Donald Trump Freaks Out Over Hillary Clinton Picking Tim Kaine


Donald Trump went on another racist, ugly rant trying to stir up dissent among Democrats after Hillary Clinton kicked him in the you-know-whats by picking moderate Democrat Tim Kaine.

Like a little boy throwing a tantrum, first Trump insulted Elizabeth Warren with his usual racist taunt and mocked her for not being picked:


A problem with Donald Trump is he doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know. He has done nothing in government, he knows nothing about government, and so he is the last person who should be taunting others over that. But in fact, Elizabeth Warren actually has a very excellent resume. Another fail by the little lost toxic one.

And then Trump tried to find some way to divide the Democrats by claiming that Bernie Sanders supporters would be so upset there might be a fight in Philly (no doubt he hopes akin to the ego bruising dished out by Ted Cruz’s failure to endorse Himself):

That’s Donald. He knows he can’t win on his own so he’s desperately trying to sow dissent among liberal Democrats. But as Bernie Sanders said in a tweet, those who voted for him will not vote for Trump.

Tim Kaine is not the liberal firebrand that many liberals gravitate toward, but policy wise he is aligned with President Obama. He has been strong on women’s rights, standing up to the NRA has earned him an “F” rating from them, he’s stood up for climate change, and fought housing discrimination as a civil rights lawyer in Virginia.

Kaine is a person whose career speaks to the kind of civility that government depends upon in order to run. This is a trait about which Donald Trump knows nothing. Kaine was a missionary in Honduras and speaks Spanish. Together Clinton and Kaine are in line with what the majority of Americans want to see in terms of gun control, a huge pressing issue.

The Virginia Senator is a swing-state moderate and this is what is really eating at Trump. Trump doesn’t want to be trumped at the polls in November, and now here’s this guy who broadens Clinton’s appeal to some of the white men in the rust belt, men who voted Republican in past elections but might not be able to stomach Trump.

Everyone likes Tim Kaine. Even Republicans. Many of them congratulated him last night, Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona among them:

Kaine has a lot of governing experience. Between Clinton and Kaine, the ticket is a no-brainer, especially given know-nothing, erratic Trump on the other side. Here we have two experienced, strong people who are both good diplomats, facing off against the guy who is running for president by calling people names, threatening members of his own party with a SuperPAC to destroy their careers if they don’t do what he wants, and by lying.

This is not hard. No wonder Donald Trump is so freaked out.