We Are Watching History As Hillary Clinton Is Demolishing Trump In Every Imaginable Way

According to a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll, Hillary Clinton is demolishing Trump at the core of America’s heart and soul. She is solidifying the Obama coalition’s hold on political power with a history making and diverse lead that begins around America’s dinner tables.

The poll found that Clinton leads Trump with women who have never been married (67%-18%), married women (48%-40%), men who have never been married (51%-28%), women who don’t have children (63%-23%), women with children (50%-38), and men without children (49%-33%).

Trump’s two areas of support are with married men (52%-35%), and men with children (52%-35%).

When these numbers are combined with Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming leads with African-American, Latino, and Asian voters, a clear picture emerges of the complete demolition that Clinton is putting on Trump.

The 2016 race is strictly divided along gender lines. Hillary Clinton has big leads among groups of men. Donald Trump’s base of support has been reduced to conservative married men with children who a vast of are white.

What is unfolding before the eyes of voters is the type of electoral romp that the country has witnessed in decades. If the momentum keeps moving in her direction, Hillary Clinton could win in a potential 1964 level landslide.

Hillary Clinton is in the midst of accomplishing something historic. While many focus on her potentially becoming the first woman to be elected president, the way that she is winning could also be a campaign for the record books.

Clinton is in the midst of doing something amazing that in the era of deeply divided partisan politics wasn’t supposed to happen. She is winning at the nation’s dinner tables, and expanding Obama’s majority into a diverse coalition that will rule American politics.

Donald Trump’s defeat is another step in the rise of diverse America’s political power.