After Repeatedly Calling FBI ‘Rigged’, Trump Camp Attacks Clinton’s Comey Criticisms

After FBI Director James Comey released a new letter on Sunday clearing Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing regarding newly discovered emails, the Trump campaign launched a new incoherent argument – that the Clinton campaign has been too tough on Comey.

Following the latest FBI development, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted this out in response to the Clinton campaign’s statement that they have always been confident about the review’s outcome:

Oh, please.

Since the summer, Trump and his supporters have repeatedly described the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email non-scandal as “rigged” simply because they didn’t like the bureau’s final conclusion.

Sure, they changed their tune following Comey’s first letter, but that doesn’t erase the months they spent doing the very thing they now falsely claim the Clinton campaign has done.

Let’s be clear: the only campaign that has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the FBI is Donald Trump’s.

The point that the Democrats have made since the first letter came out wasn’t that James Comey lacks integrity or that that FBI is “rigged,” but instead that his decision to insert himself into this election was irresponsible and, as today’s news shows, unnecessary.

That remains true, even with today’s bombshell.