ivanka Trump Treats The GOP Like QVC By Using The RNC To Sell Her Clothing Line

This is very Trumpesque. Ivanka Trump is double monetizing her RNC appearances by tweeting this morning, “Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech,” with an affiliate link to a dress from her clothing line.

The affiliate link goes to Ivanka’s own line of clothing at Macy’s, although the dress appears to not be the exact dress she wore. The affiliate link means she’s making commission off of her link, as well as the money from sales of her clothing line.

This only adds fuel to the fire of the speculation that Donald Trump is in it for the money.

Trump steaks, Trump water, Trump wine and now Trump clothes.

Last night, Ivanka Trump suggested that her father was in it for the people, “To people all over America, I say, when you have my father in your corner, you will never again have to worry about being let down. He will fight for you all the time, all the way, every time.”

Here’s a protip: Running for the White House isn’t exactly like running to be Kim Kardashian. It doesn’t look good to try to make money off of your appearances during which you push for your father to hold the highest office in the land. This works for Kim Kardashian because that is what a cult of personality celebrity is about. American voters like to believe that the White House is a bit different than finding new ways to expand your brand and make more money.

Republicans are being taken for a huge ride, and in their willing ignorance just might take the country down with them.

The good news is that many conservatives and Republicans are walking away from this scam. Those who attended the RNC and endorsed Donald Trump will be haunted by it throughout their careers, if indeed they have a political career. The only place that will take many of the b-c-d listers who spoke at the Trump conspiracy rage fest is Fox News.

Trump family values: Making money off of the rabble while telling telling them Donald Trump is in it to fight for them.