Trump Supporter Wears ‘Hey Trump, Talk Dirty To Me’ Shirt To Ohio Rally

During a Cincinnati rally in which Donald Trump spewed the normal venom from his podium, it was someone in the audience – one of his supporters – that grabbed everybody’s attention because of a shirt she was wearing.

Picture via ‘Hollywood Reporter’ writer Ryan Parker:

Of course, the shirt – which said, “Hey Trump, Talk Dirty To Me!!!” – may not have gotten anybody’s attention if not for the recent release of a videotape in which Trump is heard not just talking dirty, but openly bragging about how he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to women.

This Trump supporter – and millions across the country – seem to be suggesting that their candidate is only guilty of, to paraphrase the shirt, talking dirty. But the more news that comes out, the more we realize that these are not just words.

Trump has a history of acting despicably when he’s around women. He believes his very existence entitles him to kiss or grope whoever he wants.

Some of his most ardent supporters don’t seem to have a problem with this, though, as yet another Trump supporter proved with her handmade shirt:

In any case, the recent Trump controversy is about more than what the man says. It’s about who he is and how he has behaved throughout his 70 years of life.

Some of his most loyal apologists may be okay with it and even try to make light of it, but most Americans think there is nothing funny about it.