Hillary Clinton Is Trouncing Trump With Her Ground Game According To Exit Poll

Hillary Clinton’s superior organization is routing Donald Trump on the ground according to a new election day exit poll.

A Politico/Morning Consult exit poll found that more than twice as many people who were voting on election day were contacted by the Hillary Clinton campaign than the Donald Trump campaign:

While most voters (62%) said they were not contacted by anyone on behalf of either presidential campaign, more than twice as many voters said they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign (17%) than Trump’s (8%). Another 9% said they were contacted by both campaigns.

Independents were also twice as likely to hear from Clinton’s campaign (10%) as Trump’s (5%), and 12% said they heard from both campaigns.

Compared to 2008 National Exit Poll: 13% of voters said they’d heard from Obama’s campaign, 6% said they heard from John McCain, and 13% said they’d heard from both campaigns.

While Trump improved his voter contact by two points over John McCain’s numbers in 2008, Hillary Clinton added four points to Obama’s winning formula of that same year. Hillary Clinton has had the superior get out the vote operation all through the general election. Clinton had dominated early voting due to her ability to target and activate voters who may have never voted before or skipped voting in 2012.

The exit polling suggests that the same organizational advantage is carrying over into election day. In states, like Pennsylvania, that don’t have early voting, the Clinton campaign’s ability to get voters mobilized and to the polls could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Hillary Clinton isn’t just beating Trump on the ground. She is blowing him out. Voters who were contacted by Clinton are more likely to vote for Clinton as a strong ground organization can only mean good things for the Democratic nominee after the polls close on election night.