This Genius New Clinton Fundraising Tool Is Certain To Empty Your Bank Account

The Clinton campaign just came out with a brilliant new fundraising tool that is likely to raise loads of money for the Democratic nominee’s candidacy – and probably empty the bank accounts of anyone that signs up for it.

The new tool, appropriately named ‘Troll Trump’, automatically donates money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign whenever Donald Trump tweets something outrageous. Basically, money would continuously be flowing out of the participants’ accounts for three straight weeks until the election concludes.

Hillary Clinton tweeted this out on Tuesday explaining the new fundraising program:

As Trump’s campaign continues to unravel with just weeks until Election Day, it’s likely that the desperate Republican nominee will only ratchet up his activity on Twitter and become more likely to – as he so often does – throw tantrums in the wee hours of the night.

Now, when he chooses to unleash a stream of 3 a.m. tweets attacking a fallen soldier’s family or a former Miss Universe, to name a few examples, it’ll be directly helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s a genius new tool, but you should probably make sure your bank account is stocked with a sizable amount of money before signing up.